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An original online series based on characters and situations from the Vampire trilogy “The Endless Night” by H. P. Lovelace; dedicated to Mickey Spillane, his Mike Hammer, and the original, his “I, The Jury”. So, if you’re looking for Sherlock Holmes, Perry Mason, Nero Wolf, et al, you’d best look elsewhere. Mickey Spillane … dead … but not forgotten … never

I, The Jury – “To dykes and to those who look bulldagger” [Part 53]

“Nothing says ‘Fascist’ like a pair of Aerosoles women’s With Pride black/gray riding boots.”—Alice Beatrice Krige

Alice Beatrice Krige—The former chief adjudicatrix [female adjudicator] for the U.S. State Department—a petty bureaucrat, bitter and vindictive, the sour-faced spinster is the quintessential severe covetous matron—every B-movie women-in-prison sexploitation film should have at least one.… Read Full Article

The Klapp

They are – the precursor species for the Kum. Unlike their progeny the Kum, this giant slug wears its host body—the body must be that of a female’s cadaver. Preferably, it’s the corpse of a freshly-killed Crone.

They’re the basis for the “imperfect” vampires in “The Strain” book series co-authored by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan.… Read Full Article

Chances Are This Office Looks Like Your Dream Home

Chances Are This Office Looks Like Your Dream Home, #1, front receptionThe front reception greets guests with a formal sitting area and antiques. Aside it, a glass conference room has a long harvest table and white leather chairs. Source: Lana “C.J.” Podbereski

Chances Are This Office Looks Like Your Dream Home, #2, conference roomKeeping with the historical architecture, the building’s brick walls were left exposed, while adorned moldings act as a divider for the meeting space.… Read Full Article

I, The Jury – “Shadow of the Vampire” [Part 52]

Urban warfare is a much larger field, including logistics and the role of crew-served weapons like heavy machine guns, mortars, and mounted grenade launchers, as well as artillery, armor, and air support. In CQC, the emphasis is on small infantry units using light, compact weapons that one man can carry and use easily in tight spaces, such as carbines, submachine guns, shotguns, pistols, swords, [battle] axes, and knives.… Read Full Article