A&B: accepted combat behavior.

acid-dipped: bright honey blonde hair.

ADF (American Defense Force): collective name for both branches of the United States military.

AH (After Humanity): the age after humanity and The Light. The never ending night [The Endless Night].

American Imperium: collectively refers to all of the outer space colonies of the United States of America, both Governmental and privately-owned, the quasi-military-style bureaucracy that oversees them, and the Caesar/Augustine who presides over said bureaucracy.

Antediluvian: a member of the secret society of anarchist Grendels, which was founded by Paxton Quigley and Harold Hooper.

anti-armor: any member of the family of so-called “inhumane” armor piercing anti-personnel rounds which breeches armor by punching through it via either an implosive (IAA) or an explosive (EAA) “pin head” detonation (since these rounds are hardened, they can also be used quite effectively against ghosts).

anti-personnel: non-armor piercing, anti-personnel ordnance.

AO: area of operations (which is the same as the KZ in the case of an assassin).

AOM: avenue-of-mortality.

AOR: Articles of Redemption.

AP: anti-personnel ammunition.

APC: armored personnel carrier.

Arcanum: “special” talent(s), for example, ghosting or spooking, which may or may not be a racial.

AR: assault rifle.

Army (also Regular Army or Regular): collective name for the terrestrial military units of the American Defense Force (when army is capitalized, it always refers to the U.S. army).

ASA: Army Security Agency.

Associate: Goon, of either gender, who is a member of organized crime and isn’t a full-blooded Goon.

ATGM: proprietary name for anti-tank grenade/missile-loader.

atm: anti-corporeal effect resulting from a blue-ghosted Vampire touching animate matter which is not of another faerie.

auds: automated defenses.

Augustine: female Caesar of the American Imperium, who always is a former Commandant or Supreme Commandant of the Marine Corps.

A10AR: Armed-Forces Assault Rifle, caliber 10mm (the Armed-Forces designation indicates that it’s designed for military use and it utilizes a caseless-cartridge). It is mated to the blasphemy of an under barrel XM20 [20mm] mini grenade launcher [there are firearms, and then there are firearms]. A Razorback can fire 10mm IAA or 20mm anti-Tank grenades, or fire both munitions at the same time with the pull of a single trigger.

A10MP: Armed-Forces Machine Pistol, caliber 10mm (the Armed-Forces designation indicates that it’s designed for military use and it utilizes a caseless-cartridge). It is mated to the blasphemy of an under barrel XM20 [20mm] mini grenade launcher [there are firearms, and then there are firearms]. A Hog can fire 10mm IAA or 20mm anti-Tank grenades, or fire both munitions at the same time with the pull of a single trigger.

Bacchus: Goth female who specializes in being the consort of a white female.

balcony: French for breast (i.e. balcony cleavage).

BAP: Browning automatic pistol.

BAR: Browning assault rifle.

Barber-Holtz: mortal-Infernal comparison scale.

BFG: big fuckin’ gun.

BFR: big fuckin’ revolver.

BH: the age before humanity and The Light

big bass: a large mouth (a compliment for obvious reasons).

bikkers: so-called “bondage style” hot pants (needless to say, they’re quite scandalous). Wearing the brief legs of said shorts, uncuffed, converts them into so-called “boy leg” bike shorts.

Black: Black MAX.

Bloodhound (also Weren or Demonwolf): Werewolf.

bloodied: 1. refers to a Lector who has killed prey on a hunt before. 2. the opposite of unbloodied.

boned-china: refers to china dining plates made from human bone which have been specially treated to enhance the favor and succulence of ambrosia.

boy-leg briefs: bikkers.

brain-dead: zombie or zombie like.

British Colonial Service: the BCS is the colonial branch of the Royal Marines.

broach its sails (also broach or surface): when used in context with a subroc, military jargon for entering real space/time. (on a military vessel, three blows of the klaxon herald this event).

buda (also fatigues): BDUs (Battle Dress Utilities).

BUD/S (also BUDS): rigorous screening process which was originally developed by, and for, the SEALs, which was later adopted by Catholic TAZ teams (jokingly called, “basic” understanding of disciplined sado-masochism, by those subjected to it).

bull: any police officer.

bulldyke (also Bulldike): derogatory term for a female cop or a lesbian.

bus: an APC.

bushy: a woman’s pubic hair.

