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Taiwan Is Suffering From a Massive Brain Drain and the Main Beneficiary is China 台湾遭受大面积流失,主要受益人是中国

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By Nicola Smith / Taipei

Money talks. At least it did for Eddie Chen and, presumably, for many of the 420,000 of his Taiwanese compatriots who opted to earn a higher salary by working in mainland China.

Chen, 26, moved from the Taiwanese capital, Taipei, to Beijing in 2014, first to study a Masters on a full scholarship, and then to work in PR for a major international company.

He earns double what he would in his native Taiwan, where starting salaries for graduates have barely risen since the late 1990s. “China has a bigger market and there is more globalization here,” he explains. “Taiwan does not offer many opportunities for young people.”

Official government statistics reveal that by 2015 over 720,000 out of Taiwan’s roughly 10-million strong workforce, 72.5% of them with an undergraduate degree or higher, had moved overseas for better job opportunities.

Unsurprisingly, neighboring China, with its common language, has absorbed the majority.

But it is also actively luring Taiwan’s best talent, contributing to an acute brain drain that not only threatens the Taiwanese economy, but has prompted fears that Beijing, which claims the island as its own territory, is using its economic clout to try to buy political influence.

A recent flow of mainland initiatives to recruit Taiwanese students and entrepreneurs has jangled nerves in the self-ruled democracy that China is expanding efforts to win the loyalty of the younger generation with financial sweeteners, taking advantage of Taiwan’s sluggish economy.

China has targeted Taiwan’s educated elite for years, but a recent uptick in job and education incentives suggests a shift in tactics since cross-strait relations soured over Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen’s refusal to accept Beijing’s policy that the island of 24 million is part of ‘One China’.

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Its attempts to punish Taiwan through international isolation, blocking it from United Nations meetings and poaching from its small remaining pool of diplomatic allies, appears only to have fortified Taiwanese resolve to forge their own identity.

The young in particular identify more acutely with Taiwan as their home country and China as a giant neighboring state. But the long term impact of offering millennials a higher standard of living is hard to predict.

China has made no secret of its belief that financial benefits can, over time, dilute, and eventually displace national identity and advance its unification agenda.

Reports emerged in April that Beijing would appeal to business grass-roots through the All China Federation of Taiwanese Compatriots, led by Wang Yifu, a former advisor to President Xi Jinping on Taiwan.

The plan to offer attractive study and work opportunities was followed this summer by invitations to Taiwanese local leaders and youth groups to mainland camps and cultural activities.

Last month, China’s education ministry announced it would halve the quota of Chinese students in Taiwan while relaxing entrance rules for Taiwanese at mainland universities, fueling suspicion of attempted social engineering.

A tourism-related business worker holds a slogan reading

Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council, which oversees cross-strait relations, urged China to “cherish and maintain” educational exchanges, warning against “interference or restrictions.”

It reminded Taiwanese students of “major differences” between the two countries’ education systems.

But politics is the last thing on Ling Kuang-hsuan’s mind as the postgraduate student, 22, excitedly prepares to start a two year Masters course in human resources at Peking university this September.

She believes Peking’s top reputation will improve her job prospects and, like Eddie Chen, she sees her future in China.

“I hope I can stay in China and find a job…Most of my friends also hope that they can work there after they graduate,” Ling adds. “There are many international companies that don’t have a franchise in Taiwan but they do have one in China.”

Her chances are good. China’s major cities offer a thriving scene of multinational companies and lucrative incentives for start-ups.

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In 2015, Chinese e-commerce magnate, Jack Ma, announced a $330 million fund for Taiwanese entrepreneurs.

Just last month, the Taipei-based China Times reported an award of almost $400,000 for a business start-up contest for Taiwanese youth in Shanghai.

Chen admits that China’s vibrant business climate lured him back after his studies when he struggled to start a PR company in Taiwan.

“It was easy to start, but not to survive,” he says. “In Taiwan they play more a short term game. They want their investment back soon.”

The Chinese, however, treated him like a “star”, offering an office and financial incentives. “The Chinese government want people to start-up. They want this trend,” he says.

Chen sold his stake in his company to advance his career in a large international firm.

In China, ambitious Taiwanese professionals also find they can progress quicker than they would at home. “Our company is willing to give younger people more of a chance,” says Chen.

China may feel like a foreign country where “we still understand that we are different culturally and politically”, but for now it is Chen’s home. “Taiwan is much more a place for retirement,” he adds.

The roots of Taiwan’s talent deficit lie in its slow export-reliant economy and the failure to make tough reforms to attract foreign investment and to shift from previously successful labor-intensive industries towards high technology and services.

Meanwhile, neighboring China enjoys high growth. In July it reported an annual pace of 6.9% while Taiwan hovers at around 2%.

Job seekers look at job information at an employment fair in Taipei, Taiwan on May 28, 2016.

To add to Taiwan’s woes, graduate salaries have stagnated. In 1999, a university graduate could expect an average monthly salary of around $900. By 2016, this had risen to just $925.

“If China is growing at 6 percent a year and Taiwan is growing at 2 percent a year, which is going to be the most attractive place to go to stake out your career?” asks Michael Zielenziger, Asia expert and a managing editor at Oxford Economics, a U.K.-based economics and research consultancy.

“It’s very difficult for a young, bright Taiwanese student to ignore the bright lights, big city appeal of either China or the States. It’s a challenge to the government to make the country more attractive, to keep people at home and bring them back,” he says.

In 2012, Oxford Economics produced a survey that made the dire prediction that by 2021, Taiwan would have the biggest talent deficit in the world.

“Taiwan comes in poorly for a number of obvious factors. The population is not increasing…It’s getting older,” says Zielenziger.

