Month: January 2018

The Master Race, Chapter 14

Onward, Duplicitous Bastards

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

—Alexander Hamilton in 1978 (from Sucker Punch)—


Sam sits smugly in the magistrate’s office glaring at him with ravenous eyes. To his credit, he doesn’t budge an inch.… Read Full Article

4 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Admitted To A Psych Ward

By Abby Heugel, Blogger

The 1st rule of Mental Hospital Club is nobody feels comfortable asking about Mental Hospital Club.

People tend to think that what they see in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest — padded walls, straight jackets handed out like electric shock treatments — is what it’s like being in a psych ward, but in reality, the two psychiatric hospitals I’ve been in for depression, OCD and an eating disorder have been much less exciting than that.… Read Full Article

Specter 3-Point Tactical Sling

Jon Kruger, President and Owner of Anvil Arms, LLC in Lakeland, Florida, demonstrates the proper use and functionality of the Specter 3-Point Tactical Sling for the AR15 Class Rifle. For purchases, contact Jon Kruger at… Read Full Article

Carver 2: No One, Chapter 1

A Star is Born!

At the end of Craver (2008), Billy Hall Carver laments the fact that his star and kin, Bobby Shaw Carver, has been killed by one of the victims of their snuff film. Then he hears loud sounds coming from behind him.… Read Full Article