Still … A walking orgasm – Plain …

But … Plain is always waiting in the wings … Sternka, sternns, and prudz. Knobb and klaw, too. It’s a matter of when, not if, she digresses. And … Sandman takes on a whole new meaning when she takes a “notion”, goes she-male, and sports a kock stuffed in those skimpy knickers of hers.… read the full article

Basic Instinct: The Birth of the “modern” bleach-blonde psycho bombshell

But for all of its notoriety, “Basic Instinct” is probably still best remembered as the film that made Sharon Stone a star. And arguably she gives the best performance of her career here [save perhaps her Oscar-nominated turn in Martin Scorsese’s “Casino”], managing to perfectly synthesize the classic Hitchcockian icy blonde with a modern, ‘90s vulgarity, yet never seem like a victim of Verhoeven and Eszterhas’ misogyny.… read the full article

Elton John and David Furnish; Mondo Kane and Gina Vicious

Elton John’s David Furnish: “Many times married … Always for love … Always the husband … Never the wife …” – Body by Brazil


Mondo Kane to Gina Vicious: “Married many times … The husband, only once … Dearest wife …You are the love of my life … My one and only … We will hold hands and hearts … walking off into the forever sunset of the endless night.” — excerpt from [Their] wedding vows, circa 1,000,000 AH (After Humanity)… read the full article