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Caught in a vicious cycle, low wages have left young people less inclined to start a family, contributing to declining birthrates.

Youth are resentful that Taiwan’s generous state pension system leaves, for example, retired high school teachers on a monthly stipend of around $2,250, while they struggle to make ends meet.

The resulting exodus leaves less workers to support the swelling ranks of the old, pushing the pensions system towards the brink of bankruptcy.

Gordon Sun, director of the forecasting center at the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, says the nature of the brain drain is exacerbating Taiwan’s economic troubles.

“They are high level managers, engineers, they are rich, their income is high,” he says.

“Most of their spending or consumption is in China. So in Taiwan our consumption cannot grow,” he argues. “We need them to come back and live here and spend here.”

Tourists visiting the promenade on the Shanghai Bund take pictures of the Lujiazui Financial District skyline in Pudong, Shanghai, China, on Sept. 26 2016.

But the notion of China presenting itself as the land of opportunity in exchange for Taiwanese loyalty is misguided, believes Taipei-based analyst Michael Cole, a senior fellow at Nottingham University’s China Policy Institute.

Firstly, China has no clear strategy to win over Taiwan. “Right now, they don’t know what to do,” he argues.

“They’ve long been infatuated with notions of economic determinism. They tried that with Tibet and they tried that with Hong Kong to an extent,” Cole says.

“They still don’t seem to realize the pragmatism with which people are dealing with China, in which they recognize the opportunities for their career or for investment, but very rarely does that translate into a shift in self-identification or support for unification.”

Lo Chih-cheng, a legislator with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), agrees that young people will see through attempts to politically manipulate them.

“They want to show especially to young people, that China is their future, and Taiwan has nowhere to go to but to turn to China. That’s their strategy: Taiwan has to depend on China for economic development,” he says.

“I don’t know whether it works or not but I don’t think it will change their identity,” Lo adds. “There is a huge difference between the way of life in Taiwan and China that will reinforce their views about themselves being Taiwanese not Chinese.”

Others are more concerned that the long term impact of offering financial security to an entire generation, could slowly erode resistance to China’s political ambitions.

Unlike Hong Kong, freedom of speech and democracy is not directly under threat for now in Taiwan, giving the young fewer reasons to push back. Taiwanese identity is strong, but willingness to advocate independence less so.

Rex, 36, a Taiwanese banker, moved to Guangzhou, southern China, two years ago as he did not want to lose his job in Taiwan in middle age. “I don’t see a future for my work in Taiwan,” he says.

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He now prefers the dynamism of China compared to the more regulatory business culture at home.

Politics plays little role in Rex’s personal life, but he believes that “Taiwan and the Chinese are going to merge some day in the future, 50 or 100 years from now” for more practical reasons.

“China is just too big and in Taiwan you cannot live without China being involved in your business,” he explains.

For many who opted to stay home, the steady drip of China’s economic influence over those who left has become a touchy subject.

Earlier this year, a Taiwanese man, Jeremy, 25, who works in Shanghai was denounced online as a “communist bandit” after he urged young people to leave and seek a better life overseas.

“I have friends in Taiwan who work inconceivably hard every day. They’re up at 5 am and don’t finish up with work until 9 or 10 pm at night. And what for? They have no future and no hopes,” he said in a video that went viral.

A tourist from Shanghai, China goes through a health checkup organized by a hospital to promote medical tourism in Taipei June 28, 2011.

Dr Yang Tzu-ting, a research fellow at the Institute of Economics at Taiwan’s Academia Sinica, believes that a large Taiwanese labor force in China could “threaten our national security” and encourage some to become advocates for unification.

The best way for the Taiwanese government to counter this is to create better jobs and to boost the services industry, he argues.

An example would be to remove stifling annual quotas on medical training to create a health tourism sector, he says. Another would be to make universities more competitive to prevent academics escaping centralized, and low, wages.

Ross Feingold, a Taipei-based lawyer and public policy analyst, agrees that the Taiwanese government is not doing enough to stem the brain drain.

“One way to look at it is if China succeeds in getting young people to remain there during election time and not return home to vote for the DPP, that that would also work to China’s advantage,” he says.

“I think it’s just a transactional relationship where people want to have jobs that pay better and offer opportunities for promotion. Whether it builds personal affinity remains to be seen.”

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Olivia Munn Wore the Shortest Dress of the Night at the VMAs

Original Source

By  Ruthie Friedlander,InStyle

If Olivia Munn‘s weekend were a book and had a title, she may want to consider “A Lesson in Short Dresses.”

On Saturday night, she arrived to the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight in Vegas in the teeniest sparkly floral Balmain dress ever, only to top said look by arriving to Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards in a long sleeved, multi-color, hand embroidered cocktail dress with an elaborate design of a sexy angel, created by Nicolas Jebran.

The actress paired the dress with jewelry by Dana Rebecca Designs and rings by Effy Jewelry and Sara Weinstock.

You may not know designer Jebran by name, but you have definitely seen his work. The Lebanese designer is responsible for some of the most memorable stage costumes for performers like BeyoncéMadonna, and Britney Spears.

PHOTOS: See All the Stars on the 2017 MTV VMAs Red Carpet

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The Last of Us [Our Latest Yukos on Instagram]

A resurrected and restored Ms. Rohm is sitting in the makeup chair. The chair has been turned around to face the bed. Her face and ribs are still sore and aching from the deft application of the pointed toes of Mondo’s shoes.

“I thought that I had the better of you.”

“You did, and still do, but, having the better of me isn’t the same thing as having the better of other people.”

“I won’t make that mistake again.”

