The origin of The Borg

People come here for kock. What they get is eaten: kimchi. Enemies of the State get lured here, looking for escape. What they get is eaten: kimchi. Pat has told it so much about Sarah. And, when it gets Sarah here, it’ll eat the girl too. It wants the girl so bad it can taste her already. Knock. Knock.

The kock slithers out of a corner, off a half eaten corpse. Pat walks toward her undoing, meeting it halfway. It slithers up her nethers and straps onto her nether regions. Pat gives out a blood curdling shriek as her mind goes completely blank. The parasitic creature affixed to her feeds. Its kind prefers a living host. It is the user and Pat is the used.

A hissing something, grown person-sized and hideous, moves out of the shadows. With its waist-length mane of hissing slugs, the giant leech looks like a Nekromantik, a queen Kum. But, this abomination is not a Nek. Nor is it drone. It can pretend, so it is not a neut either.

It needs a Judas Goat as a lure to provide it with a supply of “no risk” fresh meat. For now, it makes due with Pat/Molly, until someone better comes along. Maybe, that someone already has.

When it first came here, there was Molly. It made due with Molly until Pat came along. Then, it ate Molly, and remade Pat into Pat/Molly.

It can come and go as it pleases. But, it can only go between here and there. With here being a Numbers Station. With there being where the humans come from. When it visits there, it pretends. While pretending, it can pass for butch Harpy, that ubiquitous she-male. Dirty, smelly, and parasite-infested. But, it prefers to be as it is now.

It hunts there, but risks discovery whenever it kills there. Risky business. So, as a rule, it nibbles there and feasts safely here. When it feeds, it affects people the same way that kock does.

When the humans created this place, it got “sucked” here by the vortex of the Box that they used. That’s how other things come to be in places just like this one. Abducted. Marooned. Feeding. Power attracts power, even when it’s against its will.

These places, the Numbers, are completely off book, totally forgotten by the secret government agencies that created them, and that’s intentional. We’re talking about plausible deniability here. The same agencies continue to create places like this, everyday. So, everyday, by intent, they are just as quickly forgotten, at least officially, that is.

It too has a different Hive Mind, different than that of “regular” Kum. It has the same Hive Mind as the neuts and the Metal. It is a goddess. A First One. For now, it is the goddess of Pat/Molly. Pat/Molly is its cow. Its name is Jigsaw. It also has a goddess, an Old One who controls the Hive Mind that controls it, the neuts, the Metal, and the others, there are so many others and their legion keeps growing.

Living in a Numbers just like this one, just like the other Numbers, that goddess, its goddess who in a past life was the goddess Stheno, The Gorgon!

The three Gorgon sisters (Medusa, Stheno, and Euryale) are children of the ancient marine deities Phorcys (or Phorkys) and his sister Ceto (or Keto), chthonic monsters from an archaic world The In-Between.

Of the three Gorgons, the filthy, dirty, parasite-infested Stheno is known to be the most insane, independent, vile, and ferocious, having killed more men, women, children, and somethings than both of her sisters combined. A Mok, any Mok, is sane and pristine in comparison. Dirty, in fact, is her invention. She has never bathed. Venomous snakes for hair. Prune-danish tits with the left tit a moog. Sound familiar? It should.

As a Gorgon. Its goddess has three pendulous triple-H tits, a monstrous face that looks like a hideous parody of a woman’s face, a killer tongue, wild zodiac eyes, klaw, rapiers, a limegreen muff, and a needle-teeth lined sucker for a mouth. A glazed complexion. A hemorphidite, she has the sex organs of a man and a woman. But, make no mistake about it, its goddess is female. Having zero personal hygiene means head lice, fleas, crabs, sludge ticks, and sewer moss, and entrails smear her tits, chest, and torso. In place of a nipple, its goddess’ left teat has a tri-claw surrounding a mouth lined with needle teeth; the left teat is a tit and it isn’t really a tit at all, it’s its goddess’ other sucker; in other words, this left breast is actually a moog. The center and right teats, which are real tits, have stringbean nipples. Her prune-danish is like that of The Thing, Mondo’s goddess, but this Old One’s is many times worse. Sound familiar? It should. She spawned the Kum.

