Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — How Your Concern Determines Your Career

Tuesday Tip

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How Your Concern Determines Your Career

A few days ago I stopped at a convenience store as I was driving to a speaking engagement with IBM. As I was checking out, I asked the person behind the counter if she was the manager.

She said, “No, I don’t want to work that hard.”

I immediately felt sorry for her manager. I thought about what a hassle it must be to have an employee like that.

But I also thought, “How pathetic!” She’ll never go anywhere with that little concern for the challenges faced by her manager and her customers. And she’ll probably go on to blame them for her being stuck in a dead-end job or missing out on all the “breaks” in life.

Of course there are lots of people skills that you should master. In fact, most of my keynotes & seminars, web conferences, and books are focused on teaching people those skills. However, no skill is more important than the depth of your concern.

When you’re concerned, and I mean really concerned about the problems of others, you’re on the sure road to success.

Let me tell you how that works. First, you’ve got to recognize that …

1. Soft Skills Matter … Big Time.

John D. Rockefeller, one of the shrewdest, most successful businessmen in American history, said, “I will pay more for the ability to deal with people than any other ability under the sun.”

Somehow or other, he knew that all success can be traced back to people. Whether that is financial success with your customers or teamwork with your coworkers, it all ties back to your people skills … especially those skills that impact the feelings of others. That’s why I say you must…

2. Communicate Your Feelings of Concern.

Yeah, yeah. I know this sounds rather touchy-feely. But all the research on emotional intelligence makes it very clear that the way you handle your emotions and those of others is one of the most important get-ahead factors in life.

Dr. Mike Murdock confirmed that. He tells the story of meeting a young lawyer who opened his eyes. The young lawyer had worked with one of the greatest lawyers in the Midwest, a man who had won nearly every case with multi-million dollar settlements.

At first, the young man couldn’t figure out the reason for his boss’ success. The older man’s research, reading, and preparation seemed to be about the same as other lawyers. But when the old lawyer walked back and forth in front of the jury, a transformation took place on their faces. And when they came back from the jury room, they always gave his client a huge settlement.

So one night, at the company Christmas party, the young lawyer questioned his mentor. He said, “You must tell me your secret. We watch you carefully. We read your material, but none of us in the firm can figure out why your juries return multi-million dollar verdicts.”

The old lawyer said, “I’d like to tell you, but you wouldn’t believe me if I did.” But the young lawyer persisted, month after month, asking the same question. The old lawyer just kept saying, “It really would not mean anything to you.”

Finally, one day the young lawyer was going to leave the firm to join another firm. His old mentor said, “Take a drive with me.”

They went to a grocery store. The old lawyer filled the back of his car with groceries and then drove into the country. It had snowed. It was freezing and the roads were treacherous. They finally drove up to a very modest, inexpensive farm house. The old mentor instructed the young lawyer to help him carry in the groceries.

When they went inside the house, the young lawyer saw a little boy sitting on the sofa. He noticed the boy had no legs and learned it was the result of an auto accident. The old lawyer spoke to the family for a few moments, and then he said, “Just thought I would bring a few groceries for you. I know how difficult it is for you to get out in this kind of weather.”

As they were driving back to the city, the old lawyer looked at the young lawyer and said, “It is quite simple. My clients really do matter to me. I believe in their cases. I believe they deserve the highest settlement that can be given. When I stand before a jury, somehow they feel that. They come back with the verdicts I desire. I feel what my clients feel. The jury feels what I feel.”

The old lawyer was successful because the problems of others mattered to him. The depth of his concern was the one critical factor the other less-successful lawyers had overlooked.

What about you? Do the problems of others really matter to you? Do other people feel your concern?

There’s an old saying, a rather wise saying, that states:

“People Will Forget What You Said.

People Will Forget What You Did.

But People Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel.”

Of course, some of you may be saying, “Sounds good in theory, Dr. Zimmerman. But what can I do to communicate more feelings of concern?”

As strange as it may sound, a good place to start using this skill is on your boss.

3. Show Concern by Reducing Your Boss’ Hassle Factor.

We all expect the boss to care about our problems, but it’s just as important to care about his/her problems–if you want to get ahead.

At some level, every one of us is an employee to someone else. And as an employee, you need to be an oasis for the boss.

For example…

  • When times are tough, can your boss count on you or count on you to complain?
  • When you can’t meet your deadline or your budget, does your boss know that well in advance, or is she faced with a last minute crisis?
  • If your boss came up with a list of the top ten things that keep him awake at night, would you be on it?

Here’s a key point – When the problems of others matter to you, your success will matter to them.

If you lower your boss’ hassle factor, chances are much better that your success will matter to him.

Of course, some of you reading this are bosses. So you must also…

4. Show Employees Acts of Visible Concern.

Employees are constantly wondering if anyone really gives a rip around the workplace. And caring is one of the top motivators. In study after study, employees say they “want to work for someone who is concerned when we have problems.” In fact, it’s among the top five motivators.

If you’re a boss, you need to remember that a paycheck doesn’t show that you care. Everyone gets a paycheck. What shows you care is spending time with employees, listening to them, and asking how they are doing personally and professionally.

If you don’t “show” that you care, employees conclude that you don’t. Then they reciprocate and they stop caring too. Remember boss, when the problems of others matter to you, your success will matter to them.

To get better at this caring and concern dynamic,

5. Take the One-Week Concern Challenge.

Take an inventory of yourself this week. Just ask yourself one question over and over – How do you make people feel?

How do you make your boss feel? Your coworkers? Or your customers? How about your spouse? Your children? And everyone else?

And then for one week, treat every person you meet, without a single exception, as the most important person on earth. You will make an amazingly, wonderful discovery. They will begin to treat you the same way.

I’m not saying it’s easy. It will always be a challenge to let the problems of others matter to you, especially when you’re busy and being pulled in a thousand different directions.

After all, some people are hard to like. Some people’s problems are hard to care about. And some people don’t “deserve” your caring.

