Category: Always into Darkness

That darkest of places, where the monsters always win. A place where, even in the daylight, the endless night prevails.

Short stories in the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 masterpiece Psycho, that are … “Always into Darkness”.

Murder on Mars, Chapter 20

Cast a Deadly Spell


A noir thriller set in 1948 L.A., pits Detective Herbert Phillip “Harry” Lovecraft against a cast of horrors in his search for the Necronomicon, a stolen book of ultimate mystical power. “Imagine ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ with witches and zombies instead of toons.” (USA Today).… Read Full Article

Murder on Mars, Chapter 19

I am who am


Henry Nicholas John Gunther (June 6, 1895 – November 11, 1918) was an American soldier and the last soldier of any of the belligerents to be killed during World War I. He was killed at 10:59 a.m., one minute before the Armistice was to take effect at 11 a.m.… Read Full Article

Murder on Mars, Chapter 18

Have Archaeologists Finally Solved The Mystery Of Atlantis?


Donnelly’s theory is still popular among some of today’s theorists. This is because it shares the same location with where Plato described Atlantis to be. It has since been debunked by modern oceanographers.… Read Full Article

Murder on Mars, Chapter 17

The Story Behind The Pointy ‘Bullet Bra’ Trend Of The 1950s


Remember the pointy corset Jean Paul Gaultier created for Madonna? In the fashion world, that’s what we call a “bullet bra”. The thing is, Jean Paul Gaultier didn’t even invent the strange contraption.… Read Full Article

Murder on Mars, Chapter 16

Königseggwald: The Swedish Super Egg


Kate Spade Joyann eyeglasses re-imagine the 1950’s with a modern twist for woman who enjoys a retro vibe. Famous for a fresh, whimsical sensibility, Kate Spade eyeglasses elevate any look with a youthful energy. Sporting a full rim wingtip shape, these frames are constructed in Acetate for outstanding wearability.… Read Full Article

Psycho (1960), Act 08


Angle close on Cabin One as Lila comes out, turns to her left, goes along porch toward Cabin Twelve. Sam remains at the door, then turns right, heading for the path. As he passes the office, he is shocked to see Norman standing just inside the open door.… Read Full Article

Murder on Mars, Chapter 15

The Avengers


The corselette strictly enforces projectile breasts, a wasp waist, a pancake ass, and a stiff-back posture. A torture device born out of high fashion, whose name is severity, no matter how you try to recouch its narrative.

Out here in the battlefield, it is the cornerstone of an outfit that looks completely out of place.… Read Full Article

Psycho (1960), Act 07



Norman sits in the dim, one-lamp light, the phone next to him, and his hand still near it as if he had not been able to move his hand after hanging up.… Read Full Article

Murder on Mars, Chapter 14

Fight the Power


A caricature of femininity. That is the definition of a corselette. Figuratively speaking, it is the seamless fusion of a bullet bra and a girdle corset. The artificially exaggerated curves of its bullet bra gives the wearer’s bosom that sexy “missile” look, resulting in an especially voluptuous chest and profound, thought-provoking cleavage. … Read Full Article

Psycho (1960), Act 06



Lila is sitting close by the phone, and looks as if she hasn’t moved from it in the last hour. Sam is pacing, occasionally stopping at the window, glancing out, pacing again.… Read Full Article