Emulators can turn your PC into a Mac, let you play games from any era, and more — here’s what you should know about the potential benefits and risks of using one

by Dave Johnson,William Antonelli | Business Insider

Emulators can be an incredibly useful tool on your computer. Hollis Johnson
  • An emulator is typically a program that lets you run software from a completely different device on your computer.
  • The most common

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Amphibious assault vehicles that sink are ‘death traps’ for the troops inside, Marine veterans say after fatal accident

by Ryan Pickrell | Business Insider

Assault amphibious vehicles are rough rides in choppy seas, especially for the troops riding in the back. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Adam Dublinske
  • Nine service members died this summer when a Marine Corps amphibious

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Billionaire James Dyson just sold his Singapore penthouse at a massive loss a year after his company scrapped plans to design an electric vehicle in the city

by Mary Meisenzahl | Business Insider

Wallich Residence. GuocoLand
  • Dyson founder James Dyson just sold Singapore’s most expensive penthouse at a loss.
  • He purchased the home in 2019 for $54.2 million after announcing Dyson was moving its headquarters to Singapore.
  • Since

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