But that’s not the issue. As one father said to his son, “Remember that you show courtesy to others, not because they are gentlemen, but because you are.”

If you fail to show your concern and caring to others, you’re not only hurting the relationship, you’re hurting your own chances of success.

Final Thought – The depth of your concern will determine the height of your career.

Dr. Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip, Issue 882 – How the Depth of Your Concern Will Determine the Height of Your Career

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boxing how to slip punches [the sweet science]

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Class series 1 – The best of Miss Quill

The wisecracking, gun-toting Miss Quill, in her own words.

(I own nothing in this video, and no copyright infringement is intended.)

Just beyond what you see, just beyond what you know, there’s something out there waiting for you.

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This is a channel from BBC Worldwide who help fund new BBC programmes.

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Mercedes-AMG E63 S: AWD AMG, WTF? – Carfection [Mercedes-AMG E63 S: AWD AMG, WTF? – Carfektion]

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The E63 S takes the AMG fomula and spreads across four driven wheels, but does it still feel like an AMG?
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Road Show by CNET

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War is a Racket By Former US Marine General – Smedley Butler

Smedley Darlington Butler was a United States Marine Corps major general, the highest rank authorized at that time, and at the time of his death the most decorated Marine in U.S. history.
CLICK HERE TO EXIT THE MATRIX: http://gaia.com/4bidden


Smedley Butler, United States Marine Corps major general, the highest rank authorized at that time, and at the time of his death the most decorated Marine in U.S. history.(July 30, 1881 – June 21, 1940) – War Is A Racket – “WAR is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small “inside” group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.”

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Dracula’s Widow desktop

Dracula’s Widow is a 1988 vampire thriller film directed by Christopher Coppola , written by Tom Blomquist as Kathryn Ann Thomas, and starring Sylvia Kristel, Josef Sommer and Lenny von Dohlen. Kristel, in the titular role, goes on a killing spree in a seedy 1980s Hollywood, while in search of her husband.

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The Last of Us [Be My Baby]

Be My Baby is a song written by Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich, and Phil Spector. It was first recorded and released by American girl group The Ronettes as a single in August 1963 and later placed on their 1964 debut LP Presenting the Fabulous Ronettes featuring Veronica. Spector produced their elaborately layered recording in what is now largely considered the ultimate embodiment of his Wall of Sound production formula.

It is considered one of the best songs of the 1960s by Pitchfork Media, NME and Time. In 2004, the song was ranked 22 by Rolling Stone in its list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time and described as a “Rosetta stone for studio pioneers such as the Beatles and Brian Wilson”, a notion supported by Allmusic who writes, “No less an authority than Brian Wilson has declared ‘Be My Baby’ the greatest pop record ever made—no arguments here.” In 1999, it was inducted in the Grammy Hall of Fame, and in 2006, the Library of Congress honored the Ronettes’ version by adding it to the United States National Recording Registry.


Murder on Mars. There are restrictions, both magical and non-magical, that are applicable to this planet Mars of the god Mars which are not applicable to anywhere else in Creation. That’s why it’s often said by the homicidally-inclined, “If you can commit murder on Mars and get away with it, you can commit murder anywhere in Creation and are very likely to get away with it also.”

Some of these limitations have always been there. Some are latecomers. Not being able to possess someone is just one of them. Another one is that you can’t gate, teleport, or anything else of that “extraordinary” ilk, to and from the planet. You must use “ordinary” means to travel to and from Mars—i.e., for example, you need a spaceship.

Sarah Lane, the killer of the senator’s daughter, will not have easy egress from the planet. The police know she’s still on the planet. They just don’t know her exact location, but the net is slowly and inexorably closing in on her. She’s yet to be caught, though. Such a clever girl, she be.


Week three of Mondo’s stay on Mars.


As Frau Schmidt continues to pervert Mondo. Mondo continues to pervert Frau Schmidt. As such. In the latter case, Mondo is back to sporting a dowdy grune-sternka and equally severe elster-miles. In the fore case, Mondo is back to wearing her Parts in place of her thong, implying that Frau Schmidt has broken her which in fact Frau Schmidt unwisely has. But. Her hair is still yellow-blonde and her makeup is still bolshoi-bare. And, she’s back to wearing prudz in place of her foreskinz.

Hard, pretty face. Ravishing beauty. Beauty that ravishes, literally and figuratively. Beauty that will stop traffic dead in its tracks, if you’re into beauty of the explicitly cruel, uber dominatrix, “Worship Me, Now!!!” flavor, that is. A grune, dead-strait hair, yanked back into a sternka—i.e., grune-sternka. Long, flaxen hair—bleached to within an inch of its life and board straight. Lush, silky tresses bleached a bright, fake-looking, yellow-blonde color, the color of raw wheat. Yellow locks draping shoulders and breasts, when they are let down. A large rack kept at attention by a substantial, yet revealing, brassiere—i.e., big, “perky” bosom. Thin lips. Sharp features. Bolshoi-bare makeup befitting her harsh, haughty looks and hard, pretty face—i.e., bolshoi-bare and hard-faced. Cold, haughty, and aloof—seemingly unattainable—yet, you must be used by her at any cost, even at risk of your very soul. Cold, blue eyes. An Aryan ice princess gone decidedly Danish. A large, ugly, vulgar mouth that espouses loathing and disdain even when that’s not the wearer’s explicit intent. A mouth that would put a Largemouth Bass’ or Julia Roberts’ to shame. A “Bass eating bait” mouth which always personifies the oral perversion.

VDR (1/2) or WDR, notwithstanding. The Blonde—i.e., der Blonde, in German. But. Where or where is her Pyewacket?

