Stopping dog fights

This post was inspired by a recent episode of the Judge Judy TV show.

Judge Judy is biased toward small dogs, like the ones she has always owned. She currently owns three Shih Tzus (pronounced “shee-dzoo”).

Judge Judy is an outspoken unapologetic hater of Pits and is openly disdainful of Pit owners. Judge Judy is oft of saying, after one of her anti-Pit tirades during one of her episodes involving Pits, that she doesn’t care if Pit owners send her hate mail because of the anti-Pit remarks she has just made.

Here are some views from Youtube, sometimes conflicting, on how to break up dog fights with an emphasis on Pits [i.e., Pitbulls].

The dog collar technique seems to be the most commonly-agreed upon technique for breaking-up a dog fight, whether it involves Pits or not.

Grabbing the biting dog’s hind legs might work with a Pit because of how they tend to bite, but a German Shepard, for example, is likely to eat you alive trying this technique.

Pits are not a specific breed of dog. They so-called “designer breeds” that are Terrier-based and are genetically designed to kill/fight/bait other animals.

Remember: People are animals, too.

So … no matter how nice and friendly a Pit seems to be, I treat them all like a loaded gun with a hair-trigger. Then, again, I treat ALL dumb beasts that way, including any pet that I have ever owned and any human being of that persuasion I encounter.

Why am I as wary of certain people as I am of all dumb beasts in general and Pits in particular?

While Pits may very well be the apex predators of dogs.

As a species, humans, after all, are the apex predators on this planet, until something else dethrones us. We can, and do, prey on each other, as well as other animals.

Mind you. Not all of us are “active” predators, but all of us have a predatory nature, most of us just choose to suppress it. Some of us cannot suppress it, hence my dumb animal reference to some humans.

Which is why I always treat humans, that are dumb beasts, with kid gloves.

Sorry to digress. Now, back to the subject at hand.

I’m not a dog expert, by any means. My dad was an avid hunter, and had his own hunting dogs. I have owned dogs in the past, and they have always been large powerful muscular dogs–i.e., so-called “useful” dogs. My mother, in contrast, had a Cocker Spaniel, as a substitute for a child before she birth me. Once I was born, the Cocker got given away, of course.

The following is what I’ve gleaned from the internet from pro-Pit and anti-Pit websites. I like to hear all sides of an argument, and then I try to divine the truth for myself.

Terriers, as a breed, when they bite, they tend to hold their bite as if their jaws are a pair of vice-grips, and shake violently whatever they have bitten into to. It worsens the effects of their bites in comparison to other breeds, which makes Pits such peerless fighting dogs and great for their original purpose which was for baiting bears and bulls.

The way Pits tend to bite is why they are alleged by many to have locking jaws. They figuratively, not literally, have locking jaws. We’re talking an insignificant difference in semantics, at best. The effect is the same, which is what really matters.

Bottomline: Mechanically, a Pit’s jaws are the same as any dog’s. It’s just that they tend to bite differently than other breeds that makes it appear they have “locking jaws”.



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