Murder at the Palace

People Magazine – Royal Murder Mystery, #1

For the Queen, 2012 promised to be an annus mirabilis. Fresh off last year’s royal wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton, the Queen could anticipate her Diamond Jubilee followed by the Summer Olympics. Those games will draw worldwide attention to London.

But another recent event has drawn attention of a more sinister nature. And the murder mystery unfolding at the Queen’s Sandringham estate has cast a pall on the Windsor clan, royal experts say.

Royal Murder Mystery, #2

The current issue of People Magazine features the cover story “A Royal Mystery – Murder at The Palace.”  On New Year’s Day a 17 year-old girl’s remains were discovered New Year’s Day by someone walking a dog in a wooded part of Sandringham, the country estate where Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family traditionally spend the Christmas holidays.

People has more: “The royal family had just gathered for the holidays at the sprawling estate when a roving dog walker made a gruesome discovery: the body of 17-year-old Alisa Dmitrijeva, a Latvian immigrant and college student from nearby Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. She’d been missing since September and it took days to identify her. It could have been one of them who stumbled on the body,” one royal author tells PEOPLE. “The Queen must be very upset.”

Royal Murder Mystery, #3

Globe magazine is covering the same story as their cover this week and they claim to have the details of “how Kate Middleton fled the scene” and the chilling details.  Meanwhile, an inquest was opened this week into Alisa’s death, but the cause of death is currently unascertained.

“I know how you feel about involving the off-world bloodsucker. But. She’s always proven her worth. And.”

“She knows how to keep her mouth shut.”


“I’ll get on it, immediately, Your Majesty.”

“And I will make sure that my off-world British counterpart — the Queen Elizabeth of Dame Chillingsworth’s Earth — is kept in the loop.”