That’s the sticky wicket for the butch Frau Schmidt, isn’t it? Frau Schmidt craves choice number one the most: the more girlie version of Mondo. The version who wears her hair down and doesn’t wear glasses. But. As a close second. Frau Schmidt also craves choice number two: this sexually-repressed shrew with her hair up, wearing readers with an eyeglass chain. There’s a version Frau Schmidt has yet to see: Mondo on one of her benders as the filthy, parasite infested, junkie whore—i.e., the drunk, high, and deranged “crazy” chick who hobnobs with bagladies and skidrow bums. Actually, there’s a fourth version of the girl, but it’s not been seen of late. It’s her as the cold, calculating killing machine for whom violence is the only form of sex she truly enjoys, torture is glee, and homicide is orgasm. That version of choice is focused, sober, and openly insane—an insanity that you can see plainly in her intense, tortured blue eyes—the monster you pray never comes knocking at your front door—i.e., sex is violence.

Mondo Kane, version four. No junkie whore, whatsoever—sober or otherwise. A two-legged flaxen-haired fantasy in her absolute physical prime. Physical perfection. Flawless uncompromising Nordic beauty, circa Hollywood of the 1950’s. Carnage knows no gender. She’s as deadly as she’s covetous to behold. Thus. In this guise, the beautiful blue-eyed blonde is a dispassionate killer—the flipside of being a Sandman.

Mondo is off-shift, waiting alone at their usual table at Starbucks. Frau Schmidt is late. She’s back at precinct house filling out the last of the forms in triplicate for a domestic dispute that ended in murder.

Meanwhile. In the alley behind the coffee shop, they appear seemingly out of nowhere thanks to their active camouflage. They’re on break and stopping in Starbucks for coffee.

Officer Samantha Philips (blonde) and Officer Karen Amos (brunette) are dressed like movie Sandmen. Mondo is a real Sandman, and she dresses in a woman’s business suit and stilettos.

In spite of what Officer Philips and Officer Amos are wearing looks like. The blonde and the brunette are not wearing Sandman costumes from Logan’s Run [either the movie or the subsequent, short-lived TV series]. Nor are they Fallen LRRPs (pronounced “Lurps”)—i.e., Fallen long-range reconnaissance patrols. Both women are human. Colloquially, police officers of their ilk are known as Peacekeepers. Formally, they are members of Martian Civilian Police Special Forces (MCPSF).

Their attire?

Two-tone antiballistic ware. Basic, not drab. The essence of classic simplicity and good taste—i.e., classy, tasteful, and understated. Banded undershirt—i.e., tunic-length (comes down close to the thigh), black and long-sleeved with a banded collar—the bottom of the shirt has three rows of rolled fabric about 1-inch thick that goes around the waist and is about 3-inches apart, the essential accent. One-piece banded tunic—accented with a 4-inch wide light grey stripe across the chest which matches the color of the undershirt’s banded collar. Black tights. Black neoprene booties. A wide elaborate black belt with a black chrome buckle. Holsters, both of them are black swisscheesed plasticine—one is for a pistol, the other is for a tricorder. DS (deep sleep) gun [aka flame gun, blaster]—black. Tricorder—black, with non-reflective brushed aluminum accents and control surfaces.

On Mars, just like in the Jewish Empire. Gun control is taken to the deadly, nth degree. Have a gun unlawfully, and the authorities have the legal right to kill you on sight. Have a gun lawfully and use it in an unlawful or irresponsible manner, and the authorities have the legal right to kill you on sight. For that reason, gun violence on Mars is a very rare occurrence. And. The civilian population poses no credible threat to either the civilian or the military police, police who are well-armed and well-equipped. With the MCPSF being fragrantly paramilitary.

None of this matters. Because. Neither officer makes it out of the alley alive. Simone Thérèse Fernande Simon appears in their midst as if out of nowhere and slaughters them both. Simone is using a cloaking device to evade detection. She could see the two MCPSF officers when they were cloaked. They, on the other hand, could not see her when she was cloaked.

Both police officers were killed by a lethal cut that extends their mouths through their spines. Post mortem, she butches both LOE’s (law enforcement officers) as is the MO of her Angelic namesake Simon Angel. Slaughtering them as proficiently as she dispatched the senator’s daughter and her partner Molly White.

As a post script, the brunette is beheaded, leaving the lower jaw attached to the neck—the head is to be left at the crime scene, the rest is to be carried off as a trophy. Simone’s message to law enforcement is unmistakable: you’ve been hunting me, now I’m the one who’s hunting you.

Simone reactivates her cloaking device and leaves. She and her gruesome trophy are rendered invisible to “ordinary” means. What she wisely chooses to do during this entire homicidal incident is to ignore the baglady rummaging through a nearby dumpster for a meal.

On the baglady’s dirty tee-shirt is written: “I’m free … let’s have sex”. Additionally, she’s wearing a dead, diseased Kaye and a dirty perl necklace. For a purse, she carries an archaic hand bag—large, grotesque, ragged, and filthy.

Specifically. Dirty perls. A filthy Kaye—dead and diseased—that’s seen better days—ripped seams, a tattered skirt with a ragged hem, and a well-worn coat with frayed cuffs.

Filthy and parasite-infested. Drunken and depraved. A junkie. Wanton. She appears to be human, but it’s an elaborate ruse. This indigent is not even remotely human. And. She is no one to be trifled with. This wretch was once a Martian goddess and formerly was the BFF of god Mars’ sister.

Sentient. Not a creature of pure instinct. Deranged. Demented. Completely insane. Clicks and hisses are the only sounds that normally come out of her mouth. Normally, she uses “intelligible” speech as a lure for prey. During a full moon, she will foam at the mouth, and rant and rave incoherently.

No personal hygiene whatsoever. Seemingly, all that matters to her is getting that next fix, that next bottle of booze, and procuring that next used as the acolyte of her precious self—but, that’s not all that does matter to her.

An incurable unrepentant drug addict and alcoholic, with an insatiable “need” that’s temporarily quenched by the liquid damnation which comes out of a needle or a bottle. Addiction is a way of life, for her.

Skinny. But not skinny to the point of looking emaciated. Not a walking bag of loose wrinkled skin and bones. Ravenous. Varicose-veined legs. Age wise: looks to be a septuagenarian.

Teeth so filthy, they look rotten.