Caesar: male Augustine of the American Imperium, who is always a former Commandant or Supreme Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Caller: someone uses a phone to Jump.

CAM (also referred to as an “extended” capacity magazine): “special” finite ammunition magazine, which utilizes spatial displacement to increase its round capacity.

canines: incisors.

carnifex: Middle Language for torturer, especially torturer of the Citadel.

casuals: refers to any informal-style of shooting footwear (i.e. clogs).

CCP: open-top concealed carry paddle-holster.

CCW: any weapon, usually refers to a handgun, though, which is specifically designed for concealed carry (i.e. a mini-Glock).

chain-mail: military-style MAX.

chosen: a lurid’s first student.

Church Examiner: Papal leg-breaker.

CI: Counter Intelligence.

CIA: Central Intelligence Agency.

CID (Criminal Investigation Department): department containing the detectives of the Military Police.

CIDC (Criminal Investigation Department Command): U.S. military command which encompasses the CID and the Military Police.

clam: a woman’s thigh.

clamshell: a clamshell-style holster.

clear-coat: refers to the see-thru (transparent) mode of MAX.

clear-skin: refers to the see-thru (transparent) mode of vampiir.

clearly bond-ish abomination: a faerie whose infernal soul was once bound to a human corpus.

Clergy: when clergy is capitalized, it always refers to a Catholic priest or nun.

CMC: a Commandant of the United States Colonial Marine Corps.

CNS (central nervous system): the brain and the spinal cord.

CO: commanding officer.

COC: Commandant of the United States Colonial Marine Corps Commandants (same as SCMC).

Cock Sucker: a term of endearment, often used by Weren, when referring to Nosferatu.

collateral: a slave’s second lurid.

Colonial (also Colonial Marine or Marine): member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps.

Commandant: when commandant is capitalized, it always refers to the senior military officer who presides over all of the USCMC units in a designated sector of outer space.

corporate (also corporate marine): a marine of the paramilitary security force of a corporation.

CQB (close quarters battle): close-in fighting involving weapons, the contemporary iteration of which involves so-called small arms.

CQC (close quarters combat): so-called hand-to-hand fighting, the oldest known example of which is Sabu.

creamy-whites (also creamy whites, lily-whites, or lily whites): 1. a woman’s smooth, unblemished, nice looking thighs. 2. primo thighs on a woman.

crotcher: 1. crotch tattoo. 2. cigarette purse that’s worn on a low-riders.

Cursed: Crone revenant.

C10SP: Civilian-purposed 10mm Semiautomatic Pistol (the Civilian-purposed designation indicates that it’s designed for civilian use and it utilizes a caseless-cartridge).

Daemon: First Language proper for a devil.

Daemone: female Daemon.

daggerous: fingernails that are long, straight, and keen-tipped like the rapiers of a bird of prey.

dandy: a female suitor possessing the most admirable characteristics of their would-be spouse’s moonglow.

Darque (from First Language, pronounced dark, whose modern vernacular is Dark): a Dark Elf.

dart: caseless ordnance.

dartgun: any MPP that uses caseless ordnance.

dc-t (deep cover team): Soviet marine equivalent of a Marine kill team.

dead, death, etc: for faerie, there’s dead, and then there’s dead as in, destroyed, not rising from the dead; context, is everything.

debutante: a female close-copy.

demon-whore: a succubus.

demonwolf: refer to Bloodhound.

Delta Force: 1. anti-terrorist unit of the U.S. Army. 2. First Special Forces Operating Detachment, whose initial commander was Colonel Charles “Charlie” Beckwith.

Der Fuhrer: 1. Adolf Hitler. 2. the first Fuhrer of the Nazi Party.

deomonic (from the First Language): that which makes a faerie look more demonic and less human.

DML: Destroy-Me Listing.

DoD: United States Department of Defense.

dominique: a spell-based chastity device commonly used by married Nazi females, the virtual stitches of which are there when she wants them to be and they’re not there when she doesn’t (husband can cipher if, when, and under what circumstances, the stitches were “removed”).

down-south: below the waist.

Dune: Black Hole planet which is the liege-world of the Jewish Empire. It is the largest planet in God’s Creation.

DZ: drop zone.

