China’s New H-20 Stealth Bomber: America’s Worst Nightmare?

Should the Pentagon be concerned?

by Sebastien Roblin | The National Interest

Key point: We won’t know how well it performs until it is fielded in the mid-2020s.

In October 2018, Chinese media announced that the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) would publicly unveil its new H-20 stealth bomber during a parade celebrating the air arm’s seventieth anniversary in 2019.… read the full article

Quote for the Day, Saturday September 21, 2019

It’s whispered cautiously in Russia, by the very imprudent and/or the very daring, about President Vladimir Putin, that Vlad likes to follow the “advice” of a former Russian leader.

“Death is the solution to all problems. No man, no problems.” — Joseph Stalin.… read the full article

Millennials are resorting to this questionable tactic to buy their first homes

Home buyers in their 20s and 30s are ‘having to be very creative’ to come up with down payment money


Millennial home buyers are going to some troubling lengths to foot the bill for their first homes, according to a new survey.… read the full article

What Would Happen If the U.S. F-15 Eagle Fought China’s J-10?

Let’s consider the odds.

by Kris Osborn | The National Interest

Key point: It is not clear cut which fighter would win.

The Air Force is revving up electronic warfare upgrades for its F-15 fighter as a way to better protect against enemy fire and electronic attacks, service officials said.… read the full article

Russia Is Angry That China Stole and Copied Its Jet Fighter Designs

But what will they do about it?

by Michael Peck | The National Interest

Key point: China has often stolen foreign military technology but there are risks to doing so.

Remember that Russian carrier-based jet that China copied without permission?… read the full article

Meet Russia’s Shkval Supercavitating Torpedoes (The U.S. Has Nothing Like Them)

They move at incredible speed. 

by Kyle Mizokami | The National Interest

Key point: A single innovation can drastically affect the military balance. 

Imagine the sudden revelation of a weapon that can suddenly go six times faster than its predecessors. The shock of such a breakthrough system would turn an entire field of warfare on its head, as potential adversaries scrambled to deploy countermeasures to a new weapon they are defenseless against.… read the full article

Why Nothing Can Beat a U.S. Navy Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carrier

Set to serve through the 2050s.

by Kyle Mizokami | The National Interest

Key point: The Nimitz-class carriers have participated in nearly every crisis and conflict the United States has been involved in over the past forty-two years, and will continue to do so.… read the full article

GIRLS KICK ASS! [the intermission is over]

Lucy Returns in October, just in time for Halloween

Greta Lucille Röhm

My very blonde obsession — A girl this scary shouldn’t be this pretty and stacked to boot. A Nazi’s Nazi. As depraved and degenerate as her sex-charged escapades. Flip flopping between swinger and drunken junkie whore.… read the full article

The MQ-25 Stingray Program Is the Navy’s Secret Plan to Keep Its Aircraft Carriers Going

Flat Tops aren’t going obsolete yet.

by Kris Osborn | The National Interest

Key point: Normal, manned carrier fighters don’t have a long-enough range, but drones would.

The Navy will choose a new carrier-launched drone at the end of this year as part of a plan to massively expand fighter jet attack range and power projection ability of aircraft carriers.… read the full article