A long, facile tongue will morph into a long, retractile proboscis, akin to a Klapp’s, when it [the tongue] needs to feed. Fetid, wormy breath.

Her geriatric hair is liberally streaked with grey and a “dirty” white bordering on grey. Her geriatric bush is the same mosaic of grey and dirty white. That is. Matching drapes and rug.

Underneath her T-shirt. Two large, floppy pendulous breasts with hideous stretch marks and stringbean nipples. Tits that hang down to her waist.

A vile, reeking crotch. Possessed of male and female genitalia. The she-male’s nether regions have a strong, gamey odor—portending a sour degusting taste.

Hands that are horribly thin, the fingers are little more than claws—i.e., clawed hands. Long, dirty, ragged fingernails and toenails.

A tortured face partially obscured by long geriatric hair which drapes her shoulders and upper chest. Once she was a renowned beauty, worshipped by millions of humans and indigenous [i.e., non-human] Martians, and her acolytes were legion. A doppelganger for 1960’s sexpot, actress, thirty-something Nancy Kovak. Back then, this Martian goddess only had female genital.

These days, all but a scarce few of those willing and willful worshippers of hers have long gone. Long ignored and largely forgotten, she’s seen as a failed deity, and is a discredited senior official in the LC. Reduced to merely being an enchantress and a practicing witch. Now, she only has coerced victims as her acolytes, typically her fellow drunks and junkies. Now, she’s bereft of all vestige of physical attractiveness. As if disfigured by insanity and unchecked depravity, her face is a hideous parody of a human female’s.

A fair complexion. Filth-engrained skin. Patches of her body are so dirty, they look black.

When she’s about to feed, her eyes will fluoresce, her unkempt head of hair falls out, and venomous snakes will erupt from the scalp of her boney skull. It’s a fluorescent gaze that can be hypnotic and subjugating, mesmerizing and beguiling. Afterwards, when she’s had her fill, those snakes will be reassimilated by her scalp and her geriatric hair will grow back—grey liberally streaked with dirty white, to be again just like her smelly, greasy bush.

These days, the goddess calls herself Mrs. Jenifer Josephine Lee Carson. And, when she’s not employing a ruse,  she refers to herself in the third person. Mrs. Carson could see the two officers when they were cloaked. She can also see Simone when Simone is cloaked.

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Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — 5 Simple Tips for a More Positive Attitude

Tuesday Tip

rise shine positive attitude

5 Simple Tips for a More Positive Attitude

I was flying across the country, on my way to deliver a full-day seminar, and I noticed that the man sitting next to me looked rather down.  So, I greeted him with a cheerful, “How are you?”

“Okay,” he answered.  Then he added, “How are you?”

“Great!” I said.

The man responded by saying, “You sound too cheerful for me. In fact, you make me tired just listening to you.”

I thought that was the end of the conversation and it was, for a few minutes. Then he asked what me what I did for a living. I explained that I was a professional speaker, but some people might call me a motivational speaker.

Right out of nowhere, the man said, “Then tell me something. Why does everything go wrong for me?”

I didn’t know.  I had never seen the man before. But I said, “Perhaps if you’ll talk for a few minutes, we can figure it out.”

For the next thirty minutes he went on and on about all his difficulties. And he repeated the same negative thoughts over and over.

Then all of a sudden the man exclaimed, “Hold it. Hold it. I know why everything goes wrong for me. It just came to me. Everything goes wrong for me because I’m wrong. I think wrong, speak wrong, and act wrong. I’m just too negative all the time.”

“That’s probably true,” I told him.

So we spent the next few minutes talking about how he could get rid of his negative attitude. He seemed extremely willing to give my advice a try. And I’m glad to report that sometime later he sent me an email saying his new, more positive attitude was paying off big time.

You see, few things in life are more valuable than your attitude. Your emotional health, your relational stability, your professional achievements, in fact, just about everything is rooted in your attitude.

Here are five tips to build and maintain a more positive attitude in yourself.

1. Never Underestimate the Power of a Positive Attitude.

Motivational researcher Dale Carnegie said, “Happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have; it depends on what you think.”

And James Allen, a motivational author had this to say about a positive attitude, “Man’s rise or fall, success or failure, happiness or unhappiness depends on his attitude.”

It’s no surprise that the latest psychological research confirms the truth of their observations.

Unfortunately, too many people live with a negative attitude too much of the time. Benjamin Franklin said, “Most people die at age 18, but we don’t bury them until they’re 65.”

I like to play a game with some of my audience members. I will ask someone, “How long have you been alive?” The audience member will say something like “43 years.”

I’ll say, “No. That’s how long your heart has been beating. How long have you been ALIVE? How long have you been on fire?”

Then the audience “gets” it. They get to understand that it’s their attitude that’s pushing them forward or holding them back.

2. Be Wary of Negative Input.

The news coverage, for example, is 90% negative. Only 10% of the stories have a humorous or human interest slant. And if there isn’t enough bad news on a particular day, the networks will replay old video clips on the anniversaries of certain disasters. That’s why it may be more accurate to say CNN stands for “Constant Negative News.”

What’s the result? We end up with a culture that would rather tear people down than build them up. And according to psychologist Dr. Terry Paulson, we end up with people who have an internal dialogue that is 80% negative. In fact, if we said some of the same negative things to our employees that we say to ourselves, they could file a grievance and win.

3. Take Responsibility for Your Attitude.

After all, YOU are responsible.  No one gave you a negative attitude and no one can give you a positive attitude.  Somehow or other, YOU chose to “rise and whine” rather than to “rise and shine.”

Of course, I know it’s fashionable or “cool” to joke about one’s attitude. Comedian W. C. Fields said, “Start every day with a smile and get it over with.” One negative person even carried a card in his wallet that read, “In case of accident, I’m not surprised.”

Those are funny comments, but do notice one thing.  In both cases, the people making the wisecracks chose their own negative attitude over a more positive attitude.

