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Glenda exists in a world where Vampires are animate corpses whose Kiss promises only eternal damnation. It’s the traditional view of Lost Ones, with a violent sexual twist. Can you say murderous sader?

Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 176]

Thanks to their recent gameplay, the Federation is taking the Havenites seriously for the first time in a long time. Ancient Mia, who is notorious for her partiality where Haven is concerned, is even more inclined to them, these days. Something about a rival of hers having to step down from The Council because of the embarrassment from having a son who became involved with an unsavory character rumored to be Simon Angel.… Read Full Article

Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 175]

Even in the worst slums, all of the buildings are precision masonry: stone, brick, or a combination of the two—an excellent starting point for potentially nice fallout shelters. But, there still is radiation poisoning to consider when atomics are used against your population centers. … Read Full Article

Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 173]

Something that you’ve fallen into on your vacation that obligates you to participate? I imagine that it involves either that precious British Queen of yours or somebody’s British Queen in a universe other than our own.

“The boxing fans that do not know boxing as well as they think will continue bad mouthing this great fighter, but at the end of the day his resume says it all.Read Full Article

Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 172]

Besides Queen Mary, Jack is present as is Captain William Riker, Security Chief Helen Nash, T.S. Eliot, Debra McCombs, and Sir Nigel Sheinwald. All of them Food. In fact, Dame Chillingsworth and Mondo are the only supernaturals in sight. Ambassador Sheinwald and Dame Chillingsworth, who is likewise British [although from different universes], are the only politicians here.… Read Full Article

Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 171]

They ascend the rickety wooden staircase in unison [Oh my God, what a view from behind!!!], pausing provocatively before the cellar door, exchanging double-entendre and striking poses on the top step ala Vogue. Mondo grabs the doorknob and turns it slowly—the solid clunk of a latch mechanism.… Read Full Article

Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 170]

The girl’s now idle hands klaw. Dollz glove her—dollz that look like black prudz version of borgz. All dollz look that way, not just those of this Borg drone. Her hair yanks back into a sternka. Sternns follow. Her Max Factor remains harsh and heavy accentuating the loathsomeness of her large, ugly mouth.… Read Full Article

Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 169]

Time passes. Seconds become minutes. Minutes become hours. Hours become days. Days become another week.

My faux pas.


Toy looks into the girl’s eyes and no longer sees itself. The girl’s hands are no longer gloved. Even a faultless machine such as it, cannot be vigilant all of the time.… Read Full Article

Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 168]

Of course, staying mainstream means that the girl isn’t being debased—that yo-yo between hottie and shrew is no more. That debasement fed her Id, just like when the girl debases herself from hottie to shrew or from shrew to dirty or from hottie to dirty or from hottie to shrew to dirty and all the permutations thereof.… Read Full Article

Glenda – “Thighs Wide Shut” [Part 167]

There’s something else. Then again, there always is. Underneath her skirt, her fleshtone rubber panties are just that again: panties. No longer fused to her body and rendering her prosthetic, she’s no longer neuter. Of course as panties, her latex thong does what all panties do: render their wearer cosmetically neuter—even being shaved [down there] is not as aesthetically pleasing and oh so svelte as nethers coveted by unmentionables—close, but not quite.… Read Full Article