Winning the hypersonic race is a national imperative

By Tom Bussing | Defense News

Winning the hypersonic race is a national imperative

Hypersonic weapons have grabbed the attention of the defense industry, with Pentagon Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Michael Griffin calling hypersonic capabilities “the highest technical priority.”… Read more

Social Security Changes for 2020: Raises, COLA, Taxes, Benefits

What’s ahead in the coming year for Social Security? Robert Powell looks at the cost-of-living adjustment, benefits, and full-retirement-age levels.


Each year, those saving for and living in retirement should check up on their Social Security accounts and be aware of what changes are coming in the new year.… Read more

Lost In Space 50th Anniversary Tribute Poster by Ron Gross


Lost In Space 50th Anniversary Tribute Poster by Ron Gross:
 Here is a beautiful 12″ X 18″ poster by Ron Gross. Ron is known for his Sci-Fi and Nature artwork and has created the box artwork for some of today’s most important model kits from Polar Lights and Moebius.… Read more

Al Cohn – Rifftide

Al Cohn – Rifftide

Timeless Records SJP 259

Vinyl, LP, Album

Netherlands 1987

side A:

00:00 Speak Low (Nash – Weill)

07:39 Blue Monk (Thelonious Monk)

15:32 Hot House (Tadd Dameron)

side B:

20:10 The Thing (Cooper)

28:02 We’ll Be Together Again (Fischer, Laine)

34:31 Rifftide (Coleman Hawkins)

Bass – Koos Serierse

Drums – Eric Ineke

Piano – Rein De Graaff

Tenor Saxophone – Al Cohn

Recorded at Studio 44, Monster, Holland June 6, 1987.… Read more

Chilling Photos From The Groovy Era – The eye-catching Jungle Pam turning heads on the black top

By Jacob Shelton

source: pinterest

Even if you’re not a racing fanatic. Even if you don’t run your fingers across Funny Car schematics and the differences in tire tread you know about Jungle Pam. She was a presence on and off the track who drew fans to racing while her partner “Jungle Jim” Lieberman changed the way people thought about the Funny Car scene.… Read more

Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — The startling question that determines your degree of success


My first career was in corrections, working as a counselor in a juvenile reformatory.  I worked with robbers, pimps, addicts, and hustlers.  And most of the boys came from really tough circumstances.

Nonetheless, I would constantly tell them that their future … their success and achievement or their failure and setback … would all be determined by their answer to one question. … Read more

Vampira: Dark Goddess of Horror Book


Vampira: Dark Goddess of Horror Book:

The new book from award-winning historian W. Scott Poole is a whip-smart piece of pop culture detailing the story of cult horror figure Vampira that actually tells the much wider story of 1950s America and its treatment of women and sex, as well as capturing a fascinating swath of Los Angeles history.… Read more

STV—Gerald Fried Plays His Own Star Trek Medley

From Larry’s Trekland and his Switching to Visual vlog series, Larry shares rare video he shot of legendary original Star Trek composer Gerald Fried, 82, playing oboe in a medley duet with pianist Rich Ruttenberg for his most iconic Trek scores ever: “The Paradise Syndrome,” “Amok TIme” and “Shore Leave.”… Read more