4. Identify Your Most Common Negative Thoughts.

Just listen to yourself for a day or two. Don’t try to change anything. Just observe the negative thoughts that come to mind. You may find that you tell yourself things like, “I’m too old to do that anymore … I’m such a jerk … I’ll never get ahead … I just can’t lose any weight … or …I ‘m no good at selling.” You’ll probably end up with a list of five to ten phrases that you repeat over and over again.

Here’s a key action point – Practice stopping those negative thoughts.

Every time one of those negative thoughts comes to mind, think “Stop! Stop, you negative thought. Now. Stop it.” You may have to do this ten or twenty times before the thought goes away.

If thinking “Stop” doesn’t work at first, try saying “Stop” out loud. That’s right, shout it out. Say it firmly, authoritatively. Notice how well the technique works for you.

If you’re still struggling with a particular negative thought after a period of time, use the hand signals for “Stop.” Just like a traffic cop puts up his hand to signal “Stop,” put up your hand to “Stop” a negative thought. You can even say it and do it at the same time.

Try these three “stopping” exercises. You’ll probably find that one of them works better for you than another. That’s fine. Keep on using it. You will soon master the skill and eliminate the negative thought.

And then…

5. Stop Speaking in Negatives.

It’s a vicious cycle.  If you think negatively, you’ll speak negatively. And if you speak the negative, you’ll also think the negative.

Instead of saying, “It’s going to rain. It’s going to be a bad day,” say “It’s going to be a wonderful day.” Instead of saying, “There’s no way I can pay these bills,” say “I’ll find a way to get through this.”

By speaking with positive conviction, you are, in a sense, conditioning your mind to be more positive. You are taking control of your thoughts rather than have them control you. You are affirming that great line in William Ernest Henley’s poem, Invictus. He wrote, “I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.”

Tomorrow morning brings another day. I challenge you to “rise and shine.” Once and for all throw out the “rise and whine.” You’ll be glad you did, and so will everyone else in your world.

Final Thought – You can absolutely build and maintain a positive attitude. These 5 steps are a great start. For some practical tips on taking your attitude even higher, I encourage you to pick up a copy of my best-selling book, Pivot: How One Turn in Attitude Can Lead to Success.

Dr. Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip – 5 Tips for a More Positive Attitude

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8×10 1953 Legendary 1950s-1960s Stripper, TEMPEST STORM + BONUS! (NUDES)

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Nancy Kovak showing a lot of Nancy Kovak

On VHS, DVD, being widescreen, shows nothing.

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The Silencers (1966) is a quintessential 1960’s spy spoof, directed by Phil Karlson. It is the first (and best) of four colourful Matt Helm features, with debonair ‘Rat Pack’ member Dean Martin cleverly cast as author Donald Hamilton’s womanising smoothie, the Man from ICE (Intelligence Counter Espioage). The attitudes may have dated — this is very much of its time — but the women continue to delight, especially Stella Stevens (Gail) as a divine klutz. Also making an impact are former Miss Israel Daliah Lavi (Tina aka ‘Cowboy’) and one-time MGM siren Cyd Charisse, whose title song is a highlight.
Helm is coaxed out of semi-retirement by an attractive ex-partner. It seems that the evil Big ‘O’ organization has a nefarious plan called “Operation: Fallout.” If this plan comes to fruition, Big ‘O’ will explode an atomic bomb over Alamagordo, NM, and start WWIII. Only Matt Helm can stop them.

The name “Tung-Tze” means “to rule” in Chinese.

Although one of the greatest female dancers in the history of the movie musical, Cyd Charisse singing in films was almost always dubbed. A young Vikki Carr performed her singing in The Silencers (1966).

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Tribute Stella Stevens, full h.d h.q

tribute Stella Stevens

née le 01 Octobre 1936

musique : The Kinks

Sans être un clone de Marilyn Monroe, Stella Stevens relève d’abord du cliché de la blonde vaporeuse et écervelée – dont elle s’amuse dirigée par Jerry Lewis dans un de ses classiques -, vamp pour rire et mauvaise fille au bon coeur.

Elle apparaît comme une des mieux placées et douées dans le peloton des jeunes espoirs grâce au film Li’l Abner en 1959.

Mais au fil de cinq décennies (pour le moment !) elle a surtout démontré qu’elle était une actrice physique (le western et le thriller lui conviennent à merveille), d’un fort tempérament (la comédie également), capable de se mesurer aux plus grands du cinéma américain (Dean Martin, Robert Mitchum), travaillant avec Robert Altman, John Cassavetes, Vincente Minnelli, Robert Parrish, Richard Quine, Jack Smight, Dan Curtis

Son talent, sa beauté, et surtout son humour n’ont pas suffi à en faire une star, la faute en incombant à l’absence de films marquant le public

malgré quelques belles prestations (Un nommé Cable Hogue de Sam Peckinpah),

Docteur Jerry et Mister Love et Girls, Girls, Girls avec Elvis Presley

Mariée à quinze ans, mère à seize, divorcée à dix-sept, Stella Stevens fait preuve (sans que le moindre rapport soit établi) d’une extraordinaire vitalité à l’écran, également à la télévision, où elle apparaît dans une multitude de séries (Alfred Hitchcock présente, Banacek, Magnum, Arabesque, Nash Bridges, Dream On…) et jouant des rôles réguliers dans Flamingo Road et Santa Barbara.

Stella Stevens est au moins une star du cinéma bis (l’horreur notamment, dont elle est une figure presque incontournable) où elle est restée active dans des premiers rôles beaucoup plus longtemps que la plupart de ses consoeurs, et du petit écran, partenaire de Jim Brown, George Peppard, Richard Crenna, Jason Robards, mais aussi Farley Granger, Ray Milland, Shelley Winters, Linda Blair et Sandra Bullock.

Elle est la mère de l’acteur Andrew Stevens qui l’a dirigée à plusieurs reprises…


Tribute Stella Stevens

Born on October 1, 1936

Music: the kinks

Without being a clone of Marilyn Monroe, Stella Stevens first comes across the cliché of the blurry and maddened blonde – whose amusement it is directed by Jerry Lewis in one of his classics – vamp for laughter and bad girl with a good heart.

