The Army’s Old Beretta M9: Just How Good Is It?


by Gun News Daily | The National Interest

Now that the Beretta M9 9mm service pistol is in the process of being phased out in favor of the SIG Sauer M17 pistol (AKA the P320) one can’t help but ask: does the Beretta M9/92 pistol in general still have a place in the 21st Century?… read the full article

No More F-35: Why a 6th Generation Fighter Will Be Everything

Nothing better.

by Kris Osborn | The National Interest

Analysts have speculated that as 6th generation developers seek to engineer a sixth-generation aircraft, they will likely explore a range of next-generation technologies such as maximum sensor connectivity, super cruise ability and an aircraft with electronically configured “smart skins.”

Fighter jets in 20-years may likely contain the next-generation of stealth technology, electronic warfare, sophisticated computer processing and algorithms, increased autonomy, hypersonic weapons and so-called “smart-skins” where sensors are built into the side of the aircraft itself.… read the full article

Let Me Tell You Why China Is Obsessed with America’s Aircraft Carriers


by Kyle Mizokami | The National Interest

While we might never know the discussions that later took place, we know what has happened since. Just two years later a Chinese businessman purchased the hulk of the unfinished Russian aircraft carrier Riga, with the stated intention of turning it into a resort and the full article

Why Is Russia Turning Its Su-57 Stealth Fighter Into A Ship-Killer?

We can tell you.

by Michael Peck | The National Interest

Russia is designing an anti-ship missile for its Su-57 stealth fighter.

But is hunting ships the best mission for such an advanced aircraft?

Deputy Defense Minister Alexey Krivoruchko made the announcement while visiting the Detal Design Bureau, which is developing a new anti-ship missile, according to Russian news agency TASS.… read the full article

Report: China Is Willing to Do Whatever It Can to Surpass the U.S. Military

How should Washington respond? 

by WarIsBoring | The National Interest


The Chinese military is reportedly close to achieving technological parity with the United States, just one step in China’s plan to achieve global dominance.

According to a report by former deputy defense secretary Robert Work, the Chinese are looking to surpass the United States and keep them trailing behind at all costs.… read the full article

Could The Navy Dust Off Its World War II Plan to Beat Japan and Use it On China?

Would it work?

by James Holmes | The National Interest

Suppose Beijing opted to risk a cross-strait invasion of Taiwan. Take it from an old naval artilleryman: amphibious operations are no simple matter even when the auguries are good. And an attack on Taiwan would be far from auspicious for PLA the full article

Overconfident? China Thinks Its Military Can Win in Almost Any Scenario

At least according to some polls. Can they be right? 

by Zachary Keck | The National Interest

The vast majority of Chinese citizens believe the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) could seize islands in the East and South China Seas, even if the U.S.… read the full article

China Might Have Stealth Fighters, But How Good are the Pilots Who Fly Them?

That seems to be a problem–until now.

by War Is Boring | The National Interest

China has the third largest air force in the world and may surpass the United States within the next 15 years. But in an aerial shooting war with the U.S.… read the full article