Yum Yum More Diva-licious

And, there is something new, a permanent addition to not only her SHO, but to her couture. Wraparound ankle straps have been added to her mules. In other words, her mules got tweaked.

Strappy ankle wrap debrahs: The other shoe by Naughty Monkey that was made world famous by WWF Diva, Debra “Show Me Your Puppies” McMichael, that Texas beauty queen, who kums for kicks; kums, as in “cums with Kum.”

A narrow wraparound strap, with no visible close, no buckle or any other type of close for that matter, encircles heel and ankle: very Goon, let alone very fetish, indeed. Like the skimpy ankle straps of deborahs, these ankle straps match her shoes. Also, just like the ankle straps of deborahs, these ankle straps are attached to her shoes. But, unlike deborahs, these shoes are mutable, the ankle strap comes off/on at the whim of the wearer. Therefore, unlike their spaghetti strap cousins which are attached to deborahs, these attached spaghetti straps which crisscross in the back are not part of the shoe proper. Technically speaking, her debrahs have not been rendered sandals by the tweak; they are strappy backless pumps, backless, as in, no heel cup.

In encircling the heel, the wraparound ankle strap acts like an open heel cup, a heel cup that exposes, “bares” the heel, completely. In crisscrossing in the back, you get the look of an open heel cup with an attached ankle strap. A wraparound ankle strap that crisscrosses in the back, not an open heel cup with an attached ankle strap: When viewed from the front, it takes very close inspection to reveal that deception. Wraparound straps that strangle her ankles and heels, and she loves it.

Debrahs with the CLAF (common look and feel) of deborahs. But. This is much more than just some trivial fashion statement that bespeaks that which is provocative and kool: Come hither and fuck me, right now. If it were just that, a lot of women would wear them.

This binding of her feet using strappy ankle wrap debrahs is something quite lurid – profane, an abomination. A debrah and its matching wraparound ankle strap, this “combination,” represent enslavement, total willful and willing enslavement to Kum; in other words, the “bound” concubine of the Kollective. For that reason alone, Kum call them servlets. Couture call them debras.

So, for quite obvious reasons, whether worn merely as a fashion statement or an admonition of grave use, debras are considered vulgar, the most vulgar expression of footwear. This is why most call them vulgars. They look like stripper shoes, and a lot of strippers like to wear them on stage.

In her case, of course, her “bound” feet advertise an arrangement which was previously known, but never publicly acknowledged. Aforementioned, Mondo is “bound” to the Kollective, and as such is part of the Hive Mind. So. Yes. In spite of her pristine appearance. She is a cow, and she is the worst and most perverse type of cow. She is a vulgarity! Vulgar shoes for a very vulgar girl.

There are countless “hive minds” in the world, with the Borg one being the best known and most famous thanks to Star Trek. But, the one that preceded them all, the darkest, most malevolent, the most evil, the vilest, and the most vulgar by far is the Hive Mind of the Kum.