Month: August 2015

The Device

A woman gets kidnapped, interrogated, and tortured by “The Businessman” whom is trying to find out what happened to The Device; a revolutionary piece of technology that can change everything.… Read Full Article

The Last of Us [The Protectors – Season One]

The world is a messy place, full of devious minds and dastardly deeds. Which is exactly how THE PROTECTORS like it. Harry Rule (Robert Vaughn) is a London private eye with an affinity for high-profile clients. The Contessa di Contini owns an Italian detective agency specializing in fine art crimes.… Read Full Article

我们有理由相信,不可思议的是发生在中国的总裁 / We have reason to believe the unthinkable is happening to China’s president

Business Insider
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The one thing the West has taken for granted in China is that the Chinese Communist Party is unified behind its leadership.

But now, under the pressure of an economic slowdown and a stock market in free fall, we are likely seeing the CCP fracture in a way we’ve never seen before.… Read Full Article

中国的习近平在关注的中心,因为市场开始新的一周 / China’s Xi Jinping at center of concern as markets begin new week

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The Last of Us [Lalo Schifrin Marquis de Sade—Import—Like New—CD]

Album Notes—Full title: The Dissection and Reconstruction of Music from the past as Performed by the Inmates of Lalo Schifrin’s Demented Ensemble as a Tribute to the Memory of the Marquis De Sade / 为演出单位拉罗富林的痴呆症乐团的囚犯作为贡品萨德侯爵的记忆解剖和音乐的重建从过去. Personnel: Lalo Schifrin (piano); Jerome Richardson (alto flute); Clark Terry, Ernie Royal (trumpet); Kai Winding, J.J.… Read Full Article

别搞错了 – 这是“中国十年”开幕 / Make no mistake — this is the opening of the ‘China Decade’

Business Insider
By Ian Bremmer,  | Original Source

gettyimages-477262484China is still on the rise.

Stock market plunges, currency devaluations, and warehouse fireballs out of China have dominated headlines this summer.

But make no mistake — this is the opening of the “China Decade,” the moment when the emerging giant’s international influence crosses a crucial threshold.… Read Full Article