The Perfect Soldier (Adam Rose) vs. The Super Soldier (Becky Better)?, aka The True Blueprint to Defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr. Part 2

“If you look up at me you will see a friend. If you look down at me you will see an enemy. But. If you look me square in the eye, you will see God. Follow the buzzards.”– Citizen Bray Wyatt, leader of the MLA (Mars Liberation Army)

A man who was once described as an “invisible general” who holds master’s degrees in both education and business management  is in charge of the military operations against the jihadist group Islamic State and the Al Qaeda franchise Khorasan in Syria and Iraq.

A Department of Defense spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider in an email Tuesday that General Lloyd J. Austin III  was the “combatant commander” of the operations in both countries through his role as the Commander of US Central Command .

As CENTCOM commander, Austin oversees the US military presence in 20 countries in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. His role means Austin is leading the military operations in Syria and Iraq and heads the strategic planning for the efforts to fight ISIS and Khorasan in both countries.

Previously, General Austin had been the primary military liaison for “The Project.”

Redacted address from the quarterly readiness review for The Project. Presented as an analogy by General Austin to the then President of the United States of America, Gladys M. Gaye-Knight, a week before her formally leaving office after the cessation of Martial law post Conflict vis-à-vis The Martian Race War the third one.

The Perfect Soldier (Adam Rose) vs. The Super Soldier (Becky Better)?

Adam Rose, the so-called “The Adam Rose Experience” a prototype superhuman and his Exotic Express entourage versus Becky Better “human” Vampiric aka aliased Nosferatu and The First Batch of her kind. The exemplar of the roses and their rosebuds vs. a prime bloodsucking example of the “first” batchers.

Madam President. In the vein of our previous discussion. Let’s again use a boxing analogy to illustrate the difference between these two, very desirable outcomes.

In my opinion Floyd Mayweather has been so successful all these years because he has mastered the art of exploiting one of the boxing flaws which is “repetition.” If you have taken any boxing class you will find that there is a proper way to throw punches a proper way to guard a proper way to block a proper way to use lateral movement so on and so forth which means “repetitive” movements.

I believe Floyd Mayweather is the MASTER and he fully understands the art and science of boxing to the point where he knows what an opponent is going to throw even before they do and how to “react” to whatever punch they throw which in-turn means counter punching. It is said that Mayweather takes the first three rounds of each fight to study his opponent and I believe what he is studying is the opponent’s repetitive movement and repetitive punches in other words what the opponent is doing over and over again (Their game plan).

If my theory is correct than an opponent who is able to throw awkward punches and punches from different angles at different times is what will dismantle a person who is studying repetitions because their punches are not normal and they are not thrown in a normal manner so how can you prepare to defend that? YOU CAN’T! What you have to do is dig deep and use whatever you have in your arsenal to avoid those shots coming from every place under the sun because there is NO clear repetition.

Now there are two fighters today who I believe can execute punches with speed and power in both hands and they have the ability to throw awkward angled punches at a high volume, and once again this of course is my opinion but I believe these two fighters are Manny Pacquiao and Keith “One Time” Thurman.

Although Manny is good in his own right and he has the ability to execute these techniques I think in the end he will fail because Manny does not know how to make adjustments. Manny Pacquiao is the type of fighter that is like a “Perfect Soldier” he is strong fearless and will follow orders without any back-talk 100% of the time BUT I believe that is also his down fall because he is the type of fighter that needs to be told what to do when to do it and how.

With all due respect Pacquiao has strong beliefs and a high level of respect for people like Roach, Arum, and Koncz but he is always led to his decisions even in the ring. On the other hand Keith “One Time” Thurman is a different animal he is more of a “super soldier” he has all the strength and ability of the “perfect soldier” but has the added ability to “think” and make decisions on his own. Keith Thurman has a different “hunger” in the ring than Manny Pacquiao because he knows he has something to prove and the tension is building because he is constantly being pushed down and ignored. In my opinion Manny will not win against Mayweather it will definitely be close but he has problems with guys that move e.g., Mayweather and problems with guys that can fight going backwards e.g., Mayweather.

Keith Thurman doesn’t have those problems and he can succeed at punching at different angles and when he lands there is power behind both hands and if Maidana can land punches against Mayweather than Thurman will have no problems what so ever doing the same. In conclusion just because a “blueprint” to defeat Floyd Mayweather hasn’t been found does not mean one doesn’t exist. I would like to see Mayweather vs. Thurman in 2015.

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