Its goddess’ avatar is The Hive Mind. The avatar is an exiled Borg Queen, a loathsome Borg Queen who proved too vile for even the Borg, hence her exile.

As a Borg Queen. Its goddess’ avatar has a knobb on the leftside of her neck. Hands that klaw. Glazed complexion. No hair, whatsoever. Biogenic body. Etc. With some noticeable exceptions, this Borg Queen looks just like the way she’s portrayed in Star Trek. Of course, unlike, the Borg queen in Star Trek, this real Borg Queen has nippled double-Ds, male and female genitalia (a hemorphidite), gorgon’s-hair, etc. In other words, this real Borg Queen is anatomically correct and fully functional. Data. Not like fucking a tin can.

In pretense, she calls herself Gwen Stefani. In pretense, she looks like a clean and pristine, D-cup Linda Harrison. The way Miss Harrison looked in her twenty-something prime as Nova in films like “Planet of the Apes” and “Beneath the Planet of the Apes,” with the additions of a knobb on the leftside of her neck and hands that klaw when idle. No male genitalia. Female genitalia, only. In a past life, she never was actress Linda Harrison. Nor has she ever met the actress in person. But, she has obsessed about this Mundane woman from afar for decades. Obsessed about Miss Harrison’s look, but never wanted to physically possess the Mundane female.

Once she ruled The Collective. Her stated original species is Species 000 (faerie), Subspecies – Hag; the stated original species of her predecessor was Species 001. She ruled from a securely guarded chamber deep within an “inner complex” known as Unimatrix One that forms part of a spaceborne Borg city. Her Borg designation is Two. Her predecessor’s Borg designation was One.

Even in exile, somethings never change and they never will. Two’s body must be assembled. And, as one would expect, assembling the Borg Queen’s body is quite complex. Her brain is active, whether she’s embodied or disembodied. Her body parts are kept in her central alcove: sections of her body — legs, torso, and arms — are stored below the floor, while the head, shoulders, and spinal column are stored in an area above ground level. The actual storage area is identical to that of the reigning Borg Queen in Unimatrix Zero.

When the Borg Queen’s body assembles, the process is fully automated as one would expect of the Borg, and involves the head, shoulder, and spinal column being brought down to ground level while the rest of her body are brought up from beneath the floor. The legs, torso, and arms assemble first. As the body stands erect, the head, shoulders, and spinal column are dropped into place, and clamps secure the Queen inside her body. The naked body is then clad in a black, skintight exo plating — as in, a Borg exoskeleton — complete with matching Borg gloves and boots. Body suit, gloves, and boots feel like living flesh, which is what they are. Living artificial assimilative flesh. As they should. They are Borg.

Being biogenic, her synthetic body is very much alive; a living assimilative machine. It is the perfect fusion of Metal — as in, the machine — and Flesh — as in, the biological. And, being faerie, she can grow back her “real” body anytime she wishes. She has never wished to have it back.

Two serves Stheno, and has done so for millennia. She rules over a Collective of one: Herself. A Prediction Engine based on Chaos Theory, built for her by “black uniforms” (elite scientists of the vaulted Allgemeine SS), is her dominion, her own Unimatrix. It’s what she calls home. It houses her Royal chamber: Her Hive alcoves including her central alcove.

She serves an old god, and is herself an old god. She is the old god who tricked a vain queen into becoming One, the first Borg Queen, the first Borg. She is the old god who ate One and became Two.

Nope. It was not Helga Boller or Mildred Most that begot the Borg. That was nothing more than urban legend perpetuated by Hellboy in that hack book of his.

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