EAA: 1. explosive-tipped anti-armor ordnance. 2. Anti-Armor ordnance which employs the so-called “traditional” shell casing.

Eaton (from the Middle Testament’s Book of Darque Genesis): 1. Garden of Most Perfect and Sublime Agonies. 2. the faerie Eden. 3. anything that bespeaks of the Eternally Forbidden Delights of Eden.

EFX: 1. open finger style cutlery gloves which are commonly known as “grannies.” 2. gloves which are the edged-weapon equivalent of SPFX “shooting” gloves (unlike SPFXs, though, EFXs only expose the tips (distal phalanges) of the fingers).

electric blanket: British slang for a dildo.

Embrace: the extending of kinship by a faerie to either a mortal or another faerie.

EMP (electromagnetic pulse): a by-product of nuclear explosions and, to a lesser or greater extent, all tachyon-based technology.

Eva (pronounced Ayffa in First Language proper): Biblical wife of Pimm, who as Eve, was also the Biblical wife of Adam.

FAM: 1. “ordinary” finite ammunition magazine. 2. any magazine that’s not an ammunition replicator.

Fastex: Kevlar hexed “ballistic” Velcro fasteners.

fast-forward: hyperactive undriven state (sound familiar?).

fast-mover: 1. military jargon for a jet plane. 2. fly for someone who’s in fast-forward or overdrive.

Fast-Scan: the most popular brand of Scan for handguns.

father by-Embrace: male faerie that provides the “whispered faerie tales.”

Fetid People: Weren slang for Vampire.

Filler: DNA derived from faerie folk with no living relatives.

First: the first full moon of a new year.

First Language: language spoken before the fall of the Tower of Babel.

fish: refers to a torpedo.

fish-bowl: transparent bubble-helmet of a type used with the upper-end Panzer models.

for go: mortal combat.

for show: torture.

formals: refers to any shooting footwear made in the style of a dress shoe (i.e. spike-heel pumps).

Fourth Reich: post-Hitler Nazi Party (the Party was founded by Hitler over a thousand years ago).

FPO: Federal Police Officer (i.e. FBI Agent, ATF Agent, etc).

frag-phobic: military euphemism for a junior officer’s aversion to having fragmentation grenades used against them by their very own crew in direct response to ineptitude, or blatant stupidity, on said officer’s part which endangers said officer’s crew.

fricatrice: 1. First Language for whore. 2. in the Bible, what God called Eva when she copulated with Pimm, to produce the first of the faerie races, the Firsts, without God’s permission.

FSX: military-purposed footwear with a civilian-purposed look.

FTL (faster-than-light): a velocity faster than that of light.

fundamental: a so-called “base” magical spell.

G-109: 9th gunboat of the 1st Legion.

gam (also stem or pin): a person’s leg.

gee: money.

Geezil: ‘hood slang for Gina.

Geisha: female sandman whose primary contract holder is a Lost Ancient.

GEN: generation, for example, GEN1 is 1st generation.

GEN1 Stonerman: shootist who prefers to use a 1st generation Stoner “light” machine gun.

ghoul: when literally translated from the First Language means, an “unfinished” Darque.

Gibson: radar/sonar that’s capable of tracking objects in hyperspace, subspace, and normal space.

Goon: Ogre, Hulk, Troll.

got all her fixings: a single, unattached, adult female.

GO (general officer): any officer in the military above the rank of colonel.

Goth: a Vampiric “look” achieved by Mundane, using cosmetics, body piercing, tattoos, etc.

GPMG (General Purpose Machine Gun or Medium M): a general purpose machine gun, which is usually a .50 caliber.

grandy: ‘hood slang (i.e. jive) for grandaunt.

greener: redneck who is a Goon or Goon-blooded (i.e. Groll).

GUI (pronounced gooey): strapless combat-trained bandeau.

gumbie: a slur for extraterrestrial.

Gunboat Factory: The Boeing Company’s Electric Boat Works.

haematidrosis: continuous capillary bleeding, usually resulting from being deep scanned (Touched).

Hard (also plastic-steel): plasticine.

hard nubile flesh: Aryan slang for a young adult faerie in their first iteration.

hard target: combatant.

harness bull: a uniformed police officer.

Harpoon: refers to a torpedo.

HFI: healing factor inhibitor.

