Why Coronavirus is a Major Setback for Hong Kong Protesters

by Marta Colombo | U.S.News & World Report

HONG KONG — On a recent post on his Instagram page, Joshua Wong urged Hong Kong residents and the rest of the world to not “give up on us” superimposed over a picture of a young protester’s face covered in blood.… Continues

Lockdowns not enough to defeat coronavirus: WHO’s Ryan

by Reuters

FILE PHOTO: News conference on the novel coronavirus in Geneva

LONDON (Reuters) – Countries can’t simply lock down their societies to defeat coronavirus, the World Health Organization’s top emergency expert said on Sunday, adding that public health measures are needed to avoid a resurgence of the virus later on.… Continues

Joe Biden’s Plan to Shut Down the Firearms Industry

by Lawrence G. Keane | National Review

As Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders continue to trade blows over who is more equipped to supposedly deliver a knockout punch to the firearms industry, the former vice president has zeroed in on the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) — the law preventing frivolous lawsuits that seek to blame members of the firearms industry for the criminal misuse of legal, lawfully sold, non-defective firearms.… Continues

I drove a $46,000 Nissan Maxima to find out if this stalwart sedan lives up to its 4-decade reputation — here’s the verdict

by insider@insider.com (Matthew DeBord) | Business Insider

Business Insider

The 2020 Nissan Maxima Platinum.
The 2020 Nissan Maxima Platinum.

Matthew DeBord/BI

  • I tested a $45,865 Nissan Maxima Platinum.
  • The Maxima has been around for decades, and for 2019, the current generation was refreshed.
  • The 2020 Maxima is a moderately stylish sedan with some near-luxury touches in the Platinum trim.

Opinion: How coronavirus is already threatening the housing market

Mortgage firm CEO: Lenders must prepare now for a U.S. recession

By Sanjiv Das | Market Watch

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

As the coronavirus pandemic threatens financial markets and sends the U.S. economy into a potential recession, those of us who lead mortgage firms must take swift action to prepare for the worst.… Continues

Arhian City of Horrors 1/12 Scale Figure by TBLeague


Arhian City of Horrors 1/12 Scale Figure by TBLeague:

A lonely warrior, a bounty huntress, a drifter…This is how ARHIAN is known and respected as the best in her world. Her obnoxious and laid back personality added to her incredible sensuality will make you a captive of her adventures.… Continues

Injustice, The Gods among us [De iniustitia Deorum in nobis:] – ep. 4

Hunting the Phantom

Vide fugandi

“Science has made us Gods even before we are worthy of being men.”—Jean Rostand

This Kirstjen Michele Nielsen. The usual base, of course. Which is? Klaw, knobb, double-D’s, pancakes, and that smoky, sexy Danish, Copenhagen accent. Which template?… Continues