While she was still dead, Mondo relieved the bull of her wands. Her wrists and ankles are tied so tight to the arms and legs of the chair that her hands and feet are numb. The binding ropes are used as tourniquets to greatly limit her use of gestural magic with her fingers and toes, by numbing her hands and feet. The rope looping around her neck and tied to the chair cuts into her throat, limiting her articulation for spellcasting. All of the rope is dire hemp, of course.

Ms. Rohm is greatly annoyed that the girl has made herself beautiful again.

“You can punish me later for my transgressions against you, mistress.”

“I shall, without mercy or relent, until you are beaten to within an inch of your life.”

“I would expect no less of you.”

Ms. Rohm again looks intently about the bed chambers. Confirming to herself of the initially missed deception. The makeup chair and makeup table are hers, for sure. But. Everything else is a fake. This is not her apartment at the LC.

“We’re no longer in the LC, are we?” Ms. Rohm asks, rhetorically.

“Nope. We’re in my ROOM, albeit mimicking your chambers at the LC. Hence the precautions.”

“The imitation resulting from your craving of severe, Spartan things?”

“Something like that.”

Mondo walks over to the closet and changes in front of the restrained, covetous bull. When she’s done dressing. She’s wearing her hair yanked back in a sternka. Sternns, with a vintage beaded eyeglass chain attached to the eyewear’s two temples. Kaye in place of Koo. Leopold leopard print flats [retro 1950’s recreations] in place of Careys. Prudz. Perls. Bra and panties. Her makeup stays Bolshoi. Holster, phone, and purse are discreetly clipped to the waistband of her skirt.

“An acceptable compromise, for now.”

“Thank you, mistress. You are most unkind.”

The girl gestures arcanely. Ms. Rohm’s rind is replaced with becoming Bolshoi. Nothing else about the old butch woman changes. The Bolshoi can only do so much, though. Ms. Rohm looks no less butch and no less hard-faced—i.e., her sour face still screams “manhating dyke!”

“And, when you sleep in a bed, you will wear burlap, just like I do.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“You can keep the makeup chair and table. I’ll find suitable replacements. Now. I tire of this fake, and I’m bored with my restraints.”

The ROOM resets itself to its original configuration. The ropes retraining Ms. Rohm sever themselves. Miss Kane has invoked nothing. It’s all Ms. Rohm’s doing. But. Miss Kane is doing nothing to block it.

Once the feeling has returned to her hands and feet, Ms. Rohm stands up and walks over to her former captor.

Miss Kane drops to her knees, hands held behind her back as if they are tied, arms held rigid as if in a mono-glove restraint [i.e., fetish arm binder].

Ms. Rohm covetously strokes the girl’s left cheek. In spite of her beauty envy. Rind does not replace the girl’s Bolshoi. The girl’s Bolshoi remains in place and so does Ms. Rohm’s Bolshoi.  Ms. Rohm’s Bolshoi having been forced upon her by the girl.

Yes. Ms. Rohm does toy with the idea of ruining the girl’s face with rind, but in the end she does not. She also toys with the idea of ruining the girl’s hair, making the girl’s hair go geriatric—i.e., its solid yellow blonde color giving way to a geriatric mix of yellow blonde liberally streaked with grey and white—but, in the end she does not.

In a word. By leaving the girl fetching. Ms. Rohm violates her own rule number three. At least the sternka and sternns keep the girl from being ravishingly beautiful. This, for now, is sufficient compromise for the butch librarian.

Underneath her clothes, Miss Kane’s Bosom Envy-2 and Olivia Bra L6080 swap places—i.e., the Bosom Envy-2 gets pursed and she ends up wearing the brand-new Olivia Bra that was in her purse. Resulting in projectile breasts—i.e., firm, full, cone-shaped breasts, standing up and out without visible means of substantial support—fodder for “bosom-worshippers all over Creation”.

The blog “What Katie Did”. A price-is-no-object internet outlet for vintage and vintage-inspired luxury lingerie, garter belts, and corsets. It’s not just a showcase for glamorous vintage-inspired satin conical bras.

“What Katie Did” is the only online source for Olivia Lingerie, and, there are no brick-n-mortar stores where you can buy it. The same parent company that owns the Clara Bra and Lane Bryan line of bras, owns Olivia Lingerie.

Olivia Lingerie’s Olivia Bra L6080 first came out in 1950. It is a 1950’s version of the Bosom Envy. As such, it is a bullet bra that showcases a lot of cleavage. And. It only comes in one color, which is puritanical lily-white. As a prequel to “modern” bras, its torpedo cups are rounded instead of pointed.

Miss Kane stands up. The two women French kiss, sticking their long well-educated tongues deep into the mouth of the other. Tongues that frolic, knowingly. There are no virgins here—virgins are boring, anyways.

Later on, after they have finished spooning. Ms. Rohm leads Miss Kane back over to the closet, where the bull directs the girl to change back into her Koo and Careys. At no time does Miss Kane slip back into Mondo Kane mode. She remains in character, a throwback to a subordinate 1950’s sexpot junior librarian spinster. And. Ms. Rohm is her stereotypical 1950’s dictatorial lesbian senior librarian spinster boss. In a word, voluntary enslavement, willfully and willingly, with no emancipation in sight.

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Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — Success – 3 Questions That Will Catapult You Upwards

Tuesday Tip

success catapult

Success – 3 Questions That Will Catapult You Upwards

In many countries, schooling is compulsory for a set number of years. And that’s good.

But way too many people come to the stupid conclusion that when school’s over … they don’t have to learn anymore. Of course, they DON’T HAVE TO … unless they want to be successful.

That’s why I tell my coaching and consulting clients that, “Learning is not compulsory; neither is survival.”

Without exception, successful people have an unquenchable thirst for continuing education. They want to keep on learning. And they know they HAVE TO keep on learning to get to the top and stay at the top … whether that be in their career, their marriage, their finances, their health, or anything else. As Michelle Labrosse, a project management expert, notes, “People who make it to the top of the mountain take great joy in learning all the way up to the summit.”

