Judy O’Day … What Day Is It? It’s Judy O’Day.

Judy O’Day – Slim Centerfold with Perky Tits that Lots of Men Would Die for in ’50s

Judy O’Day loved to appear nude in front of the camera. That was evident from the vast body of work she produced when she reigned as one of the British pin-up queens in the ’50s, and the smile Judy had on her face in all her photos. Not that men paid attention to her smile necessarily. They were undoubtedly more distracted by the firm and perky tits and curvaceous ass on this auburn haired beauty, which she happily put on display for the camera.

Sweet pinup Judy O’Day with sassy blonde hair and naked delicious curves

We don’t know a lot about this big-breasted bombshell, like where she came from, who her friends were, or famous men that may have lusted after her. Like a one-hit wonder in the music world, Judy O’Day burst forth into men’s publications for a brief window of time and then quickly faded from the public’s view.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Judy O’Day bursts forth as a centerfold model and demands men’s attention

Strangely, her first nude public appearance was a big one – as the centerfold main attraction in the very first issue of “Satan” magazine in February 1957. “Satan” was taking a stab at the high-end men’s nudie magazine market that would shortly be dominated by “Playboy“. “Satan” only had a short-lived existence of six issues. The magazine identified their centerfolds as “Satan’s Angels“, so Judy O’Day’s first taste of fame was being identified as one of the devil’s disciples. No word on how the stodgy American public in the ’50s reacted to this “evil” designation.

Despite her association with the Prince of Darkness, men everywhere could see her whole body was instead a gift from Heaven. She had an incredibly cute face with an infectious smile that she flashed in all her pictures. In fact, guys could describe her as the darling “girl next door”. Judy wore her light auburn hair about medium length, styled in fashions that reeked of the 1950s. Some say she resembled Scarlett Johansson, but she also had the slightest hint of Alyson Hannigan in her appearance, too.

Judy O’Day porn photos:

Judy O’Day shows off her lovely boobies while kneeling
Judy O’Day exposes her tiny waist and adorable tits
Judy O’Day tries to cover her pussy while exposing titties
Dreamy Judy O’Day on a bed exposing her small cushions

This cutie’s body is the feature that commanded men’s attention and held their gaze

Without a doubt, the feature on this vintage porn star that men lusted after was everything from the neck down. She was deliciously slender, with tiny hips and waist. This knockout’s legs were very firm, tanned and ended in nicely sculpted feet that she frequently kept covered in super-sexy high heels in her photos.

Judy had a model’s ass. Her butt was gorgeously curved and smooth. Judy O’Day frequently wore garters whose securing straps graced over her ass cheeks, bending around each one and contrasting with the bleached skin of her rear end.

And the breasts on this darling, Wow, her breasts! No one would describe them as monstrous or giant. However, they were likely a full C(D) cup or maybe a small D (DD) and they were perky and firm. These boobs sloped down to conical areolas and nipples that protruded slightly out towards the camera lens. Her tits poised on such a petite frame revealed why making her a centerfold was such a natural decision for magazine publishers.

Another item that captured the onlooker’s gaze is this beauty’s affinity for pantyhose. She wore them in tons of her photo work. Judy had a penchant for dark hose and fishnets, which contrasted deliciously with her pale skin. In some scenes, she accented her appearance with high heel shoes or elbow length dark gloves. Her slender legs and arms decked out with these accessories just made her naked, shapely figure look all the better.

Even in a few of her photos – a rare, rare few – this retro sex star would pose her legs in such a position to provide us with the barest glimpses of her pussy. And she had a shaved or bald muff. No dark, bushy jungles flashing the camera lens on this model.

Judy O’Day showed hints that she would “push the boundaries” in 1950s America. In one photo, she is seen getting ready to spank the ass of her female partner whose rear end is poised upwards while lying face down on a couch. Judy even did a few naked poses with female partners in some scenes. However, these can hardly be called “girl-on-girl” – the smiles on their faces belie any traces of lesbian lust.

More pics of naked Judy O’Day:

udy O’Day with firm tits and sore pointy nipples
Judy O’Day in a sexy robe shows her boobies
Vintage pornstar Judy O’Day exposing little of her pale skin
Gorgeous redhead Judy O’Day poses with smooth titties

Judy O’Day achieves centerfold success but then disappears from the public’s view

Judy O’Day’s success in “Satan” magazine translated into other work in men’s magazines. She was the centerfold in “dirty nightclub songs. Judy O’Day was also known for posing in Irving Klaw’s work, who was widely regarded as the “pin-up king” of this era.

She may fork around a little but she’s a good girl at heart.

Some femmes fatales are a bit evil but devilish Judy O’Day is on a category all her own. And just to push the point further, this photo was a centerfold in a February 1957 issue of Satan magazine. It was one of her first magazine appearances, and one of her few, because she didn’t model for long. However, many archival photos have appeared over the years, so there are scores of shots of her out there now, all of them nice.

Satan Magazine Judy O’Day

Phone for you—I think it’s your wife.

Above, popular model Judy O’Day, who appeared in dozens of magazines during her career, seen here in a Technicolor lithograph entitled “A Good Connection.” O’Day, normally a flaming redhead, is said by various websites to have been a burlesque dancer. But among the scores of photos we’ve seen of her none have shown her onstage. We’ll dig and see if we can confirm some sort of dancing career. This print is from 1957.

Judy O’Day, Technicolor pin-up. burlesque. nudity

And then this stylish and beautiful lady dropped away from the public’s eye. We don’t know if she got a straight job, a husband and a family. Judy released her title of “America’s pin-up queen” for other beautiful women to assume after her disappearance.

Judy O’Day is but one of the women who were America’s pin-up queens in the mid-20th century. Other beauties held that title as well. If you want to see all the lovely ladies who were centerfolds in men’s magazines of the past, join Vintage Cuties now and dive into what we have on offer.

What do you think about Judy O’Day and her tits, sexy body, life, and career? Or maybe you know some new facts on the topic, that could make this article better? We look forward to hearing from you.

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Presenting: Judy O’Day (vintage adult pinup digest magazine, 1950s)

Judy O’Day (featured)
Published by Burmel Publishing, 1950
Condition: Very Good 

About this Item:

N6. Vintage adult digest magazine featuring model Judy O’Day, posing seminude & emphasizing natural buxom assets, w/ heels, hose, garters, reading, radiators & couches. O’Day was “twenty-one years old.5’7′ tall.36-24-36.” Great centerfold appearance, & a few images of Judy in front of a painting similar in style to Eugene Bilbrew. She had an impeccable smile, natural glow, exuding confidence. Burmel also issued other “Presenting” titles, including Bettie Page, Bubbles Darlene, Zorita, etc. Hundreds of similar digest magazines were produced by fly-by-night operations, mainly around New York, notably Burmel Publishing (Lenny Burtman’s enterprise). Many were published as photography and/or art “studies” booklets, w/ technical camera data, exposure chart, & the standard emphasis on sexual liberation; early issues featured several models per issue & many maintain airbrushing techniques rolled over from nudist magazines, much of the posing naturally obscures otherwise censored areas. Still scarce institutionally. 32pp, 5.25 x 8.25 inches, B/W throughout, duochrome wrapper, saddle-stapled. Very Good, light rubbing, price notation, light stains. Jim Linderman, “Proto-Porn: The Art Figure Study Scam of the 1950s,” 2012. Bookseller Inventory # 126109

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