The Book of Kane, “Wanna lick my candy, Kane?”

The Lost Kiss
Make Me Yours, Forever

“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. My last confession was two weeks ago. You gave me my penance after my last screw.”

“And what are the sins you must atone for from this shooting review?”

“I killed a priest and a nun, who molested faerie children.”

“Did you kill them as a private citizen, revenging for their molesting of inhuman children?”

“No, Father. I killed them in the line of duty, as a Grimm. They ran a mission in the Most Blessed Sacrament parish. The parish priest, through the bishop, requested their terminations.”

“Requested of you, directly?”

“Of course not, Father. The request came to me through my captain, as per proper police procedures.”

“Your penance is twenty Hail Marys and a two hour fast.”

“Thank you, Father Witt.”

“And, Blessed Sacrament thanks you for a job well done.”

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