Success researcher Jim Rohn takes it a step further. He says, “Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the beginning of health. Searching and learning is where the miracle process all begins.”

And I don’t want you to miss out on the “miracles” or the Extraordinary Success you could have … if you simply mastered The 7 Immutable Laws of Success.

Over the years, I’ve written almost 900 Tuesday Tips, all different. I’ve given more than 3000 keynotes, half-day, and full-day seminars in 49 states and 22 countries. I’ve spoken to about one million people. And in all those articles and presentations, I have always referred to bits and pieces of those 7 Immutable Laws of Success. But time has seldom allowed me to teach the entire formula. And that has always bothered me.

Well, that’s about to change. On Thursday, September 14th, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time, I am offering a FREE web conference on Extraordinary Success 2.0: The 7 Immutable Laws of Success … that will be open to the first 300 registrants. I promise you a great learning experience that will change every part of your life for the better, if you let it.

To secure your seat at this Extraordinary Success 2.0 web conference, click here.

In an ancient text called the Naladiyar, it says, “Learning is the best of all wealth; it is easy to carry; thieves cannot steal it, and tyrants cannot seize it; neither fire nor water can destroy it; and far from decreasing, it increases by giving.”

That being the case, let’s take a look at you and your approach to learning. So let me ask you a few questions.

1. Are You Coachable?

I often ask my audiences this question. I want to know how open they are to the ideas I’m going to give them and I want them to examine their own state of being.

So I’ll ask them, “How coachable are you today? On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, with 10 being very open, receptive, and coachable, how would you score yourself?”

After they’ve done that, I’ll ask them to think about how honest they were in answering my question. I’ll talk about that for a few minutes. And they begin to realize how they’ve been lying to themselves … possibly for years and years. They begin to realize that whenever they’ve heard something they didn’t understand or disagreed with, they’ve tended to check out or close down. They haven’t been very coachable in the past.

I’m sure you know lots of people like that. They live their lives in a comfort zone, refusing to let any new or challenging ideas get inside themselves. And as a result, they never reach their full potential of success.

Other folks are somewhat more coachable and a bit more open to new ideas. But they don’t apply the new ideas appropriately.

It’s like the man who was walking through a hardware store and came to a shelf with an item he did not recognize. He stared at it for a while, and eventually asked the clerk, “What’s that thing?”

The clerk answered, “It’s a vacuum bottle.”

“And what does it do?”

“It keeps hot food hot and cold food cold.”

“What a great idea,” said the man. “I’ll take one.”

The next day at lunch, the man proudly displayed his purchase to his co-workers. “This is my new vacuum bottle,” he told them. “It keeps hot food hot and cold food cold.”

“What a great idea,” said his friend. “So what are you having for lunch today?”

The man replied, “Chili and Jello.”

So ask yourself, “How coachable are you? How open are you to learning? And are you sure you’re using the new information correctly?” Be gut honest with yourself.

During our web conference on The 7 Immutable Laws of Success, you’ll find out that it isn’t what you know but what you are willing to learn that counts the most. After all, a computer can be upgraded. Can you?

2. Does Your Success Plan Allow for Continual Learning?

Many people make plans for success that do not include continual learning. I see it all the time in my audiences. I’ll meet a person who is 40 years old, but he does not have 40 years of experience. So he keeps on doing the same dumb things over and over again. He doesn’t have any idea how to learn from his experiences.

The truth is most people do not have an education plan that will catapult them forward.

Some people, for example, seldom, if ever, take time to attend a seminar that is not required by their employer. They fool themselves into thinking they can achieve tomorrow’s dreams with yesterday’s skills.

Other people refuse to read the materials that would make a huge positive difference in their personal and professional lives. And no, novels, newspapers, and most magazines don’t count. I mean real, education-oriented, life-changing books. The outrageous truth is … even after a high school and college education … most graduates don’t read more than a book a year.

That’s a recipe for failure. In The Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle, Jim Rohn says,

“Failure’s most dangerous attribute is its subtlety … If we have not bothered to read a single book in the past ninety days, the lack of discipline does not seem to have an immediate impact on our lives. And since nothing drastic happened to us after the first ninety days, we repeat the error in judgment for another ninety days, and on and on it goes.”

That’s right. On and on it goes … until one day you’re passed over for promotion … because you seem to be a bit out of date. On and on it goes … until your spouse leaves you … because you never learned what it takes to make a relationship work.

So I ask again, “Do you have a plan for continual learning?” I really hope so. You see, far worse than not having a plan for ongoing education is not even realizing that it matters.

And lastly, I would ask you…

3. Do You Have a System for Learning from Others?

You see … experience is a great teacher. But you won’t live long enough to learn all the lessons you need to learn from plain experience itself. That’s why truly smart people … highly successful people … take lessons from others. As Peter Christakos from South Carolina notes, “A wise man learns from his experiences, but a wiser man learns from others’ experiences.”

It’s a key part of The 7 Immutable Laws of Success. I’ll teach you about those 7 Immutable Laws, but I’ll also teach you about the 7 Law-Breakers that exist for each of the 7 Laws. You may find you’ve broken a law or two along the way. Or, you may be able to learn from others around you who are breaking those Laws. I encourage you to join me for the Extraordinary Success 2.0 web conference. Click here to register. But register soon. The 300 seats will disappear quickly.

So how can you start to learn more from others? Simple. Pick out some really wise people and spend time with them. I make sure I do it all the time and it’s made a bigger difference in my life than you could ever imagine.

For example, I spend six days every year with a group called Master Speakers International, arguably the eight best speakers in America today. They’ve taught me more about business than any MBA degree ever could.

