Why Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a Complete Cinematic Failure

Disney made me delete the ending of this video because I used the Star Wars theme. Here’s the ending with new music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyIvG…

Star Wars: The Last Jedi, what a truly incredible trainwreck. Rian Johnson’s complete inability to craft anything even resembling meaningful (or coherent) plotline is truly remarkable to behold.… read the full article

Germany’s far-right party has drawn controversial comparisons to Nazis and they’re forcing the country to reconsider how it deals with the Holocaust

By Eliza Relman | Business Insider

Groups of students visit the Sachsenhausen concentration camp memorial outside Berlin.
  • Since the far-right Alternative for Germany party (AfD) swept into federal and state parliament on a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment two years ago, the birthplace of Nazism has had to contend with a political party that tolerates Holocaust denialism, nationalist extremism, and racism. 
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Why ratings agency Fitch downgraded Hong Kong’s credit after 3 months of political unrest

Fitch sees ‘long-lasting damage to international perceptions’

By Mark DeCambre | MarketWatch

Hong Kong in turmoil.

Fitch Ratings has lowered Hong Kong’s long-term credit rating as three months’ worth of fierce protests have persisted, threatening “the stability and dynamism of its business environment,” the credit-rating agency said late Thursday.… read the full article

Social Security: Here’s Why Cutting Benefits Is a Necessary Evil

Reducing Social Security’s long-term expenditures is one piece to a very big puzzle.

By Sean Williams | The Motley Fool

When it comes to Social Security, our nation’s most important social program, I’ve got good news and bad news.

The good news is that, despite growing fears that Social Security could go belly up or be insolvent by the time future generations of workers retire, these concerns have no merit.… read the full article

Moderate Democrats warn Pelosi of impeachment obsession

By Sarah Ferris | Politico

A day before the House Judiciary Committee took its biggest step yet toward impeachment last week, moderate Democratic Rep. Anthony Brindisi voiced his frustrations directly to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The battleground freshman told Pelosi and other leaders at a closed-door meeting that he and other centrists feared that talk of impeaching President Donald Trump was threatening to swamp the Democratic agenda, according to multiple people in the room.… read the full article

The 10 worst countries to live in the world as an expat

By Lianna Brinded, Head of Yahoo Finance UK | Yahoo Finance UK

St. Basil’s Cathedral and Spasskaya tower on Red Square in Moscow in the morning sun. Photo: Getty

There are only six countries that beat Britain as being one of the worst places to live in the world, according to the major benchmark Expat Insider 2019 report.… read the full article

‘Pherone’ from Image Comics

Following Eve, a dangerously seductive woman on the edge of her sanity, the ‘Pherone’ graphic novel weaves a dark storyline filled with espionage, mystery and suspense. Armed with a killer body and a killer’s mind, the femme fatale must hunt down clues to rediscover her own troubled past, bringing violence and danger to anyone who crosses her path.… read the full article