Mondo’s Mounds – “Mondo, you’re more than a mouthful.”

So many names, so many incarnations, but always the same evil. I am Kane, sister of Abel. I am Kane, killer of Abel. I am Mondo “Mad Dog” Coll, the Dark Angel of the Apocalypse. I am Dracula’s first wife, the Crimson One, Stigmata. I am Countess Anna von Sade, First Mother Superior to the Blessed Order of the Sisters of Sublime Torture and Agony Most Holy. I am Mary K, Bloody Mary, founder and patron Saint of the Guild. I am the daughter of she who sired the Insect races. I am Mondo Constance Anna-Kane, the daughter of Mildred Christine Kane-Most. I am no one to be taken lightly. I am no one to be crossed. I am a ruthless carnivore of souls in the grand inhuman tradition of all of my Infernal ancestry. Their Dark legacy is like my luscious mounds: more than a mouthful, but never the proverbial waste.