Hoax: a modem, a short-range DOOR for sight-to-sight teleportation, or any barrier spell, with the appearance of a “physical” door, which is used to gain ingress to, and egress from, a hardened area.

homie (also hoodie): slang for a faerie who is a Martian redneck.

hook’r (also hooker): a member of the faerie warrior caste whose “killing ways” are of the highest level of proficiency.

hooker: 1. prostitute. 2. a member of the faerie warrior caste whose “killing ways” are of the highest level of proficiency.

IAA (implosive-tipped anti-armor ordnance): Anti-Armor ordnance, which utilizes the “modern” caseless configuration, and thus foregoes employing the “traditional” shell casing, because the bullet for caseless ordnance cannot be explosive-tipped, or be larger than a 10mm [.41 magnum] caliber, the bullets are based on an extreme version of the “Black Talon” model to maximize stopping power, and by utilizing caseless ammo, a weapon can achieve higher cycling rates and is jam-proof.

IAM (infinite ammunition magazine): any magazine that is an ammunition replicator.

IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association): founded by Bill Wilson, Ken Hackathorn, John Sayle, Dick Thomas, Larry Vickers, and Walt Rauch, this defensive handgun shooting association holds sanctioned events which involve handgunners testing their mettle on real-world-oriented personal handgun courses where tactical approaches must be employed (sound familiar?), the handguns must be Class C (civilian-purposed) factory-directs with minimum customizations, the revolvers, which can be SA (single action) or DA (double action) or SA/DA, are limited to six rounds even if the wheelgun comes from the factory with a high-capacity (seven or eight round) cylinder, the auto-loaders must be semi-autos employing FAMs with either an eight or a ten round capacity (depending on the division), the use of CAMs and so-called “performance” revolvers and “ghost handing” are expressly forbidden, and the “game” rigs must be single holster streetable carry rigs, which have their holsters and spare ammo carriers at, or behind, the shooter’s hip).

Imperium: the stellar Republic which evolved, in the 21st Century, from the merging of the United States of America and the American Imperium (a merger, decreed by the so-called “Imperium Amendment” to the Constitution, which heralded the first “Golden Age” of America).

Incubus: male “fallen” angel (plural is incubi).

infidel: 1. a being without a soul (i.e. an extra-terrestrial). 2. slur for a non-Catholic. 3. racial slur for a human.

intel: intelligence brief.

interested parties: term of faerie endearment for kinfolk.

IPSC (International Practical Shooting Association): originally, this defensive handgun shooting association held sanctioned events which involved handgunners testing their mettle on real-world-oriented personal handgun courses where tactical approaches had to be employed, but it’s evolved into a very demanding shooting sport where to place, let alone win, the handgunner must employ either highly specialized DA semi-autos, utilizing CAMs and Scan sights, or highly specialized DA “performance” revolvers, utilizing seven or eight round cylinders, full moon clips, and Scan sights, additionally, the wheelgunners must be expect-level third-handers to be competitive, and the “game” rigs are double holster carries which look more like orthopedic devices than streetable carries (the IDPA was founded in direct reaction to the IPSC’s 180 degree deviation from its roots).

IUP: 1. The Name of God in the First Language; the Language that God and the demons conversed in, BH. 2. The name of the first book in The Endless Night trilogy.

Ivory Priesthood: Weren sect of Catholic priests.

Jaco: Jump coordinate.

Jafar: a fighter schooled in sabu (the faerie-style of CQC).

Jew: faerie who is a member of the Jewish Faith (Grendel were the first practitioners of Judaism).

JO (junior officer): third in the chain of command, behind the CO and the XO.

journeyman (also novice): a member of the faerie warrior caste, whose “killing ways” are of the

lowest level of proficiency.

Judaism: 1. the Jewish Faith. 2. a Zealot sect which is the oldest incarnation of Catholicism. 3. the

First Coptic Church; the Second Coptic Church is Islam.

KIA: killed in action.

Ki-t: kill team.

kind: refers to either the subspecies of a species or the species itself (i.e. Troll are a subspecies of the Homo Resurrectus species).

KKK: a standard kill-kit with a kinky variation.

klaive: First Language for arcanum (i.e. ghosting or spooking).

klaw: hands that are claw-like, in appearance and grasp, like the taloned feet of a bird of prey.

