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14 American Words That Are Offensive in Other Countries – #14. Pants

Many American words may seem innocuous at home, but they’re plenty offensive overseas. Before you go abroad, make sure to nix these from your vocabulary.
Traveling abroad can be a life-changing experience. But those unfamiliar with the customs and linguistic intricacies of their temporarily-adopted home can quickly find themselves in hot water if they’re not careful.
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Mossberg 590 vs Remington 870

A look at some of the differences between two of the most popular shotguns on the planet!

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Why Google Chrome Is Poised to Swallow the Whole Internet

By Eric LimerPopular Mechanics

From Popular Mechanics

In 2015, with Internet Explorer a dead browser walking, Microsoft stepped back into the web browser wars with the speedy new Microsoft Edge. Built around a revamped and tuned-up version of the engine that powered Microsoft’s web browsers since the late 1990s, Edge was meant to challenge the Google’s hegemonic Chrome, potentially sparking a new browser war from which surfers everywhere would benefit.… Read Full Article

Trump Sees ‘Strong Signals’ as China Swings Into Action on Trade

(Bloomberg) — U.S. President Donald Trump said China is sending “very strong signals” following weekend trade discussions in Argentina, as uncertainty remains over what commitments were made between the two nations.

“Not to sound naive or anything, but I believe President Xi meant every word of what he said at our long and hopefully historic meeting,” Trump said on Twitter Wednesday.… Read Full Article

Top 25 Countries Where $150K in Retirement Money Really Lasts – #24. Croatia

By Kat Begonja, The Brainy Penny

After gaining its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, expats have been flocking to this geographically diverse country, with a warm Mediterranean climate, beautiful mountains, and Adriatic coasts, this little country has something for everyone.

You can easily travel to places like Paris, Berlin, or Venice or check out the surrounding areas of Serbia, Hungary, and Montenegro.… Read Full Article