Star Wars Vader Dark Visions #3 (of 5) Putri variant

Publisher’s summary

THE STAR-CROSSED LOVER! DARTH VADER, a name that strikes fear in the hearts of countless across the galaxy…but there is one lonely heart that beats just for him. What is it like to be in love with LORD VADER? And what fate will befall one who is infatuated with the tall, dark mystery behind the mask?

Plot summary

Lambda-class T-4a shuttle lands within the battlestation known as the Death Star. Various officers and troopers line up as they expect the shuttle’s passenger, Darth Vader, to enter at any point. The Dark Lord of the Sith walks down the line of Imperials as a nurse peaks through to catch a look of Lord Vader.

The nurse is quickly grabbed and thrown back into the hallyway she came from by her superior, a doctor, and is order to go back to the supply closet, where she was supposed to go. The nurse grumbles to herself as she goes about picking up the various supplies needed for the upcoming medical procedure. She gets distracted as she sees Lord Vader walk down the corridor and accidentally bumps the cart carrying the supplied into the doorframe. The nurse falls over and slams into the wall behind her but the Sith Lord simply walks on by.

The nurse daydreams of a life with Lord Vader, getting more and more obsessed with the man as the minutes tick by. She feels she knows him more than the doctor, more than anyone. She snaps out of it and hurries to the procedure room. She opens the door and starts talking about the low supply of capacitors before realising Lord Vader is already in the room. The Doctor quickly puts the Sith Lord’s helmet back on as he shouts at the nurse to get out. Vader reacts by throwing the doctor across the room with the Force and the nurse interprets this as Lord Vader protecting her from the doctor, even though it was entirely her fault.

After the procedure, the doctor apologies for the long time taken as Vader puts his cape back on. The doctor then instructs the nurse to clean up the room whilst he is out. She does as she is instructed, but keeps a small bit of the clutter that she adds to a growing collection of odd bits and pieces from procedures involving Lord Vader, including a vial of his blood.

Later on, Lord Vader arrives back in the hanger as his personal TIE fighter is alight. He quickly ignores the officer that has been sent to inquire is everything is alright and moves towards the doctor’s office. Lord Vader is met with the nurse who he asks to get the doctor. The nurse sets a few things up in the procedure room before the doctor comes into the room, apologizing for the nurse not alerting him earlier. The doctor rushes the nurse out of the room and she daydreams again about the Dark Lord needing her help.

Lord Vader leaves the procedure room quickly, against the doctor’s wishes, noting that he is needed on the battlefield. The doctor orders the nurse to clean the procedure room thoroughly and the nurse proceeds before realizing that Lord Vader had left his cape behind. The nurse interprets this as a sign of his affection for her and takes the cape with her. She walks around the room, daydreaming of her dancing with the Sith Lord but is interrupted out of the daydream soon by the doctor.

The doctor discovers her with the cape and takes it off her, claiming that she must have a death wish to steal from Lord Vader. The doctor then notices the nurse’s box of things she has collected from Lord Vader and grabs it along with the cape. He throws the collection into a garbage shoot, warning of the consequences if Lord Vader should find out. The nurse panics and rushes to the trash compactor and sifts through the rancid waters, trying and failing to find her treasures. She daydreams again, this time about force choking the doctor in anger.

The nurse, now determined, walks over to Vader’s meditation chamber and walks right in. Within the chamber, the life support pod is open and the nurse sees Lord Vader with his helmet off. The nurse starts to profess her love and adoration for the Sith Lord, continually talking about how much she knows him. Unexpectedly for the nurse, she is impaled by Vader’s lightsaber. Vader places his helmet back onto his head and contacts the bridge. He instructs someone to remove the body from the chamber, calling it garbage.

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SJWs Forgot Darth Vader is a Villain

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