Fight Like A Girl

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

From my spirited exchange with Larry — which was captured in my “From a Boxing point-of-view, MMA is a farce” posting — I took my direction and outright stole from him; mining his muse for all its worth, and then some.

The Mondo character, in her backstory IUP, is portrayed as a boxing bigot — a previous excerpt from that tome told you as much.

That excerpt being my “The Sweet Science, A Vampire’s Point of View — an excerpt from IUP, Book 03” posting.

So, what I got from Larry, God bless his beautiful Irish soul, was truly prophetic and golden.

This three-part short story is the result of a one-off post — just filler, a throwaway — that burgeoned into something much more. That Friday Night Fights on ESPN posting became Fight Like A Girl.

As my much-missed tough-titty gran liked to say to the men folk when they got too uppity for her tastes, “Never ever hit a woman. Unless you’re prepared to get hit back even harder and worse, by her.”

Styles make fights. Skills pay the bills. So. Get ready bloodsport fans. For this tale of mine. It’s going to be another Rhonda Rousey type embarrassment.

Episode #101 – “The Boxing Match”

Episode #102 – “The Shoot”

Episode #103 – “Repercussions”

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