Coming Soon, Dragon Tales : The Vampire — Dragon crossover

Hitler sends the head of Hydra, his deep-science research division, to audience with The Tree. A brilliant scientist by the name of Johann Schmidt. Now, Herr Schmidt is a member the Fuehrer’s inner circle. And he is ambitious. He and Hitler share a passion for Teutonic myth and an obsession with occult power, especially its Vampiric flavor.

Decades later, another Schmidt gains audience with The Tree.

The gods come in many shapes and sizes. Likewise for supernatural beings. All gods are supernatural, but not all supernaturals are gods.

Yggdrasil. The “tree” of the world. Guardian of wisdom. And fate, also. A supernatural being, but not a god.  It stands before Schmidt in the guise of a bearded old man, just like it did decades ago for her father. As great as her father was in the arena of science, Fraulein Schmidt’s abilities eclipse his.  Zoe Schmidt’s ambitions also mirror his. A formidable combination, indeed. Her goal is no less than to harness the power of the gods. And, like her father before her, she intends to do it via The Tesseract, the jewel of Odin’s treasure room, that special gift from Odin’s Dragon mistress Ancient Mia.

“You have not seen this before, have you?”

“Not exactly,” Zoe responds, being coy and menacing at the same time.

The Tree frowns at her answer and then continues, per ROE that binds it. The boundless arrogance of mortals such as this woman, never amuses it. And, few mundane have chafed it more than this woman has in the brief time that they have conversed. It is supposed to be neural in all of its dealings, but it is a person and like all people it has its personal feelings. And it has never cared for evil, and this woman is as evil as her father was and as evil as it has ever dealt with, which speaks volumes about the nefariousness of all members of The Master Race.

“It’s not for the eyes of ordinary men or women.”


“Fool! You cannot control the power that you claim! You will burn!”

“I already have burned, and yet here I stand having gained audience with you to hold that which you claim I have not the eyes to behold. Your bias is showing. Being worthy has nothing to do with being good of moral character, by the narrow definition that you share with the inferior races that you often align yourself with.”

“As you say, my bias is showing. ROE commands otherwise.” It pauses as it swallows the bitter pill that it must swallow. “How long do you wish to pawn the item?”

“For as long as I’m worthy.”