Russia admits defeat on its ‘stealth’ F-35 killer by canceling mass production of the Su-57 fighter jet

By , Business Insider

  • Russia announced earlier this month that the Su-57, its proposed entry into the world of fifth-generation stealth fighters, would not see mass production.
  • The jet had some promising capabilities in combat, but design and production difficulties made it a challenging project with limited export potential.
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New documentary ‘350 Days’ is a candid look at the lives of touring pro wrestlers

Like the itinerant theatre troupes that caravanned across the old world, or the traveling carnivals that are in professional wrestling’s DNA, pro wrestlers spend a lot of time on the road. Living semi-indefinitely on tour is part of the romance and heartbreak of being a pro wrestler, and it’s the focus of a new documentary, 350 Days, which will screen as a special single-evening event on Thursday, July 12, in theaters nationwide including the AMC Elmwood Palace 20 and the Regal Covington Stadium 14.… Read Full Article

Murder on Mars, Chapter 01

When the system fails you. You create your own system.


Neural implant. It resembles a spidery inoperative brain tumor. The early “models” had a 2-percent failure rate. For obvious safety reason, when they malfunction they are supposed to shut down, but, when they don’t auto-shutoff the implantee exhibits the symptoms of someone who is suffering from a malignant brain tumor, which, in effect, is what they have.… Read Full Article