Transient Observers — The dominant Creatures of Code Dead

Transient Observers, or simply TOs, are the most technologically advanced beings in Creation. They are so advanced that their tech makes them virtually indistinguishable from gods, and they are humans, mere mortals. And there in lays the rub. Salt in the wound which they exacerbate with their unbridled arrogance and aloofness.

Transients are quite simply put what Doctor Who and the other Time Lords of Gallifrey can only wish they could be.

Other humans watch them, the TOs, covetously from afar. But in the course of time, jealously always turns to envy. And envy begets the downfall of many. Even ones so high as they, The Observers, who dare thread the path of gods. For whom their hands are much too good to be soiled by direct interaction with Lessers. And, by their way of thinking, everyone who is not them is a Lesser. That includes God — I am who am!