Why does China want to become the world’s banker? There’s no need to fear The Dragon’s motives?

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china crossroadsCarlos Barria/Reuters A man looks at the Pudong financial district of Shanghai November 20, 2013.

The International Monetary Fund is meant to be the firefighter of the world economy. Recently, though, it is China that has responded to the ringing of alarms.… Read more

China stole the F35 stealth but did not make a compromised fighter [they made a better one]!!!

by Brian Wang | nextBigFuture | Coverage of Disruptive Science and Technology

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At least twice since 2007 Chinese hackers have stolen data on the F-35 from the developers’ poorly-guarded computer servers.

China’s J-31 jet lacks many of the features that were included in the F-35 that were made for the US Marines obsession with jumpjets.Read more