She appears as one of the best placed and talented young hopefuls thanks to the film Li’l Abner in 1959.

But over the course of five decades (for now!) She has shown that she is a physical actress (the western and the thriller suited her perfectly), a strong temperament (the comedy too), able to measure To the greatest of American cinema (Dean Martin, Robert Mitchum), working with Robert Altman, John Cassavetes, Vincente Minnelli, Robert Parrish, Richard Quine, Jack Smight, Dan Curtis

His talent, his beauty, and above all his humor were not enough to make a star, the fault in falling to the absence of films marking the public

Despite some nice performances (One named Cable Hogue of Sam Peckinpah),

Doctor Jerry and Mister Love and Girls, Girls, Girls with Elvis Presley

Stella Stevens is married at fifteen, a mother of sixteen, divorced at seventeen, and shows an extraordinary vitality on the screen, also on television, where she appears in a multitude of (Alfred Hitchcock presents, Banacek, Magnum, Arabesque, Nash Bridges, Dream On …) and playing regular roles in Flamingo Road and Santa Barbara.

Stella Stevens is at least a star of the cinema bis (the horror especially, of which she is an almost unavoidable figure) where she remained active in first roles much longer than most of her sisters, and the small screen, partner of Jim Brown, George Peppard, Richard Crenna, Jason Robards, but also Farley Granger, Ray Milland, Shelley Winters, Linda Blair and Sandra Bullock.

She is the mother of the actor Andrew Stevens who directed her several times …

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Pretty Blue Eyes aka Stella Stevens :)

Stella Stevens and Jerry Lewis from the film, The Nutty Professor, (1963) directed by Jerry Lewis. The song “Pretty Blue Eyes” sung by Steve Lawrence, composed by Teddy Randazzo and Bobby Weinstein.

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The Last of Us [Starbucks]

Barista, acts with integrity, honesty and knowledge to promote the company. Delivers legendary customer service, creates superior food and beverages. Maintains calm demeanor during periods of high volume. No previous experience necessary.


“So. What exactly are your terms and conditions for remote viewing the LC?” Mondo asks, playfully.

Lunchtime. They’re sitting at their usual table by the front window of their favorite Starbucks, a popular watering hole for cops. Sipping their favorite custom brews.

“What says that we do [remote view the LC]?” Frau Schmidt responds, even more playfully.

“Your comment about the pure theater of Councilwoman Elster spitting on my corpse in the LC. It wasn’t from the perspective of someone who’d read about it from a brief. You were either physically or metaphysically there when it happened. Knowing you, I assumed you were metaphysically present.”

“As you would expect, they [the terms and conditions] are very stringent. I’m not at liberty to say more.”  Frau Schmidt smiles, broadly. Then she continues. “You guessed, correctly. I was present virtually.”

“Was that [remote viewing of me at the LC] a conference call?”


“Was military intelligence on the line?”

“Of course. They always are for such matters.”

It’s been two weeks. Fourteen days as partners on Mars. And, Frau Schmidt has learned to grow wary of the girl. Upon disassembly/reassembly in her central alcove, Mondo’s hair no longer turns geriatric, nor does her Parts fuse to her nethers, nor does she become a Seven who is amnesiatic of her Mondo. Although they still fuck hard and rough on a nightly basis, Mondo no longer gets high or drunk—i.e., complete sobriety—a total lack of interest in getting high or drunk. In response, Frau Schmidt has wisely stopped experimenting upon the Vampire. Somethings haven’t changed, though. For example. The girl still gorges herself on Frau Schmidt’s blood.

Mondo no longer wears prudz. But. She still wears gloves to placate Frau Schmidt’s and her own glove fetish. An unintended side effect is that her conciliation prize stokes the fires of hers and Frau Schmidt’s perversion to a fever pitch.

Seven days ago, she traded in her prudz for cuffed black latex opera gloves, her foreskinz. And. She doesn’t mundanely glove herself with her foreskinz. They slither out of her purse and glove her. From fingertips to armpits. A second skin fit. Extending themselves underneath the sleeves of her coat. The gloves encase her upper limbs, in effect, rendering them prosthetic. These days she craves wearing these Borg abominations.

This switch by Mondo [from prudz to foreskinz] pleases Frau Schmidt to no end. The first time that she saw the foreskinz glove Mondo, it sent her over the edge, which was apparent by the Parts bulge in skirt which she quickly suppressed.

Mondo’s foreskinz look different. They’re more elaborate than you’d expect of gloves of the Borg persuasion. More runes, profane ones; profane runes have overwritten some of the original Borg runes. They’re creepy looking. Hideous. Disfigurement. They’re obscene!

Pitch black and covered in Borg runes. Form fitting. Assimilative. Cast with fingernails and varicose veins. They look like creepy, shoulder-high, black rubber opera gloves. They look like ornate, creepy skinz; ornamented and creepied-out by the Borg Queen herself. They are, in fact, skinz.

Gloves that feel like flesh. Gloves with that second skin fit. Gloves that are, in fact, rubber. Living rubber gloves that look like rubber and feel like flesh: Borg body armor. Borg technology!

These skintight gloves are obscene; even the sleaziest pornographer would feel dirty while gazing upon them, let alone touching them. They’re the ultimate masturbator, bar none.

Longitudinal and latitudinal suture “scars” are molded into each glove. The scars would look right at home on Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster. Shades of lipstik, that jagged scarification that is goddess Kali’s trademark script.

These raised, crosshatched scars give the illusion that the gloves have been pieced together just like The Monster. Shades of the crudely stitched together cannibal skins that are worn by Kali’s Belongings. The gloves are in fact one piece!

But. With all this exacting detail. There’s glaring omission, too. No Singha’s Talons. No razor claws, whatsoever. A pair of razor claws is not retracted into each glove.

There are other changes to the girl’s attire.