I spend one morning every month walking the beaches of southwest Florida with 90-year old Dr. Sidney Simon, the best teacher I ever had. He continues to teach me the most effective ways to get my message across.

I spend some time every week with Nick Hoty … who came to this country as a 12-year-old Greek immigrant … speaking no English … and having nothing but the clothes on his back. He became the founder, owner, and CEO of the greatest real estate company in Cleveland, and his example of persistence, hard work, honesty, ethics, and spiritual maturity guide me in my decisions every day.

And the list of people goes on and on. I’ve learned that the most successful people learn from other people, so I want to make sure I’m following their example. And hopefully you are too.

Action – Are you learning enough TODAY to ensure you’ll be better off TOMORROW? If not, get in gear and get a plan for your own continuing education.

Dr. Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip, Issue 898 – 3 Questions That Will Catapult You Upwards

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1950’s Sexy BLONDE Pinup JUNE WILKINSON 4×6 Photo Two BIG ROCKETS Print CP1142

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Appleseed 2004 English Dub

Appleseed (Japanese: アップルシード? Hepburn: Appurushīdo) is a 2004 Japanese computer animated anime science fiction action film directed by Shinji Aramaki and based on the Appleseed manga created by Masamune Shirow. It features the voice acting of Ai Kobayashi, Jūrōta Kosugi, Mami Koyama, Yuki Matsuoka, and Toshiyuki Morikawa. The film tells the story of Deunan Knute, a former soldier, who searches for data that can restore the reproductive capabilities of bioroids, a race of genetically engineered clones. Although it shares characters and settings with the original manga, this film’s storyline is a re-interpretation, not a true adaptation. This Appleseed film should not be confused with the 1988 OVA which was also inspired by the manga. Appleseed received a theatrical release on April 17, 2004.

Deunan Knute, a young soldier and one of the Global War’s last survivors, is rescued by Hitomi, a Second Generation Bioroid. Knute’s escape attempt is stopped by her former lover Briareos Hecatonchires, now a cyborg. She realizes that the war had ended and she is in a Utopian city called Olympus. Its population is half-human and half-clone, a genetically-engineered species called Bioroids. Olympus is governed by three factions: Prime Minister Athena Areios; General Edward Uranus III, head of the Olympus Army; and a Council of Elders. Everything in the city is observed by an artificial intelligence named Gaia from a building called Tartaros. While there, Deunan joins the counter-terrorism organization ESWAT.

The Bioroids were created from the DNA of Deunan’s father, Carl, making the Second Generation Bioroids her brothers and sisters. However, they have a much shorter lifespan than humans due to suppressed reproductive capabilities. The Bioroid’s life extension facilities are destroyed by a secret faction of the Regular Army in a terrorist attack against the Bioroids. However, the Appleseed data, which contains information on restoring the Bioroids reproduction capabilities, still exists.

Olympus is plagued by conflicting factions. Along with a strike force, Deunan and Briareos head to the building where the Bioroids were originally created. She activates a holographic recording showing the location of the Appleseed data. Dr. Gilliam Knute, who created the Bioroids, entrusted Appleseed to Deunan, but was inadvertently killed by a soldier. They are betrayed and cornered by the Regular Army. Deunan discovers from anti-Bioroid terrorist Colonel Hades that Briareos had intentionally allowed his Landmate, a large exoskeleton-like battlesuit, to escape. Kudoh allows Deunan and Briareos to escape to the rooftop before he is killed. Uranus attempts to convince Deunan that Bioroids seek to control humanity, and he wants to destroy Appleseed and the D-Tank containing the Bioroid reproductive activation mechanism. Briareos tells Uranus that the Elders manipulated the Army into wanting to destroy the D-Tank, but Athena is trying to prevent them from doing so and protect humanity. Hades, who resents Carl, wounds Briareos only for Deunan to kill him as she and Briareos flee into the sea. Despite Deunan’s pleas not to leave Briareos behind, he persuades her to search for the Elders. Mechanic Yoshitsune Miyamoto arrives in his Landmate and begins repairing Briareos after receiving an SOS from him. Deunan flies back to Olympus in Yoshitsune’s Landmate and uses the Appleseed data to fully restore Bioroid reproductive functions.

As Deunan encounters the Council of Elders, they reveal their involvement in Gilliam’s death and also plan to use the D-tank virus to sterilize humans, which will leave the Bioroids the new rulers of Earth. They needed the Appleseed data to keep the Bioroids alive, but Gilliam hid the data so they could not move forward with their plan. Athena, stepping in to stop them and announcing that Uranus has surrendered, tells Deunan that the Elders had been acting on their own and had shut Gaia down once they realized humanity had softened their stance against Bioroids. The Elders state that they will soon die since Gaia kept them alive, but that they were ready to sacrifice themselves. They then activate the city’s mobile fortress defenses, which begin marching towards Tartaros. Athena states that D-tank’s security system is nearly impenetrable, but a shot from the fortresses’ main cannons might puncture the tank, releasing the virus. ESWAT begins mobilizing, but suffer heavy casualties due to the fortresses’ heavy weaponry.

Briareos arrives and asks Deunan to join the battle. Despite the Elders’ objections, she goes with him to the towers, and attempts to enter the password to shut the defenses down, but a malfunction makes it difficult. The final password letter appears by itself, and Deunan secures the D-Tank. She reveals that the sins of humanity will probably get worse, but that there is always the chance that future generations will learn from these mistakes; she vows to keep fighting for the children.

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Taryn Terrell — The “Hot Mess” of GFW (TNA) is back!!!


