“Dragon Tales,” The Foreword

“As a Race, Dragons are the second oldest of God’s Children. As a Race, they are not possessed of the extreme malevolence and unbridled spite of The Nameless Ones. And. They are not inclined to be genocidal racists like the … Read More <<

Top 5 Evil Wardens

Most of the sex behind bars, whether realized or simply attempted, comes courtesy of that stock character, the Evil Warden. When she’s working in tandem with her No. 2, the Sadistic Matron, then look out ladies: It’s gonna be a … Read More <<

The Klapp

They are – the precursor species for the Kum. Unlike their progeny the Kum, this giant slug wears its host body — the body must be that of a female’s cadaver. Preferably, it’s the corpse of a freshly-killed Crone.

They’re …

Strange Things Happen at Sundown (2003)

“Strange Things Happen at Sundown” is the story of vampires run amuck in New York City. There’s a group of low-level mobsters with fangs, there’s an age-old vampire who does mob hits for money, there’s a pair of vampire lovers … Read More <<