Back in the Day

“Connie Smith, her Wahl-30, and her twins — those Hogs”

Captain Miller barks some commands into her speaker phone. Minutes later, a gold shield detective drops a Wahl-30 into Connie’s lap. He leaves as quickly as he came in.

The black gun belt is all Fastex closures, Nylonex webbing, and twin plasticine clamshells which have been extensively swisscheesed. It more resembles an orthopedic device than it does a street-ready carry. And, as such, it violates every carry reg in the IDPA rule book. In fact, it’s more radical that the game rigs used in IPSC unlimited events!

Nestled in its body-hugging race holsters are twin matched and fully-balanced Browning A10MPs, infamous Warthogs; although it’s a modern square-cut automatic and not a revolver, a Hog is nevertheless the “inspiration” for the blaster used by Rick Dickard, the replicant-hunter in the Blade Runner movie. A Hog is more than just an Infinite-Ammunition handgun that spawned a prop in a cult classic. To its fanatical adherents, it’s beyond being even the IAM handgun. It’s an Offensive Handgun Weapon System consisting of a grenade launcher and a machine pistol which are slaved off of the same electronic sight for integrated fire control and the tightest target-to-shooter link possible. GL and MP are fed by their own dedicated speed-loader as if they were stand-alone units instead of lethal halves of one deadly whole. To holster a pair of Lady Deaths in anything less than a W-30 would be sheer blasphemy, pure and simple.

Even the legendary Smith & Wesson C10SP Police Special doesn’t come from the factory as a full-auto with an under barrel XM20 20mm mini grenade launcher. But an A10MP does. Both C10SPs and A10MPs employ Scan sights, 10mm-short caseless ammo, infinite ammunition clips, and parallel port compensation systems. And that’s where the similarities end. The semi-auto C10SP fires Anti-Personnel. The jam-proof, auto-only Hog spews implosive-tipped anti-armor, the “munition of choice” for those who like to dish it out with ultra extreme prejudice, at the racegun rate of 2000 rounds in just under a minute; in essence, it’s a hand-held minigun. And, the Hog’s XM20 fires High Explosive Dual purpose (HEDP) plasma grenades: anti-personnel rounds which have some anti-armor capability!

Connie straps on the Wahl underneath her jacket, directing its harness webbing to adjust for a snug fit. This choice shoulder holster system is so trick that she doesn’t have to remove her Heartbreaker to strap it on!

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