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From the creator of Ghost in the Shell and the director of Appleseed comes the intense post-apocalyptic prequel, Appleseed: Alpha. Left to survive in a post-World War society, two mercenary soldiers – Deunan and her cyborg partner Briareos – are sent on a mission on the outskirts of their war-torn city. During the operation, they run into Iris and Olson, two citizens from the utopian city of Olympus, who might have a way to save the world but the ruthless Talos and the scheming warlord Two Horns have their own plans. It’s up to Deunan and Briareos to safeguard their newfound contacts and help save humanity’s last hope.

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Afflicted – Official Trailer [HD]

This terrifying horror thriller follows two best friends who set out on the trip of a lifetime around the world. Their journey, documented every step of the way, soon takes a dark and unexpected turn after an encounter with a beautiful woman in Paris leaves one of them mysteriously afflicted. Winner: Best Picture (Horror), Best Screenplay (Horror), Best Director (Horror) at Fantastic Fest, and recipient of awards of recognition from the Toronto International Film Festival and the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival. AFFLICTED is one of the most suspenseful and original action horror debuts in a generation.

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Samsung Galaxy Note8: Official Introduction

The phone that defined big, just got bigger.

The new Samsung Galaxy Note8 lets you see the bigger picture, capture life big time and turn ideas into possibilities.

It’s the phone made for those who do bigger things.

Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy Note8.

[S Pen]
The S Pen opens up a whole new way to communicate. It lets you create a Live Message in your own unique way. With the water-resistant S Pen, you can use it anytime under any circumstance no matter what the weather is like.

The S Pen also allows you to go further. You can start your everyday organized with the Screen off Memo to keep important matters on top of your mind.

With Translate & Convert, you can easily translate different languages at the tip of the pen and venture out into uncharted territory.

[Dual Camera]
The enhanced Note8 camera lets you capture all of your memorable moments. With the Outstanding Portrait & Dual Capture you can get two photos in one shot. Not only do you get a stunning portrait photo, but you also get another one with its beautiful surrounding. You can also easily adjust the background to focus on what matters the most.

Even when you are on the move and in a shaky moment, the Dual OIS & 2X Optical Zoom allows you to take stunningly clear photos without missing any details. And no matter when or where, the Low Light Camera captures all of your adventures.

[Smart Interaction]
The Note8 presents an intelligent and in-depth way to interact with your phone. Bixby understands your needs and lets you command with your voice. It also translates and gives you analyzed information without having to type in a single word.

With App Pair, conveniently launch two of your favorite apps at once. In addition, you can enjoy a PC-like experience with the Note8 through Samsung DeX.

Experience the advanced features in your hand and redefine what you can do with a phone.

For more information:


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 First Look and Impressions! Filmed in collaboration with TheUnlockr –
https://www.youtube.com/user/mobileun… / https://theunlockr.com/

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features a 6.3″ Super AMOLED Display with a QHD+ 18.5:9 ratio, Dual 12MP rear cameras with OIS and dual-pixel AF, 8MP Selfie Camera with AF, 3300mAh battery, Iris Scanner, Facial recognition, Fingerprint scanner and Samsung Bixby AI assistant.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 hands on you’ve been waiting for is here! Join Josh for our first look at the new Note!

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The Last of Us [Moore Atomic Blonde]

Atomic Blonde (2017)—The crown jewel of Her Majesty’s Secret Intelligence Service, Agent Lorraine Broughton is equal parts spycraft, sensuality, and savagery, willing to deploy any of her skills to stay alive on her impossible mission. Sent alone into Berlin to deliver a priceless dossier out of the destabilized city, she partners with embedded station chief David Percival to navigate her way through the deadliest game of spies.

Charlize Theron plays Lorraine Broughton, a MI6 agent who is sent to Berlin just days before the collapse of the Wall in 1989 to retrieve a list of top secret British operatives and to crack down on the persons responsible for the death of a fellow undercover agent. In order to achieve her objectives, Lorraine joins forces with a shady spy, played by James McAvoy (X-Men: First Class, Split), and a sexy French agent, played by Sofia Boutella (The Mummy).

The story, which is mostly relayed in flashback by Lorraine while she is interrogated by a MI6 superior, played by Toby Jones (The Mist, Captain America: Winter Soldier), and a CIA bigwig, played by John Goodman, is intricate, but the details are ultimately inconsequential. Like the James Bond 007 films that influenced it, Atomic Blonde is less concerned with plot mechanics and more interested in style and cinematic presence. Even if you walk out of this film not remembering who betrayed who or who stole whose secret plans, you will likely never forget Charlize Theron’s Lorraine, who commands awe and attention with her icy glares, her sleek body language, and her physical ferocity. Theron will probably not be nominated for any Academy Awards here like she has with her past roles, but this film encapsulates everything wonderful about the way that she combines sensuality and toughness.

Atomic Blonde features a love scene between Charlize Theron and Sofia Boutella. Just go ahead and stick a fork in me, because cinema will probably never get any better than this.

This movie also features a brilliant eight-minute stairwell fight scene which appears to be a long continuous single-take, although there are a handful of subtle hidden cuts. This sequence easily wins my vote for the best action scene of 2017 so far.

I love another pivotal fight scene that takes place in a movie theater while Andrei Tarkovsky’s enigmatic, but excellent 1979 film, Stalker, is playing. The screen shots from Stalker provide a rather fitting backdrop for Cold War physical combat.

The music soundtrack of Atomic Blonde is rather heavy-handed, but I can easily forgive the obviousness, because the songs all evoke golden nostalgia for my own 1980s youth. We’ve got New Order – “Blue Monday”, David Bowie – “Cat People (Putting Out Fire)”, Peter Schilling – “Major Tom”, After the Fire – “Der Kommissar”, Re-Flex – “The Politics of Dancing”, Siouxsie and the Banshees – “Cities in Dust”, ‘Til Tuesday – “Voices Carry”, A Flock of Seagulls – “I Ran (So Far Away)”, George Michael – “Father Figure”, Nena – “99 Luftballoons”, Depeche Mode – “Behind the Wheel”, and a handful of faithful covers to other beloved tracks from the era. I do not usually bother with movie soundtrack albums, but I’d like to buy the soundtrack for this one.

