Deborahs, Careys, The WWF, and Miss Debra – [“Yum … Yum … Diva-licious”]




Deborahs are the strappy fetish variation of the “classic” pump she was, up till now, wearing. Deborahs are not, classic-style opera pumps, they are the popular D’Orsay (pronounced: door-say) style. Same 6-inch razor heel (6-inch stiletto heel), vamp cut, and long [as in elongated], pointed, enclosed toe.… read the full article

Back in the Day … [“Connie Smith, her Wahl-30, and her twins – those Hogs”]

Captain Miller barks some commands into her speaker phone. Minutes later, a gold shield [detective] drops a Wahl-30 into Connie’s lap. He leaves as quickly as he came in.

The black gun belt is all Fastex closures, Nylonex webbing, and twin plasticine clamshells which have been extensively swisscheesed.… read the full article

Cindy McCain – [“Simply Marvelous”]

They are standing in a dark room. Mondo and Mrs. Smith are standing, patiently waiting. Finally, Cindy McCain enters the room and sits down in the only chair. She sits tippi, just like Mondo always does. Mrs. McCain is wearing white patent-leather pumps and that pink brute-knit power suit that she was wearing on the June 30th cover of Newsweek Magazine when her husband ran for President [of the United States] that last time.… read the full article

The idle doodles of Clyde “Smitty” Tolson, Assistant Director of the FBI – [“My favorite pickup lines.”]

Excuse me miss, does this smell like chloroform to you?

Excuse me, miss. Does this smell like chloroform to you?

Excuse me … does this rag smell like chloroform?

Excuse me, miss. Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

Excuse me miss, does this smell like chloroform?… read the full article

Palin, because nobody does it better than Sarah and the women of the RNC – [“Republican, Forever!!!]

“I’ll let you feed on us and make me dirty girl after we finish your book. Deal?”

“Outwardly, you will be dominatrix and Borg when I don’t feed. And, you will be dirty girl when I do feed. Agreed?”

“For how long?”

“For a week.”



“Now … please us.”

The creature gets underneath the table, pulls down the slick girl’s skirt and panties, and eats her pussy.… read the full article

Save Our Land, Join the Klan – Connie’ [“Dame Julia’s Used-To-Be.”]

Although she cannot see, that familiar prickly feeling tells her that she’s once more at the threshold of that fateful ROOM. She slips off her clogs, that sadistic footwear with those “oh so suggestive” lace-up fronts.

Cathy is already barefoot and positively beaming.… read the full article

Starfleet-Borg – [“Darque Razor”]

Sexy, Sexy, Sexy, Sexy … it’s SEXY again and again … with her bleached-blond coif, pancake makeup, loathsome mouth, dark brooding eyeliner, cold blooded stare, and hard, haughty looks. Nothing cosmetically Kum or Borg. A walking orgasm.

But … Plain [some would say Borg] is always waiting in the wings … Sternka, sternns [or palins], and prudz [or borgz].… read the full article