Glenda; Back in the day, when we were dead things

Hawk & Fisher

I’ve decided to put Mondo on hiatus for awhile, and go old school on you. Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” ushered in the “modern” Vampire. Mondo represents the “post modern” view of the Vampire ala the “Underworld” and “Ultraviolet” type of movies, albeit taken to its extreme. Eternal youth and beauty. Immortality without any downside whatsoever. You’re still alive, and you even have the option of eating “regular” food and drinking something other than blood.

Glenda exists in a world where Vampires are animate corpses whose Kiss promises only eternal damnation. It’s the traditional view of Lost Ones, with a violent sexual twist. Can you say murderous sader? There will be no pinup pictures of a buxom blonde. There will be no pictures whatsoever; just narrative. There will only be darkness and horror. There will only be the profane. The sicker the better. We will start off dark, and go progressively darker. The heroes don’t get to win? They just get to die or worse?

Vampires sleep during the day and are active at night. But this is a convention, a preference so to speak, not a limitation. The only way to kill a Vampire is to behead them. They are immune to sunlight, holy things, or wooden stakes through the heart. Like I said, a very “old school” pre-Christian, ancient Sumerian view of the undead.

Too dark for your tastes? Addicted to happy endings? Skipping Glenda, because you must have Good ultimately triumph over Evil?

For those of you who feel like I’ve given away too much. That you know, before the story has begun, exactly how it will end. Think again. 🙂

Based on a short story from the “Hawk & Fisher” book series by Simon Green

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