I will not go so far as to say that Atomic Blonde is a masterpiece, but it is an insanely fun slice of action, eroticism, and atmosphere. Highly recommended!


Just like makeup of its ilk that she’s used before. Rind is not only unbecoming. It’s caustic and parasitic. When worn the wearer feels like sulfuric acid has been thrown in her face.

The agony of wearing it feeds Miss Kane’s masochistic cravings. It eats away pretty leaving only hard-faced in its disfiguring wake. Drawn and haggard, and age lines to boot apply to her face when wearing it. Thus, fetching, let alone ravishing, do not apply when wearing it at all. Yet, to Ms. Rohm, it is a ruined face that overdrives the bull to flights of covetous fancy.

Based upon past employment, and as previously stated or at least implied. There’s always the pecking order to consider. As such, in combination with her sternka and sternns, Miss Kane’s makeup tweaks itself for maximum severity to do its part to render the girl into, to put it kindly, a no-nonsense executive secretary while on active duty in service of her new vain-and-envious female boss. To put it bluntly, working in concert with her hairdo and eyeglasses, Miss Kane’s makeup ravages her face. Making her look serious, businesslike—i.e., tolerating no nonsense; very serious about doing things in a direct and efficient way without any foolishness or nonsense.

Rule Number One: the boss [Ms. Rohm] is AWAYS right. Rule Number Two: when the boss [Ms. Rohm] is wrong, remember rule number one. Rule Number Three: the looks of Ms. Rohm’s Friday can NEVER upstage hers, their looks MUST be in sync at all [on duty] times. All three are rules that Miss Kane displays an intimate knowledge of. Because all three are givens—i.e., the same rules that can be applied to one’s employment with any god of Ms. Rohm’s chronology.

Therefore, Ms. Rohm sports a severe ravaged face, then her Friday must also sport a severe ravaged face. Key to both facial “presentations” is the rind makeup that both women wear. Ms. Rohm wears rind exclusively, which means that while on-duty Miss Kane must now exclusively wear it too.

Moore Atomic Blonde. Rind is the makeup that feels like it’s melting your face while in reality it’s melting your brain driving you in insane in the process. Of course, Ms. Rohm and Miss Kane are already insane. They were born that way—i.e., stark, raving mad. In a word, deranged lunatics from the git go, who are evil incarnate. Depraved evil incarnate times two.

“It was total bullshit. Including the whole Harry Houdini angle. An expert frame. Houdini is a scapegoat, murdered by moi. In point of fact, I committed all of the murders that you have been tasked with solving. You are the fly caught willingly and willfully in the web of the black widow spider me.”

A haughty laugh ensues.

Miss Kane sits down obediently in the makeup chair. Ms. Rohm stands behind her.

“It would be so easy to dispose of you permanently. But. I’ve decided to keep you, instead. You’re better off with me, anyways. After all, you’re a villain, not a hero, as you well know.”

The bull conjures with her hands to touch up the girl’s makeup more to her liking. Although she is a wizard, she is well schooled in all forms of magic, therefore she isn’t entirely dependent upon a wand for all of her spell casting.

The girl’s face now looks even worse which feeds Ms. Rohm’s vanity to no end. This is truly more to the bull’s liking. Confident that she has ensnared the girl. She turns her back on Miss Kane and heads for the closet, having decided that the Vampire would look less upstaging of her if the girl were wearing her spare Kaye and flats in place of Koo and careys.

Ms. Rohm never makes it to the closet alive. Miss Kane caves in the back of her skull with a gloved fist. The girl cums to the killing. Mondo Kane is back, and she’s back in spades.

“For your sake, I think it is better that I’m a villain with rules. Else you’d be disposed of, post haste,” Mondo taunts as she stands over the fallen god.

The Lost girl kicks Ms. Rohm’s corpse in the face and ribs several times for good measure. Then. She gestures arcanely and the rind is replaced by her usual fetching Bolshoi. Her ravishing looks return, post haste—that hard pretty face of hers. The girl lets her hair down and purses her sternns. Lush, silky, yellow-blonde tresses drape her shoulders and breasts—i.e., “board” straight hair parted down the center, as if it is the product of South Floridian Stella Luca’s authentic Japanese “Yuko” straightening. Like her dowdy sternka, plain strait hair imparts a most becoming severity upon the vicious loathsome girl, accentuating her natural haughtiness and aloofness.

Mondo sits down on the Italian marble bed and waits for the butch god to resurrect. What she doesn’t do, in spite of Ms. Rohm’s free admission of guilt, is call security. For the time being, she’s keeping this “all between us two girls”, so to speak.

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Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — Being a Team Player – What It Really Takes

Tuesday Tip

team player image

Being a Team Player – What It Really Takes

Bill Russell changed the nature of professional basketball by the way he played the center position. In fact, his number 6 jersey was retired by the Boston Celtics in 1972 to honor his contributions to the teams that won nine consecutive NBA titles.

So you might wonder about his take on team work. After all, he was an expert.

When asked about that, Russell said, “The most important measure of how good a game I played was how much better I’d made my teammates play.”

My reaction was “Wow!” Everybody talks about teamwork, but no one focuses on what it means to be a great TEAM PLAYER.

I’ve found that great team players do three things. (And so do great team leaders, supervisors, managers, leaders, and family members.)

1. A Great Team Player VALUES Their Teammates.

When you think about your teammates, put a “10” on each of their heads. If you think of your teammates as “10’s,” you’ll show your respect in several ways. By contrast, your behavior is totally different when you think of someone as a “3.”

