The Russian Navy is Building New (Heavily Armed) Nuclear-Powered Submarines

How should NATO respond? Would the same old Cold War tactics work? 

by David Axe Follow @daxe on TwitterL | The National Interest

The Russian navy is building new nuclear-powered submarines and deploying them more aggressively, seemingly reviving a Cold War approach to naval warfare.… read the full article

When India’s Aircraft Carrier Caught Fire, China Thought It Knew Why

Terse words between rivals.

by Michael Peck | The National Interest

Key point: Accidents happen to all militaries seeking to operate new equipment.

India’s only aircraft carrier suffered a fire that left one sailor dead.

And China, which is India’s rival, says this is because Indians aren’t competent enough to operate advanced military equipment.… read the full article

11 Amazing Facts That You Need To Know About The NSG Commandos Of India

By Nishant Raj | SW

Established in 1984, following Operation Blue Star, the National Security Guard is a special unit of the Indian Special Forces under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The primary reason for its conception was to combat terrorist activities with a view to protect states against internal disturbances. 

The NSG Commandos are the best in India and rank amongst the top 5 in the world of elite special forces.… read the full article

In 1986, a Russian Submarine with 27 Nuclear Missiles Sank (And Exploded)

“Seawater combined with missile fuel to produce heat and toxic gases. Despite a crewman venting the tube, an explosion erupted in the silo, ejecting the missile and its warheads into the sea.”

by Michael Peck | The National Interest

Key point: The truth behind the accident was kept secret so the Kremlin could save face.… read the full article

See This Old Russian Submarine? It Can Out Run Anything Underwater.

Swimming faster and diving deeper than anything under the waves.

by David Axe Follow @daxe on TwitterL | The National Interest

Key point: But it didn’t stop them from losing the Cold War.

In 1969, the Soviet navy shocked the U.S.… read the full article

Did Israel ‘Transfer’ Military Technology to Help China Build the J-10 Fighter?

The details are here.

by Sebastien Roblin | The National Interest

Key Point: Israel and China have reasons to deny it.

The J-10 “Vigorous Dragon” is a mainstay of China’s effort to modernize its large fleet of single-engine jet fighters, with 350 already in service.… read the full article

Unthinkable: Why Israel Would Fire Nuclear Weapons at Iran

If a hostile power appeared to be on the verge of mating nuclear devices with the systems needed to deliver them, Israel might well consider a preventive nuclear attack.

by Robert Farley Follow drfarls on TwitterL | The National Interest

Main Point: If Israel ever does use nuclear weapons in anger, it will rewrite the diplomatic and security architecture of the Middle East, and also the nonproliferation architecture of the world as a whole.… read the full article

Taiwan Is Finally Getting 66 New F-16s—Should China Care?

Does it matter?

by David Axe Follow @daxe on TwitterL | The National Interest

Key point: China’s air force is far larger and advanced than Taiwan’s.

Nearly a decade after first requesting them, the Taiwanese air force finally could get 66 new F-16 fighters to begin replacing some of its older fighter aircraft.… read the full article

China is filling a ‘strategic vacuum’ in the Pacific left by the US and its allies, and that’s bad news for Taiwan

By Christopher Woody | Business Insider

US Navy China sailors

REUTERS/Xihao Jiang

  • Taiwan, which China considers to be a renegade territory, lost two of its few remaining allies in late September.
  • China has sought to win over Taiwan’s allies, but those countries have their own reasons to embrace Beijing.
read the full article

Nothing Can Kill the A-10 Warthog (And We Meaning Nothing)

This plane will never die.

by David Axe Follow @daxe on TwitterL | The National Interest

Key point: Congress stopped the A-10’s retirement, so it’s been upgraded.

The U.S. Air Force has all but given up on retiring the A-10 Warthog close-air-support jet.… read the full article