In place of her flesh-colored, French-cut [i.e., cleavage baring], pointy, torpedo bra circa 1950’s, is a contemporary black, lacy, French-cut [i.e., cleavage baring], underwired, Victoria’s Secret pushup bra with concealed front and rear hook-and-eye closure. Her double-D’s bulge in the brasserie’s modern rounded cups, the bra emulating the look of being one cup size too small for her tits, as it torques, contains, and compresses those very same twin peaks of hers. A post-modern brasserie that’s paradoxically a quintessential expression of the Victorian Era’s in-your-face “plump tits served up on the half shelf”—i.e., her bosom bulges her suitcoat, because her tits are being shoved together, up, and straight out by the underwired grip of a very “stiff” bra. The twin, mouthwatering, rounded bulges of her bosom when she’s wearing said bra resolves into mesmerizing bulges when clothes are worn over the brasserie. In other words, it’s the look and the effect of wearing a torpedo bra, minus the points of pointy bra cups, because in this case the bra’s cups are rounded. Modern versus retro expressions of what it is to be top heavy, and advertising it in spades.

In detail. So. It should come as no surprise. That the bra is a Lane Bryant, “Black Dahlia 3-Part Cup Bra with Stays 5851 from the Elizabeth Short Collection”—a post-modern version of this symbol of old-fashioned luxury and VDR. This ultra-supportive full-figure bra features 3-part cups with non-stretch lace upper cup and opaque lower cups with simplex lining for extra support. Multi-part, lined, underwire cups, with angled and vertical center seams, these cups shape and support without bulk. Vertical stays in the cups give added sturdy support. Wings are powernet to smooth the wearer’s back. Boning at the sides gives added anchorage. Wide-set straps. Sheer, embroidered tulle along top half of cups adds a sexy touch. Cups are lined at bottom for extra support. Center panel – arched for high tummy comfort, with satin bow. Sides and back are made of powermesh for a secure fit, and have elastic along edges. Seamless sides for a smooth look under clothes. Plush-backed straps, underwire casings, and hook-and-eye closure provide comfort. Wide-set elastic straps fully adjust in the back with coated metal hardware. Leotard back. This bra gives ideal support and coverage without sacrificing style. And. Contemporary references aside, this bra accurately reflects a very Victorian obsession with breasts—i.e., the Victorian Era breast fetish taken to the nth degree.

And. As a post script. With the cut of her bra and the cut of her suitcoat. A lot of cleavage is bared in this presentation of her breasts by said bra whether she’s wearing a suitcoat or not, and whether the suitcoat is buttoned or not.

VDR is Victorian dominatrix, of course. A look which screams: “I’m sexually repressed, and I want to hurt you!!!” which is the tease with sufficient sizzle, of course.

In deviation from their express agreement. In place of her Parts, she’s wearing her flesh-colored thong panties again. But. When she and Frau Schmidt fuck, she wears her Parts. And. She still wears her Parts when she’s stored in the central alcove. Additionally, she now also wears her foreskinz when she fucks Frau Schmidt and when she’s stored in the central alcove. The Parts still fuse seamlessly to her nethers and her foreskinz likewise fuse seamlessly to her upper limbs when she’s stored in the central alcove, and they cease to be fused to her body when she reverts back to being Mondo after emerging from the central alcove as Seven.

“Wisely. You’ve stopped experimenting on me, because of my sobriety.”

Frau Schmidt doesn’t waste time denying her unsolicited coercion of the girl—i.e., she doesn’t bother denying wacking the girl without prior consent, let alone for nefarious reasons.

“Yes. I have.”

“I think that you should unwisely decide to resume wacking me.”


“Figure it out, yourself, oh greatest detective of Mars.”

“Give me a clue. Just one.”

“These days when I emerge from the central alcove after reassembly, I am no longer the mindless drone with geriatric hair. Maybe. Just maybe. I should be forced by you to be that mindless drone again with geriatric hair, Borg designation Seven, who is the doppelganger of that mindless Section 9 Kum portrayed by Anne Hathaway in Ghost in the Shell.”

“You feed on me. Then, you store yourself in the central alcove.”

“Go on. You’re almost there.

“I’d exploit your wearing of the Parts and the foreskinz while you’re stored in the central alcove?”

“I knew you had it in you.”

“That idea is crackers.”

“Just saying. But. It is your call.”

After a long pause, Frau Schmidt asks: “Maybe it would end your sobriety?”

“Maybe. Or. Maybe I’m just being a sick prick tease who gets her rocks off by getting shitfaced and really fucked up.”

That’s when Frau Schmidt realizes just how far Mondo craves to take this.

“You want me to break you?”

“I’d be wack for sure, then.”

“Wack, my ass. You’d be a ghost in the machine.”

That’s when Frau Schmidt realizes just how wack this girl already is. And. The very notion of it, this glimpse at the girl’s near-bottomless depravity. Makes Frau Schmidt literally wet. Hidden by the table, her Parts bulge her skirt as she has an erection. Unable to suppress her own public depravity, she cums and she jisms. Her skirt pushes itself to clean her up in a timely fashion.

Presented with Mondo as a broken Seven to degrade and subjugate. A robot who would have a bottomless depravity. Frau Schmidt is beside herself. And. When that broken girl reverts to Mondo, that robot girl would again be pressed to abide by their original agreement and wear Parts for the duration.

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Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — 5 Simple Steps to Greater Work-Life Balance

Tuesday Tip

work-life balance

5 Simple Steps to Greater Work-Life Balance

Everyone seems to be talking about the health of the country’s economy. And everyone seems to have a theory as to what is causing our economic problems.

I won’t waste your time giving you my theory. But I do know this — your stress and your unhealthy habits not only may be killing you, they may also be hurting your company.

Ron Goetzel, vice president of the Medstat Group, a health information company, found that our nation spends 25% of its total health care tab on medical care for unhealthy habits. That’s hundreds of billions of dollars each year.  Wow!!!

To get more specific, Goetzel studied 46,000 employees, from six different companies, for six years. He found out that the unhealthy habits of these employees cost their employers millions and millions of dollars a year. The sad thing was that all of those costs were unnecessary because all of the habits were changeable.

