And so it begins — What doesn’t make you stronger, will kill you — Chasing Death

Today. Lockheed Martin was awarded a $13.4 million contract modification to incorporate Phase 3 work into the DARPA Behavioral Learning for Adaptive Electronic Warfare, or BLADE, program, aiming to “refine and technically mature algorithms and software developed during Phase 2 of the program and to apply them in tactically relevant environments and time frames on tactical military directed-energy weapons systems,  gunpowder-based projectile weapon systems aka MPPs, and electronic attack platforms.” With the addition of these funds, Lockheed’s BLADE contract is now worth $29.4 million to the company. These funds will extend Lockheed’s work on BLADE through October 2015. Phase 2 has already demonstrated the accurate and reliable acquisition of fast-forwarded targets with a 95% effective rate in controlled laboratory conditions. The goal of Phase 3 aka Fast-Scan is purported  to be the realization of one of the three so-called Holy Grails of modern military-purposed particle physics — the accurate, reliable, and dedicated acquisition of fast-forwarded and overdriven targets — 100% effective rate — infallible reproduction of targeting under real world battlefield conditions!!!

The other two Holy Grails?

2) ammunition replicator — bullets forever — your gun never runs dry

3) stimms — extreme overclocking with built-in metabolic and behavioral overrides — supernatural juicing — demon in a bottle for mortals