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Girls fighting girls.

“That’s Life” by Hinda Hicks—Requiem for a Heavyweight, back in the day when Mondo was mortal [Fight Like A Girl, Episode #103]

One of the most underutilized techniques in boxing is the check hook [aka counter-hook]. In boxing, a counter-hook is designed to catch an aggressive fighter coming forward.

This maneuver consists of a normal left/right hook, combined with some nifty footwork. As your opponent comes forward in an overly aggressive manner, you almost simultaneously take a step back, pivot on your lead leg, and swing your rear leg while throwing a hook.… Read Full Article

The Reckoning—Constance Ann Smith vs. Kia Michelle Stevens, back in the day when Mondo was mortal [Fight Like A Girl, Episode #102]

Kia Michelle Stevens, better known by her ring names Amazing Kong, Awesome Kong, and Kharma, is an American professional wrestler. As well as an undefeated Golden Gloves champion in the women’s super-heavy weight and unlimited weight divisions. She is also known for her time in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and WWE.… Read Full Article

“Fight Like A Girl”, The Foreword

From my spirited exchange with Larry—which was captured in my “From a Boxing point-of-view, MMA is a farce” posting—I took my direction and outright stole from him; mining his muse for all its worth, and then some.

The Mondo character, in her largely-unpublished backstory IUP, is portrayed as a boxing bigot—a previous excerpt from that tome told you as much.… Read Full Article

From a Boxing point-of-view, MMA is a farce.

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H.P. – I watched UFC last night….(I’m sure that it was a replay because it was all heavyweights and Brock Lesnar (Sp?) lost in the first round to a striker.… Read Full Article