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A 1950’s style science fiction franchise, albeit with adult post-modern overtones, based upon the 1965 novel Dune by Frank Herbert. Dune is frequently cited as the best-selling science fiction novel in history.

In other words. With a few notable exceptions, a 1950’s Science Fiction Anthology eBook series.

Continuum, Chapter 15

The Mission

Round Two

Team Borg

“It’s our turn, now”


Red Adair—“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”


Destination? Beta site, Earth 8427.

Which team? Ours.… Read Full Article

Continuum, Chapter 14

The Mission

Round One

Team Dragon

“It’s their turn”


Joe Louis, the legendary boxer, was oft of saying: “Everyone has a plan until they get hit.”


Destination? Alpha site, Earth 8427.

Which team? Theirs.

What? A combined Dragon-Druid Expeditionary Force.… Read Full Article

Continuum, Chapter 13

Strange Nights

For the time being, much to the dismay of many a Borg girl, Lucy/No-One/Seven only wears her Parts, when she’s with Sister Edy. In a word: Perfection!


“It’s been you, all along.”

“Of course. After all. What would be the point in being this way if you didn’t experiment upon yourself?” Lucy asks, rhetorically.… Read Full Article

Continuum, Chapter 12

Strange Days

Giggerota. Theory is one thing. Implementation is another thing entirely. This is why they are rarely one in the same.


Lucy is wearing her Kock [pearl necklace] and is strapping Parts, but is otherwise naked. A naked Sister Edy activates the Bobby Shaw Carver.… Read Full Article

Continuum, Chapter 11

The Briefing

“What I just saw wasn’t Mars.”

“Your destination has changed.”

“Then. I’m guessing that wherever I’m going, it won’t be in the company of a squad of Marines.


“What I just saw was remote-viewing transferred to video, correct?”


“How many previous aways?”

“Yours will be the thirteenth.”

“How many were exfils of aways that went south?”

“That’s need to know.”

“And.… Read Full Article

Continuum, Chapter 10


“What in the fuck were you thinking?! You could’ve gotten yourself killed!” Lucy screams at Sister Edy as she shakes the nun into consciousness from the brink of oblivion.

“That’s the problem. I wasn’t thinking at all,” responds the nun in a very groggy voice.… Read Full Article

Continuum, Chapter 09

Prelude to a Kiss

Position vs. Role—For the Borg, your role in society is immutable. Once a Queen, always a Queen. Once a drone, always a drone. There are only three castes in Borg society: the ruling UDG (Upper Data Group), the “advising” Religious Caste, and the ruled LDG (Lower Data Group).… Read Full Article

Continuum, Chapter 08

The Borg babe in black

George Orwell once said: “Good people sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because tough men stand ready to do the violence on their behalf.”


Where? A very white non-descript room. Everything is very white and non-descript, and none of it is nascent.… Read Full Article

Continuum, Chapter 07

The One-Percent Solution

At twenty percent machine, Lucy is be quite formidable. As is her maker, Babb. As is any twenty percenter who has been assimilated into The Collective.

At twenty percent machine, a Borg can assimilate any living being with a neural implant whose security protocols they can crack.… Read Full Article