Continuum, Chapter 20

The Detour

A Tourist Point of View


“She’s done well. Reward her.”

“Yes, my queen.”

“And, as for you two. Next time, we won’t be so forgiving.”


She emerges from the stargate, wearing Lucy’s face instead of Seven’s. It’s the surface of Europa.… Read Full Article

Continuum, Chapter 19

The Mission

Round Six

The End Game


Seven steps across the border. From the perspective of the away team and the surviving Druids, Seven is walking unmolested toward the ruins. Walking toward, but never reaching. It’s an optical illusion. A very elaborate one.… Read Full Article

House of Dracula 1945 Ultimate Guide Book Lon Chaney Glenn Strange

House of Dracula 1945 Ultimate Guide Book Lon Chaney Glenn Strange:

Universal’s moody monster mash-up comes to spectacular life in our beautiful House of Dracula Ultimate Guide magazine – a stunning tribute to the 1945 extravaganza!
The core of Universal’s Frankenstein franchise went out with a bang with House of Dracula, a monster rally like no other – and our full-colour Ultimate Guide will take you right back to Dr Edelmann’s clifftop mansion.
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Jim Hall – Concierto (1975 Album)

“Guitarist Jim Hall is the sort of musician who displays such technical expertise, imaginative conception, and elegance of line and phrase that almost any recording of his is worth hearing. Still, Concierto ranks among the best albums of his superb catalog.… Read Full Article

John Coltrane – On Green Dolphin Street (Live 1960)

March 28, 1960 in Düsseldorf, West Germany during Coltrane’s first time in Europe. This band is one of Miles Davis’s first great quintets sans Davis who sat out that night.

Tenor Saxophone: John Coltrane

Piano: Wynton Kelly

Bass: Paul Chambers

Drums: Jimmy Cobb

The clip is sourced from the John Coltrane “Jazz Icons” DVD which includes several other performances not publishable on YouTube and extensive liner notes.… Read Full Article

David Haye Announces Retirement

By David Haye: Today I announce my retirement from professional boxing. They say you can’t play boxing. Yet, as I write this retirement statement, and reflect on my time in the sport, I can’t find a better way to describe the ride.… Read Full Article