Korea, of The United Earth Republics, to restart starship competition

By Hyung-Jin Kim and Amy Orton | Associated Press

The Republic of Korea announced Tuesday that it will restart its S-X competition for 60 multirole starships. The Arkum Industries LLC upgraded Lightening (aka Silent Eagle variant) was competing against the Lockheed Martin S-53 Joint Strike Starship (aka Avenger) and the EADS Eurostarship Typhoon (aka Battlestar).

South Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration said that before restarting the competition, it will revise S-X requirements, budget, and competition guidelines.

Sarah Palin, Arkum LLC vice president of Enterprise Technology Strategy, shared the following statement with news media Tuesday:

“Arkum Industries is deeply disappointed by the Republic of Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Executive Committee decision. Arkum Industries has rigorously followed the Defense Acquisition Program Administration’s instructions throughout the entire process. We await details from DAPA on its basis for the delay while evaluating our next options.”