KML: Kill-Me Listing.

kosher-phobe: think, “purple people eater minus the purple color.”

kunt: surgical gold ring, used in body piercing.

kuppa: covert-ops slang for kidnap victim.

KZ: kill zone.

lava-lava: towel.

LAAW (light anti-armor weapon): an anti-tank guided missile.

Lcpl: lance corporal.

LEO (law enforcement officer): federal, local, or state police officer.

liege-world: 1. planet which a monarch designates as their “permanent” residence. 2. by tradition and accepted royal convention, any world where the throne of an empire resides.

Light (also light armor): body armor (i.e. MAX).

limited-gun: No-Scan, no-CAM, finite-ammunition, uncompensated gun, using “modern” cased or caseless munitions.

little girl: a woman’s clitoris.

LMG: light machine gun.

long lash: a long facile tongue (a compliment for the obvious reasons).

long-neck-bottle (also LNB): Mundane slur for a faerie, which is the equivalent of a faerie calling a human, fluffy (LNB is derived from the Humanist belief that faerie are soulless, animate corpses, who exist only to drink human blood).

lurid (first described in the Middle Testament): a female teacher of a way, who is always faerie.

LZ: landing zone.

M/Sgt: master sergeant.

major implants: female breasts, which are C-cup or larger in size.

made (slang usages): 1. faerie produced by an embrace. 2. full-blooded Goon, of either gender, who is a member of Organized Crime and who has survived the rite of Moribund.

MADD: mutual assured destruction doctrine.

Made Guy (also Made): full-blooded Goon, of either gender, who is a member of Organized Crime and who has survived the rite of Moribund.

Made-Mobster: Goon, or Goon-blooded person, who is a member of Organized Crime.

Mafia (also Mob): Organized Crime (to be part of the Mob you must be either a full-blooded Goon or have Goon blood).

MaG: master gunnery sergeant.

Marine: when marine is capitalized, it always refers to a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps.

MC: Middle-Class.

MG: machine gun.

MIA: missing in action.

micro-critter: nanomachine of in-vivo or in-vitro origin.

Middle Testament: the largest and oldest part of The Bible. Why Middle? Because it describes

ROE for demons during the period [middle] age [the age of humanity] the age which bridges BH [before humanity] and AH [after humanity]. The Old and New Testament relate to the age of humanity, of course; therefore the Middle Testament is much older than the Old Testament.

Military: when military is capitalized, it always refers to U.S. military.

Mimic (also Shape-Shifter): Changeling.

Minerva: 1st Legion of the Corps (so-called First Contact Legion).

mitt (also ham): a hand.

MOE: magically opposed environment.

monomachy: duel of honor which is usually a fight to the death.

Moonglow: Old Language for beloved faerie mother.

MP: refers to either a machine pistol or the Military Police.

MPP (also blaster, driver, slug thrower, or small-arms mass driver): military jargon for any hand-held, gunpowder-based, projectile weapon, which fires a small arms projectile at overdriven velocities. MPP are monolithic [therefore, they can not be assimilated or reverse engineered]. The preeminent firearm for millennia until the advent of the Tessmacher; finally, there’s a choice. MPPs were the first of the so-called god killers. – “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

muffy at the drags: mortal who’s gone Goth and a-whoring.

Mundane: human, mortal, human being.

Mundane-ish oddity: a faerie with Mundane affectations.

M11TC: Military-purposed Tactical Carbine, caliber 11mm (the Military-purposed designation indicates that it’s designed for military use and it utilizes a cased-cartridge).

nanite: Old Language for an in-vivo nanomachine.

nanoprobe: 1. in-vitro nanite. 2. organic nanomachine of in-vitro origin.

nanobyte: modern vernacular (contemporary usage) for a nanite.

narrow through the fundament: slim hips.

Natalie Wood: 1. name of an actress. 2. “dead from an act of violence.”

nautilus: Old Language for violent pleasure.

New York reload: 1. LEO slang for second gun option. 2. backup piece.

Newbie: a newly Saved.

NOS: gun that doesn’t employ Scan (a so-called “dumb” gun).

nostradamus (also Cherokee-bra, sport top, or, from the First Language, a belt of submission): molded halter top with a T-back design.

