Jeffrey Epstein Dodged Questions About Sex With His Dalton Prep-School Students

As a teacher, Epstein dazzled parents at Dalton with his math genius and piano skills. But in later depositions, he balked at questions about relations with his students.

By Thomas Volscho | Daily Beast

“I’m teaching a bunch of little brats next year.”—Jeffrey Epstein, 1974-75 Dalton School Yearbook

It took a clandestine FBI-NYPD joint sting operation to arrest the elusive convicted sex offender Jeffrey E.… read the full article

The Chinese Influence Effort Hiding in Plain Sight

Beijing uses student and professional associations to try to influence not just Chinese citizens abroad, but outsiders, too.


In centuries past, Prussian, Napoleonic, Nazi, and Allied soldiers all tramped the Strasse des 17. Juni, an east–west boulevard traversing Berlin’s leafy Tiergarten park, over which soars a winged, golden statue of the Roman goddess Victoria.… read the full article

A ‘spooky’ effect of physics that Einstein couldn’t believe has been photographed for the first time

By Dave Mosher | Business Insider

quantum entanglement image picture pa moreau et al science advances enlarged

Paul-Antoine Moreau et al./Science Advances

  • Albert Einstein’s work in part led to the prediction of quantum entanglement: the idea that two particles can remain connected across vast distances of space and time.
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How the Epstein Case Explains the Rise of Conspiracy Theorists

Nightmarish allegations against the well-connected financier show why so many Americans let their imagination run wild when it comes to elite corruption.

By MCKAY COPPINS | The Atlantic

Geoffrey Berman, United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, points to a photograph of Jeffrey Epstein as he announces the financier’s charges of sex trafficking of minors and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of minors, in New York, U.S., July 8, 2019.
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Nancy Pelosi’s renewed attacks on AOC aren’t just disrespectful, they’re dangerous

By Arwa Mahdawi |The Guardian

Can progressives please shut up and listen to Nancy Pelosi? The speaker of the House, I would like to remind everyone, is a master strategist, a savvy tactician, and an experienced politician. She knows what’s best for America.… read the full article

What the A-10 Warthog Would Do in a Second Korean War

Here’s what we know.

by Stephen Bryen | The National Interest

North Korea has a very large army that may number 3.5 million men and women, although the quality of the forces is open to question and skepticism.

The much-maligned A-10 Thunderbolt ground attack airplane could prove to be a savior if fighting breaks out with North Korea.… read the full article

Air Force Veteran Gives a First-Hand Account of Nearly Getting Shot down by an Iraqi SAM

A close call.

by Dario Leone | The National Interest

In his own plane, Aljanich first thought that his leader had been hit by the missile. After losing him for a few seconds, he suddenly saw him reappearing in full the full article

In 2017, Chinese Su-30 Fighters Flew Upside-Down Above a Nuclear ‘Sniffer’ Plane


by Dario Leone | The National Interest

As reported by CNN a U.S. Air Force (USAF) WC-135 was intercepted by two Chinese Sukhoi Su-30 fighters on May 17, 2017 while flying in international airspace over the East China Sea.

According to the statement from Air Force Lt.… read the full article

Congress Aims to Address China’s Atrocities against Religious Minorities

By Travis Weber and Arielle del Turco | National Review

China is harvesting human organs from political prisoners, according to the independent China Tribunal, which has determined “beyond reasonable doubt” that crimes against humanity have been committed against Uyghurs and Falun Gong, two of the country’s religious minorities.… read the full article