JUNE “THE BOSOM” WILKINSON – small photo signed by most photographed model in USA

A small (approximately 3.50 x 5 inch photo) signed and inscribed by June Wilkinson, once the most photographed nude model in America. Most autographs were acquired in the 1970’s or ’80’s.  The authenticity of all autographs is unconditionally guaranteed.  All autographed items being offered were signed personally by the celebrity named.  … read the full article

LIFE: Rare early photos of Marilyn Monroe, Happy Birthday Norma Jeane Mortenson!!!

Here, on June 1, Marilyn Monroe’s birthday, LIFE.com presents a selection of LIFE photographer J. R. Eyerman’s rare photos of the young actress in 1949 as she studied with three coaches: bandleader Phil Moore (singing); dance instructor, and the ex-husband of the great Cyd Charisse, Nico Charisse (ballet); and a one-time European stage star, Natasha Lytess, who would serve as Monroe’s acting coach until the mid-1950s.

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The Shocking Secret of WWE’s AJ

Is it dinner time, master?

I just ate the cat!

Doing tricks!

Bad dog!!!

You pull that ball shit one more time, I’ll never trust you again!

Rrroooowwwwwllll???(I still don’t know where the ball went)

I think the less said about this the better (but I think it’s proof)

Ζήσε την ζωή σου όσο πιο καλά μπόρεις μην κολλάς στο αύριο …

Just another princess

Two for the price of one, BFFs forever

Not a dog, REALLY!!!… read the full article

Women Who Want To Be Raped [Part 5]

Teenage girls are particularly apt to bring such charges against men, perhaps because of their own confusion and mental turmoil following an unfortunate and disturbing introduction to the idea of sexual intercourse.

Evelyn G., a fourteen-year-old girl was given an unusually strict upbringing by her mother, who warned her against letting a man touch or kiss her.… read the full article

Women Who Want To Be Raped [Part 4]

Such cases are relatively easy to dismiss, because the woman has a conscious reason for charging the man with rape, and under forceful cross-examination she can easily be made to admit her motivation.

It is in those cases where the desire for rape is unconscious, where the woman, herself, doesn’t realize that she aroused the need to rape her in the man for her own twisted psychological reasons, that he is least able to defend himself in court.… read the full article