Deborahs, Careys, The WWF, and Miss Debra



Deborahs are the strappy fetish variation of the “classic” pump she was, up till now, wearing. Deborahs are not, classic-style opera pumps, they are the popular D’Orsay (pronounced: door-say) style. Same 6-inch razor heel (6-inch stiletto heel), vamp cut, and long as in elongated, pointed, enclosed toe. Shiny, black Patent-Leather pumps. Deborahs are dykers, after all.

A deborah, unlike the previous style of dyker she wore, bespeaks “that Goonish harlot something.” A deborah has open sides: enclosed toe, enclosed heel (heel cup), and no sides. A narrow strap, with no visible close — no buckle or any other type of close for that matter — encircles the wearer’s ankle: very Goon, let alone very fetish, indeed. Open sides and a heel cup with a narrow ankle strap. The spaghetti strap is binding in idle and strangulation in pain mode: The heel cup’s spaghetti strap is binding, regardless. The fetish pump’s keen toe pinches toes in idle and vicegrips ‘em in pain mode. The fetish pump’s heel cup grips the heel in idle and vicegrips it in pain mode.

Definition: A d’Orsay style pump is a woman’s shoe in which the vamp of the shoe is cut away very close to the toe box, and the sides are cut away, revealing the arch of the foot. The brand is Naughty Monkey.


The expected exchange. Mondo removes Frau Klebb’s prudz and debras. She slips on her sternns. Skinz glove her. Long, black, grace kid gloves. Opera gloves. Strapping a black bra and fleshtone thong. Black, form-fitting business suit. The “little black suit.” She removes a pair of black pumps from her purse and slips them on. They are deborahs minus the ankle strap. In other words, they are carey (pronounced: carry) stiletto pumps by GUESS, the “classic” opera pump rethought; actually the pumps are Borg, GUESS is the only authorized reseller. Female Borg wear carries when they are in pretense on Aways. The operas used to belong to Frau Klebb, back in the day. Shiny black stilettos. An outfit that screams out: Dominatrix in the house, pussy worship me, and do it right now!!! She straps on her strap-on: schlong-stuffed panties. She-male, to boot. It’s tit for tat, so to speak.

The WWF:

This slick, sinister, psycho-sexual thriller comes from the darkest recesses of Hollywood, a Los Angeles of strange dreams, unrequited love, and a jealous burning rage.

Miss Debra:

The ultimate Diva. You melt in her mouth and her hands.