Envy The Slave Of A Vampire Mistress!

Unique World No Five 1972 – The all Vampire issue, Eros Goldstripe magazine

More sexy Lost babes whose facial expressions would seem to indicate that they are totally indifferent to the exquisite torment that they are causing their blood-drained victims.

Femdom fiction.

Femdom pictorials.

Lovely tormentrixes with whips, riding crops, training bats.

They employ stocks, muzzles, handcuffs, leg irons, strait jackets – a variety of restraints.

Plus – BYOB – bring your own bondage.

They wear long gloves, high heels, corsets, stockings, boots – worship me!

They have daggerous blood-red fingernails, razorblade smiles.

They drink you live.

They eat you live.

Where pain is pleasure.

Where pleasure is pain.

Where they wear you well until death do ye part.