Nylonex: Kevlar hexed “ballistic” nylon.

OHWS (offensive handgun weapon system): military terminology for an offensive pistol.

OIC: officer in charge.

old married couple: refers to an experienced kill team.

Painful Way of Consumption: proper name for the extremist version of the Way of Pain.

paint: military slang for tracking a target.

PAS: personal armor system.

past-pub (also post-pub): Middle Language for an adult faerie (spelled pub, but pronounced pube).

PDW (personal defense weapon): military terminology for a defensive pistol.

pencil-thins (also spaghetti straps): narrow bra straps.

petti domestic: fight involving only mortals.

philia: Middle Language for why a soldier willingly gives his/her life in battle (it’s not for country or glory, but for his/her comrades).

plumage (also hairdo or mane): the hair on a person’s head.

pito: a tongue that’s long, forked, and facile, and thus snake-like.

plasticine (also hard): plasti-steel (plastic stainless steel).

pointe (pronounced: point): long [as in elongated], pointed, enclosed toe of a shoe.

pop tunes: refers to detailed assassination instructions.

POR: position of respect.

possibles: Middle Language slang for any type of armament-purse.

power broach: full-power broach.

pre-pub: Middle Language for a faerie child (spelled pub, but pronounced pube).

pretense: Middle Language for that which makes a faerie look less demonic and more human.

pretender: a “pretending” faerie (Biblically defined as, “someone of the Demon, who has assumed the guise of human kind.”

prime: a slave’s first lurid.

primus: Biblical for faerie.

provocateurs: hip-hugger style leggings.

PVC (also called glue-ons): brand of MAX that’s rubber-smooth and devoid of any stitching.

Queen’s Language (also Queen’s English): Her Majesty’s approved version of the modern vernacular.

quick swipe: retina scan.

Racial: a talent specific to a faerie race.

rag-a-muffin stew: stew made from homeless human kids.

raggedy-amos: jagged, klaw, Rasputin, and pito (a popular male deomonic).

raggedy-ann: jagged, klaw, Rasputin, and pito (a popular female deomonic).

Ranger (also U.S. Airborne Ranger or Airborne Ranger): a member of Delta Force.

raptor: an endearment (from the Old Language) for beloved faerie daughter.

Recondo School: recon and commando school, where post-graduate level courses are taught at the Army’s Armored Cavalry College (this school, which was established by General Westmoreland, teaches advanced warfare techniques based on his experiences with the, now decommissioned, 101st Airborne).

re-create: produce by-embrace.

Red Guard: the elite ultra-Marxist army units of the People’s Republic of China.

rekall: as in, total recall.

REMF (Rear Echelon Mother Fucker): a warrior with the skills of a novice (derogatory term when applied to a “seasoned” warrior).

revenants (also lesser demon): ghouls, zombies, Cursed, etc.

ridin’ d’at broomstick: spooking, especially when a Witch is involved.

Ricers: Hobgoblins and their close kin the Goblins; collectively known as 456.

rite of Moribund: a “blood” ritual, which only full-blooded Goons are allowed to undertake, which makes the person a made-guy if they survive it.

Rooked: raped and Took.

ROE: da Rules. rules of engagement.

ROR: rite of Redemption.

RPG: rocket-propelled grenade.

rubber: PVC.

SAA: Colt Single Action Army revolver.

sabaretache (also possibles): Old Language for a faerie warrior’s purse.

sabre: refers to a missile or a type of sword.

sabrina: derogatory term for a witch.

Sabu: 1. inhuman-style hand-to-hand fighting. 2. faerie-style submission wrestling.

SaM: sadistic and masochistic.

Scan: an “electronic” sight, which employs “active” target acquisition (targeting information from said holographic sight is transmitted directly into the shooter’s brain).

SCMC (Supreme Commandant of the United States Colonial Marine Corps): same as COC.

SDDF (United States State Department Defense Force): the defense force of the U.S. State Department.

SEAL: a member of SEAL Team 6.

SEAL Team 6: anti-terrorist unit of the U.S. Colonial Marine Corps.

SGM: sergeant major.

Sharps: 50-caliber EAA.

shoot’r: a member of the faerie warrior caste whose “killing ways” are of an intermediate level of proficiency.

Silver Fangs: Lost slang for wealthy Werewolf.

simars: ceremonial lace nightshirts.

