‘Rich people leave, artists and queerdos return’: is San Francisco’s tech exodus real or a fantasy?

by Peter Lawrence Kane | The Guardian

Photograph: John G Mabanglo/EPA

Through free massages, decompression capsules, and limitless nitro cold brew, San Francisco’s tech companies spent the last decade making their offices considerably comfier than the average cubicle farm. Beyond making the workday pleasant, they attracted workforces whose six-figure salaries altered the city’s demographics, spurring widespread displacement and years of head-scratching over the exact moment San Francisco lost its bohemian soul.… Read more

Microsoft just spent $7.5 billion to give gamers a major reason to buy a next-gen Xbox instead of a PlayStation 5

by insider@insider.com (Ben Gilbert) | Business Insider

“Fallout 76”
  • In a Monday morning surprise, Microsoft revealed plans to spend $7.5 billion on the acquisition of ZeniMax Media — the parent company of game publisher Bethesda Softworks, which makes “Fallout,” “DOOM,” and “The Elder Scrolls,” among many other games.
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MARANTZ CD94 TDA1541A – NonOverSampling and High-End Upgrades

Philips CDM 1 transport + Philips TDA1541A NOS converted, ECDesigns DEM clock modification, Top Capacitors: Elna Red Cerafines, Panasonic Os-Con, Panasonic FC, Kemet Tantalum, Wima MKS2, ERO MKT 1813, Ultra Fast Diodes, Shinkoh tantalum resistors, Op-amps OPA627AU and OPA1611AID with extended 200MA current Class A output, silver and copper Neotech UP-OCC wires.… Read more

Elon Musk says Starship SN8 prototype will have a nosecone and attempt a 60,000-foot return flight

by Darrell Etherington | TC tech crunch

The top of the Starship Mk1. Note that it isn’t without a dent or two.

Elon Musk has shared some details about future testing of Starship, the SpaceX launch vehicle currently being developed by the company at its Boca Chica, Texas, facility.… Read more

World’s FIRST CD Player – The Sony CDP-101 from 1982!

We take a look at the first CD player from Sony – coming SOON to our store for purchase.

WHO WE ARE SkyFi Audio is a small startup business specializing in the purchase, reconditioning, and reselling of select high end audio equipment.… Read more

Sony executive says PlayStation 5 will only be backwards compatible with the PS4 and gamers are divided: “Is this guy serious? This is the head of Playstation?”

by Jonathan Lee | in the know

The post-event high of the PlayStation 5 Showcase has had fans buzzing, but new information from Sony has turned that buzz into mild disappointment.

PlayStation 5 will not be backwards compatible with the PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, as Famitsu confirmed (via Ars Technica).… Read more

Rarest Muscle Cars That Made It Into Production

by Elizabeth Puckett | motorious

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Less than 10 of each of these cars were ever made.

The muscle car market has been an interesting beast to track over the last few decades. After the explosion of mainstream popularity of auto auctions, cars that were once disregarded by a clueless owner, are now the most sought after cars around.… Read more