Month: October 2011

Glenda – “Apocalypse Now, Redux” aka “Doctor Who?” [Part 1]

“So, who is she?”

“Mondo Kane, faerie, retired twenty-something librarian. And sirs … ma’am …”


“There’s a lock on her file …,” pause: “a 011.”

“Why in the fuck would military intelligence have a lock on a civilian’s file?”

“Whose military intelligence?”

“All of them … Everyone’s MI.”

“Which world?”

“Which universe?”

“Everyone’s MI on every world in every universe known, including ours.”

“I suppose that she’s connected?”

“Tight as a nun’s knickers.”

Riker is the only one who cracks a smile.… Read Full Article

Rise: Blood Hunter – Lucy Liu [Getting even For getting Made]



A woman who joins the undead against her will seeks vengeance against the ghouls who transformed her in this thriller. Sadie Blake (Lucy Liu) is a journalist who becomes acquainted with a group of beautiful but doomstruck partiers while following a story, led by the charismatic Bishop (James D’Arcy).… Read Full Article

Dame Tress-Macneille Chillingsworth as stand-in for actress Mimi Rogers, from Showtime’s “Full Body Massage” – [from our classic nude series]

MIMI ROGERS V-9, Busty Pinup, 8x10 Photo

Decades later, she [as the off-again-on-again thespian] resurfaces theatrically [in Showtime’s “Full Body Massage” among others] doubling for actress Mimi Rogers. It remains the Vampire’s public self [her favored/favorite “pretense”, so to speak], and her dearest “hobby”, to this very day.… Read Full Article