SKK: a standard kill-kit.

skulk (from the Old Language, pronounced sulk): hooded knee-length opera cape, which is commonly used by stellar travelers in the present day, especially in the Rim.

skunk-works: Bug farm.

sleeper: refers to an independent security grid.

slicker: refers to an electronic ghillie suit.

SLPD: St. Louis Police Department.

SM: Super Magnum caliber.

SMG: submachine gun.

sneak: refers to any type of sleeve holster.

SO (also Gestapo): the Nazi equivalent of the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America.

SOAP: Single Purpose Synthetic Person = Homunculus, and they cannot be hacked. 🙂

soft target: 1. unarmed civilian. 2. any noncombatant.

So-Sweet (also ichor): the blood of a faerie.

SOP: standard operating procedure.

SPFX: open finger style “shooting” gloves.

Speak the Bard: speak using correct First Language syntax.

Special Armor Piercing (also SAP): any member of the family of so-called “humane” armor piercing ordnance which breeches armor via a teflon-3 coating.

spellbound: made impervious to ghostly penetration.

spiker: spike addict.

spoofing: traveling through subspace to go from here to there in the “real” world.

spooking-in: rematerialization.

spooking-out: dematerialization.

squatt: a gone-native or a Goth squatter.

SSgt (also S/Sgt): Staff Sergeant.

stem: refers to either someone’s neck or a person’s leg.

Stonehenge: any Druid spooking-array.

Stonerman: shootist who prefers to use a Stoner “light” machine gun.

storm trooper (also Sturmabteilung): member of the Nazi militia, founded by Sister Famke Janssen (said militia was first used in World War II).

STOW (Synthetic Theatre of War): virtual reality war games, utilizing state-of-the-art holo (holographic) suites.

strawberry jam: spinal fluid.

stroke: 1. an impact. 2. to attack, especially with a weapon. 3. nanite aided tissue regeneration.

submerge (also dive): when used in context with a subroc, military jargon for leaving real space/time (on a Military vessel, two blows of the klaxon herald this event).

subroc (also subspatial): 1. subspace “rocketship”. 2. any spacecraft that employs an apocalypse technology known as Jump-drive for propulsion.

Succubus (plural is succubi): female “fallen” angel.

suck-n-pay: Mundane slur for a faerie, who pays for companionship, which may or may not involve sex.

Supreme Commandant: 1. when capitalized, always refers to the senior military officer who presides over all of the USCMC commandants and units.  2. the only active-duty Marine permanently stationed on Earth. 3. one of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

sweetmeat (also bugmeat): the meat from any of the numerous Insect species.

tab: a business card.

tactical shoot fighting: 1. full-contact fighting. 2. so-called bare-knuckles fighting.

TAZ (Tactical Shooting): a sport invented by Byzantine Catholics, derived from the Game of Jobb (in the Bible), which was originally used to prepare the Faithful for Jihad.

TBg: The Book of god; the third book in The Endless Night trilogy; it takes place one-million years AH.

TDS (Trooper deployment system): a space folding apparatus, which derives its name from the initials of the person, T. Davenport Simmones, who invented it.

teddy boy: 1. young tough (of either gender) who wears a modified style of Edwardian clothes. 2. a Skinhead with no affiliation to the Church.

