Continuum, Chapter 2

The Dreams

Most of the girl’s things are now in base storage, in boxes. She doesn’t wear them anymore. What’s mostly in her closet and dresser, are the things that Babb has picked out and purchased for her. The same severe frumpy unattractive things that severe frumpy unattractive Judith wears.… Read Full Article

THE COMMUTER (2018) | Full Movie Trailer in Full HD | 1080p

A businessman is caught up in a criminal conspiracy during his daily commute home. —————- Cast: Liam Neeson – Michael MacCauley Vera Farmiga – Joanna Patrick Wilson – Alex Murphy Jonathan Banks – Walt Sam Neill – Captain Hawthorne Elizabeth McGovern – Karen MacCauley


The Master Race, Chapter 11

How to make a Barbie doll

“Foolish girl, I take what I do not get willingly given to me.”

The Nosferatu wears the girl like a suit of clothes.

The sword drops from Fisher’s hand. It clatters as it hits the floor.… Read Full Article

A Conversation with H.P. Lovelace, Tuesday January 9, 2018

“So … ‘The Master Race’ is just a rewrite of ‘Glenda’?”

“Basically … Yes. But. With Sam in place of Mondo, and Starfleet replaced by the Bene Gesserits.”

“Plus … You never use the V-word, Vampire, or the W-word, Werewolf, either.”

“That’s true.”

“Is Sam like Mondo?”

“Only in that they are both Undead, and they’re terribly-attractive, slick, homicidal maniacs.… Read Full Article

Dr Zimmerman’s Tuesday Tip — 3 Best Ways to Bring Out the Best in Others

Have you ever noticed people who’ve got a title without any corresponding talent?

Of course you have.  You’ve seen so-called leaders (team leaders, supervisors, managers, directors, vice presidents, etc.) at work, who know almost nothing about leading others.  And you’ve seen people in your neighborhood who are called parents, but they seldom “parent” their kids.… Read Full Article