Hewlett-Packard found a unique way to show how much they valued their team members. One morning, several team members found “subpoenas” under their doors when they showed up for work. They were summoned to “jury duty” that day instead of their usual duties. The company had planned an elaborate “trial” to determine the fate of its new business plan.

One team of employees argued against the plan, while another group defended it. A third group sat in the “jury box.” After each side made its argument in a two-day trial, the jury reached a decision and every one of the team members returned to work excited and talking about the company’s new direction. Each team member felt valued.

As you look at your team, take a look at how much you value each member. And take a look at how much you show it. As business advisor William Dale Crist says, “No one person is indispensable, but all people are important.”

2. A Great Team Player CONNECTS with Their Teammates.

They know each other. They know each other’s dreams, values, skills, attitudes, and challenges. And they care about those things. Quite simply, you can’t be a great team player if you don’t care about what your teammates care about.

(This is one of the 7 Immutable Laws of Success you will learn at my free webinar on September 14th, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. ET. Put it on your calendar. It will be your first chance to learn about my new Extraordinary Success 2.0 Master Class for which 24 people will be chosen to participate.)

So how do you find out what your teammates care about? Consultant Patrick Costello would say, “Create an environment of candor and encourage courageous conversations!”

I totally agree. Of course it may take a while, but your investment of time almost always gives a big return. After all, communication IS the pathway to trust.

So take some time to get to know your team members. Schedule an annual overnight offsite meeting where you talk about the important things in your life and big challenges in your work. Spend some “time around the campfire,” modeling openness, tuned-in listening, and candid discussion.

And the best way I’ve found to do that is through the asking of Brave Questions. It has literally transformed the communication of thousands of people, teams, and family members.

Here’s what Deb Olswold, of the world’s most renowned medical clinic, said,

“I have always been a very shy person, always in the background of the workplace, family, and personal life. Not anymore! I was asked to interview for a high ranking Administrative Assistant position just before I bought your BRAVE QUESTIONS book. I read the book and wrote a few of the questions on a small piece of paper, such as ‘Where do they want to be in one to two years … Who are they looking for … and … What do they expect from me?’ I sat with confidence through the interview.”

“When it was time for me to ask any questions, I simply asked two of your Brave Questions. Within the hour I had received a call from the HR department offering me the position. Yes, I accepted it and have thanked you daily in my prayers. Your book on BRAVE QUESTIONS helped me get the best job I have ever had.”

But there’s more. Deb went on to say, “I love the way your Brave Question technique has affected the rest of my life and career. I can finally ask questions with confidence and move into a meeting with ease. The ‘shy secretary’ fades away and the new confidence emerges. I always knew I could be a speaker, but I didn’t realize I would love it so much. The BRAVE QUESTIONS book gave me confidence beyond what I thought possible for myself. Do I have butterflies? You bet I do, but I can do it!”

If you’d like to master the same technique, you can get your copy of my Brave Questions book by clicking here.

And finally,

3. A Great Team Player Makes Their Teammates BETTER.

Great team players approach life as a win-win … because they know that making others better isn’t just better for the other person … it’s better for everyone.

Customer service is like that. The customer and the provider are basically a team and it’s a good team if both sides win.

Such was the case with the waiter and the patron. The waiter asked, “What can I get for you today.”

“I’ll take the meat loaf dinner and a bit of good advice,” said the man seated in the booth. Minutes later, the waiter returned with a hot plate of food. “Here you go.”

“Hey, what about the good advice I asked for?” The waiter leaned down and whispered, “Don’t eat the meat loaf.”

That’s what teamwork is all about. You help the other person to be better off.

And you make your teammates look good. That’s what the famous pianist Paderewski did.

Wishing to encourage her young son’s progress on the piano, a mother took her boy to a Paderewski concert. After they were seated, the mother spotted an old friend in the audience and walked down the aisle to greet her. Seizing the opportunity to explore the wonders of the concert hall, the little boy rose and eventually explored his way through a door marked “NO ADMITTANCE.” When the house lights dimmed and the concert was about to begin, the mother returned to her seat and discovered that the child was missing.

Suddenly, the curtains parted and spotlights focused on the impressive Steinway piano on stage. In horror, the mother saw her little boy sitting at the keyboard, innocently picking out Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. At that moment, the great piano master made his entrance, quickly moved to the piano, and whispered in the boy’s ear, “Don’t quit. Keep playing.”

Then, leaning over, Paderewski reached down with his left hand and began filling in a bass part. Soon his right arm reached around to the other side of the child, and he added a running obbligato. Together, the old master and the young novice transformed what could have been a frightening situation into a wonderfully creative experience. The audience was so mesmerized that they couldn’t recall what else the great master played. Only the classic, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

That’s the way it is with great team players. Besides being good themselves, they bring out the best in their teammates.

Action – Make a list of all your team members. Write down the number you place on them, from a “1” to a “10.” And then make a determined effort to treat everyone like a “10” and watch what results you get.

Dr. Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip, Issue 897 – What It Really Takes to Be a Team Player

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Auth. AUTOGRAPH “June Wilkinson” PHOTO w/coa

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June Wilkinson RARE 8×10 Photo – #00002005

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Tyson & His Hero Jack Dempsey – Comparison Highlights

Jack Dempsey was one of Tyson’s idols, and he studied him all he could, often sitting down with Cus D’amato to watch old fights of his. From their shifting bob and weaves to their off balance explosiveness, there is a great deal in common between Iron Mike and the Manassa Mauler.

Whiskey – Huma Huma

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Melisandre of Asshai (aka Van Houten), priestess of the god R’hllor, The Red Witch from GoT

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