In a sense, training your employees to get rid of their unhealthy habits and get rid of their stress may be one of the best investments your company can make. There’s almost an immediate return on investment. That’s why, Take This Job and Love It! Keeping Your Balance in a Stressed-Out World, is one of my most-requested keynotes.

What about you? Are you as healthy as you could be? Are you doing everything you can to maximize your health and wellness? Do you have all the work-life balance you would like to have?

Don’t be like the person who said, “I finally got my head together. Now my body is falling apart.”

As you can tell, this topic of healthy work-life balance is one about which I’m quite passionate. I was severely disabled some 30 years ago, with some doctors predicting my future would be a wheelchair. I learned that many of my health problems were coming from my unhealthy habits, but I chose to change them. And I’ve enjoyed incredible health ever since.

Certainly, we all have to deal with genetics, accidents, and other factors over which we have no control. But if you will do the following five things to get rid of your unhealthy habits, your future will be phenomenal.

1. Don’t Fool Yourself.

Don’t delude yourself, thinking that you’ll soon be back to normal. You won’t be — if you keep your unhealthy habits. Don Marquis says, “Middle age is the time when a man is always thinking that in a week or two he will feel just as good as ever.”

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your less-than-stellar health just happened.  Dr. Paul Tournier said, “Most illnesses do not, as is generally thought, come like a bolt out of the blue. The ground is prepared for years through faulty diet, intemperance, overwork, and moral conflicts, slowly eroding the subject’s vitality.”

Instead of trying to fool yourself, instead of pretending you don’t have some unhealthy habits, try proper defiance instead.  As Professor Norman Cousins wrote, “Don’t defy the diagnosis; try to defy the verdict.”

2. Overcome Work-Life Inertia.

In other words, you must overcome laziness.

Unfortunately, it’s easier to keep up your unhealthy habits than change them.

But that’s pure craziness, because deep down you don’t want a life of mediocre health.  You don’t like being sick or sick and tired.  And you don’t enjoy pain and suffering.

You want to be healthy.

Yet you may not be living the healthy life you know you should. You may eat too much; you may exercise too little, and you may know you have some self-destructive habits.

I implore you.  Don’t be like so many people who are slowly killing themselves and doing nothing about it. Don’t be stuck with inertia, as so many are.

You’ve got to overcome it.  And you start when you…

3. Visualize Health.

Take a few moments every once in a while to picture yourself as whole, healthy, and well, whether or not you are. You might even repeat an affirmation to yourself, something like: “I am filled with energy, vitality, and health.”

What you are doing is laying the groundwork for good health, because your life is strongly influenced by your thoughts.

If you dwell on how badly you feel,  you will make yourself sick, even if you’re not. And if you focus on how tired you are, you’ll get more tired.

When you think thoughts of health, however, it goes a long way towards being healthier. When you think energy, you will have more energy. All of this affects your work-life balance.

Almost every day, at one of my programs, someone will ask me about my energy level. They wonder how I keep it up, day after day, year after year, despite my heavy travel schedule. The answer is simple. I don’t think about how tired I “should” feel or how much jet lag I “should” have. I never get jet lag, because I just don’t think about it.

Are your thoughts leading you towards health or towards illness?

Two sisters went Christmas shopping together. One said, “Isn’t it fun? The crowds in the street, the throngs in the stores, and all the new things that are on display. I love to watch people as they shop.”

The other sister remarked, “The crowds drive me crazy! You can hardly move there are so many people. Things are overpriced and all they’re selling is junk. I’m tired, and my feet hurt.”

The next day, the first sister felt fine. The other one went back to bed with a headache. I wonder how much their thoughts contributed to their outcomes.

And then to have healthier work-life balance…

4. Make Conscious Choices.

Every day you make dozens of decisions that affect your health, and ultimately affect your work-life balance. Those decisions will build you up or tear you down.

Unfortunately, most of those decisions are so subtle that you don’t make them consciously. You may not even stop to think whether the food you are putting in your mouth is adding to or subtracting from your health.

You need to get off autopilot and make conscious choices. Take exercise, for example. Instead of just getting on the elevator, you may need … sometimes … to choose to walk up the stairs. You need to consciously choose what will add to your health.

Of course, some people think this conscious choosing will kill all the fun in life. It’s like the doctor who gave his patient the results of his annual physical. He said, “There’s no reason why you can’t live a completely normal life as long as you don’t try to enjoy it.” Or as comedian Johnny Carson said, “I know a man who gave up smoking, drinking, sex, and rich food. He was healthy right up to the time he killed himself.”

That’s not my point at all. Good choices don’t have to kill all the fun in life. I’m simply saying you can have more health if you consciously choose healthy behaviors more often. Don’t let your unhealthy habits be in automatic control of your life.

5. Eat Smart.

Research has proven that good foods add to your health and bad foods sicken or fatten you.

I won’t tell you what foods to eat. You already know more about the foods you should and should not eat than you are probably following. I’m just writing to encourage you to eat smart.

Two of the benefits you’ll get are proper weight and a longer life. The research is very clear. Every bit of excess weight shortens your life.

Perhaps you need to lose weight. I know that’s not easy. I’ve found that the older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight because by then your body and your fat are really good friends. And nothing in the world arouses more false hopes than the first few hours of a diet.

Some people think diets have to be absolutely awful to work. In other words, if it tastes good, spit it out.

No! A diet can be very simple. As one of my audience members said, she just used one simple exercise for losing weight. She just moved her head slowly from side to side when asked if she wanted a second helping.

Final Thought: Health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

Dr. Alan Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip, Issue #880 – 5 Simple Steps to Greater Work-Life Balance

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1960s–June Wilkinson Autographed Photo—Fringe Vest Classic Photo

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1969 Press Photo Actress June Wilkinson

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Stare 1959 Apr Vol 5 No 35 vtg digest Patty Waggin June Wilkinson Humorama GGA

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