Dragon Tales

“As a Race, Dragons are the second oldest of God’s Children. As a Race, they are not possessed of the extreme malevolence and unbridled spite of The Nameless Ones. And. They are not inclined to be genocidal racists like the demons. Time and time again, they have proven themselves to be the most enlighten of supernatural beings. Therefore, it is unfathomable and unconscionable that they would so openly and strongly encourage the Martian colonies of Earth to: secede from our terrestrial sponsorship and embark on an ill thought endeavor of self-determination which can only result in another bloody interstellar civil war. It is a war which the colonists will surely lose.”

—President Abraham Lincoln, an excerpt from his “Gettysburg Address” speech in December 1936 before the League of Nations meeting which was convened to officially abjure the Citizenry for its rejection of the revisions proposed by the LoN Security Council to the Martian Armistice of 1909.

Boeing’s Lightening-class, heavy cruiser

Boeing’s Lightening-class, heavy cruiser of the type used by Earth Force, the military arm of the League of Nations, during the first two Martian Race Wars as its main capital ship.

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