“Fight Like A Girl”, The Foreword

From my spirited exchange with Larry—which was captured in my “From a Boxing point-of-view, MMA is a farce” posting—I took my direction and outright stole from him; mining his muse for all its worth, and then some.

The Mondo character, in her largely-unpublished backstory IUP, is portrayed as a boxing bigot—a previous excerpt from that tome told you as much.

That excerpt being my “The Sweet Science, A Vampire’s Point of View – [an excerpt from IUP, Book 03]” posting.

So, what I got from Larry, God bless his beautiful Irish soul, was truly prophetic and golden.

This three-part short story is the result of a one-off post [just filler, a throwaway] that burgeoned into something much more. That “Friday Night Fights on ESPN” posting became “Fight Like A Girl”.

As my much-missed tough-titty gran liked to say to the men folk when they got too uppity for her tastes, “Never ever hit a woman. Unless you’re prepared to get hit back even harder and worse, by her.”

Episode #101 – “The Boxing Match”

Episode #102 – “The Shoot”

Episode #103 – “Repercussions”