Tessmacher: The so-called “death-ray”; a totally unforeseen by-product of darkwerks. The latest addition to the “god killer” family of weapons. A darklight hand-weapon with lethality on par with that of an MPP. There are only two versions; neither of which has obsoleted the small arms MPP. Both versions can configure themselves [depending upon situational needs and/or operator preference] into three configurations: pistol [the default config, of course], rifle, and carbine. And except for one notable exception [that being the addition of a grenade launcher for much needed flexibility], the two versions are cosmetically identical. Tessmachers are monolithic [therefore, they can not be assimilated or reverse engineered] and they employ a Fast-Scan sight. They have flash, burst, continuous, and [so-called] “slicer” beam modes; the modes are Fast-Scan selectable, of course. The Tessy, as it’s affectionately known to its fans, is compressible, so carry options are not limited to conventional holsters and slings. Understandably, most people who pack Tessys don’t opt for the Weirding [of The Borg] preferring to not chance assimilation [to a drone]. Whether it’s a ver 1.0 or ver 2.0, this diabolically evil hand-held discharges a “beam” of coherent anti-matter that implodes on contact, drawing in so much light on the way that it becomes a “black” beam instead of a light streak; this stealthy, dark effect is why Tessmachers are dubbed “Worm Hole Guns”. And, whatever section of the body or inanimate object that this high intensity, particle-beam-type material hits, will collapse in on itself. In the case of a living being, this leads to a rather elegant demise – very little blood or gore; with an exit wound much larger than the entrance wound, just like in the case of hollow point bullets. A very interesting concept: A black beam is the diametric opposite of the expected laser ray. A bright streak of light coming out of a barrel is such a horrible cliché, anyway. The first version (v1.0) is based on “mainstream” Black Science; no grenade launcher, in accord with the vow of fanatical Tessmacher adherents. The second version (v2.0), which is based on Apocalypse Technology [in other words, vudu, that ultra-extreme offshoot of Black Science], is mated to the blasphemy of an under barrel XM20 [20mm] mini grenade launcher, resulting in the same configuration as an A10MP [there are firearms, and then there are firearms]. A 2.0 can fire coherent AM or 20mm anti-Tank grenades, or fire both munitions at the same time with the pull of a single trigger. – “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

Third Reich: Hitler led Nazi Party (the Party was founded by Hitler over a thousand years ago).

titt: the rounded bulbous toe of a shoe, especially the toe of a clog or a boot derived from a clog design.

TLP: transient lite propulsion, the formal name for Jump Drive.

TMg: The Making of god; the second book in The Endless Night trilogy.

tom (also phone number): telecommunication number.

Tomahawk: refers to a cruise missile.

Took: embraced without consent of the embracee.

Top Kick: 1st sergeant in the U.S. Army.

TPS: 1. trans-spatial corridor. 2. an artificial Worm Hole, the entrance and exit of which are Black Holes.

trickster: derogatory term for any practitioner of magic.

Trooper: when trooper is capitalized it always refers to a member of the U.S. Mobile Infantry or the U.S. Armored Cavalry (called a Tank when wearing a Suit).

twen (also twen-ager): 1. twenty-something. 2. someone who is in their twenties or looks like they are in their twenties.

UDR (also un-dead round or ghost-killer round): IAA, EAA, SAP, AP, or any other type of hardened ordnance.

UMP45: Universal Machine Pistol, caliber .45 ACP, utilizing a cased cartridge (the Universal designation indicates that it’s designed for military and law enforcement use).

up-north: above the waist, usually refers to something at chest level.

USCMC (United States Colonial Marine Corps): collective name for the extra-terrestrial military units of the American Defense Force (combines the two remnants of the disbanded U.S. Navy, which are the SEALs and the Marine Corps).

Vamp: female Vampire.

Vampire hunter: a Mundane who hunts Vampire.

Vampiric hunter: a Vampire who hunts Vampire Hunters.

Visors: all-vision Glasses in visor form.

walk-about: from First Language proper, “to walk about seen, and yet not seen.”

Wash U: “white” Middle Class upbringing.

Weirding Module: Borg OSX Tricorder, worn by Borg members of Starfleet while on an Away [mission], which can be used for PSG (personal shield generator), “coarse” pattern emulator, “discrete” pattern buffer, tactical weapons integrator, and a 5-Terebyte CQB/CQC emulations interface.

Weirding Slide: universal holster worn by Borg members of Starfleet while on an Away [mission] that can only be worn as a small-back holster.

whispered faerie tales (also Whispers): blood of a faerie, used to consummate the Embrace between a faerie and a mortal.

White (also Lost, Vampire, Kindred, Lonely, Lonely One, Lovely, or Lonely One): a Vampire.

Winchester caliber: .308 caliber.

Witch-ling: grandwizard.

words: fluid used to consummate the embrace between a faerie and a faerie (it can either be the blood of a faerie or its synthetic substitute).

WOW: White Oversexed Woman.

XO: executive officer.

Yankee: when used by a Martian, slang for Earther.

zippo: a lighter spell.

zoe: fine filigreed gold chain that is spiked and always poisoned.

* * *

As exhaustive as this list is, it’s by no means everything. Where there are holes, fill ‘em in using with your considerable imagination.