Sternka – That spinster ‘do

Von Carmen is setting in a chair, clad in a pair of thigh-high stockings and precious little else. An original member of the 117-man SS-Stabswache Berlin, she’s built like a typical female of her persuasion. She’s truly voluptuous cheesecake, with a set of double-Es, and a gorgeous hourglass figure. It’s the plentiful figure of the classic 1950s cheesecake/pin-up model.

Her hair is pulled taunt, yanked straight back from her face, parted straight down the center, and gathered into a small, painfully tight bun which saddles the back of her neck. The extremely stern-looking Nazi ‘do, which is the strongly suggested hairdo for female members of the dreaded SO (Gestapo) of the Nazi Party, is quite appropriately called a sternka. A Death’s-Head iron cross, dangles from the rosary hung around her neck.

Setting atop von Carmen’s head is the visor-cap of an SO officer. Its insignia is the expected Death’s-Head. But its badging indicates that the cap’s wearer holds the commission of Reich-Auditor General!

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