PS Audio Obsidian Ted Smith Signature DAC

At AXPONA 2019, PS Audio’s Ted Smith goes in depth about their upcoming flagship DAC.

PS Audio Obsidian TSS DAC:

– Separate digital and analog sections.

– New FPGA has 250% greater computing capacity.

– High isolation power supplies.… Read more

Is vinyl really better than digital? Try this experiment.

After watching a video from the channel, Real Engineering, I got excited to make this video, but didn’t realize I had a lecture full of information. I don’t expect everyone to watch the whole thing so I will leave a time index list below.… Read more

How different is buying high end audio In 2018 than It was in 1978?

I met Andy Singer 40 years ago, shortly after he opened his store, Sound by Singer. Andy has seen and heard it all, so I picked his brain about how high-end customers have changed over the decades.… Read more

Chord DAVE vs. PS Audio DirectStream?

by John Darko | darko audio

PS AudioDirect Stream vs Chord DAVE? The thirst for comparative data no doubt stems from both DACs’ use of an internal FPGA instead of an off-the-shelf DAC chip to handle data marshalling and upsampling as well as decode preparation and execution.… Read more

Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — How messed-up beliefs are stressing out your life

Need virtual or remote presentations? I am providing live, high-energy, content-rich, results-producing virtual presentations to all my clients. Plus one-on-one coaching.

Imagine going on a leisurely drive through the countryside with a couple of your friends … but you’re not feeling well, unfortunately.… Read more

These Are America’s Most Popular Dog Breeds, According to the American Kennel Club

*Paws* what you’re doing and read this!

BY KELLY CORBETT | Country Living


For the last 135 years, the American Kennel Club has worked to advance canine health and well-being, promote responsible dog ownership, and protect the rights of all dog owners.… Read more

The Air Force Isn’t Dominant Anymore … Says Air Force Chief of Staff

by Kyle Mizokami | Popular Mechanics

From Popular Mechanics

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China is our greatest foreign policy issue. But neither Trump nor Biden have it right.

by Robert Robb, Arizona Republic | USA TODAY Opinion

The most important foreign policy issue for the next American president will undoubtedly be relations with China. Unfortunately, neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden have an approach grounded in reality, with a clear-eyed view of our national interests.… Read more