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Top 25 Countries Where $150K in Retirement Money Really Lasts (#1 thru #25)

By Kat Begonja, The Brainy Penny

So, you are getting to that age where you start to dream about retirement almost daily. You’ve worked long and hard for this day and you deserve to truly enjoy your golden years.

However, if you start adding up your piggy bank and savings accounts, you might find that you are running a bit short on the suggested $1 million in retirement funds set aside.… Read Full Article

15 American Words That Are Offensive in Other Countries (#1 thru #15)

Traveling abroad can be a life-changing experience. But those unfamiliar with the customs and linguistic intricacies of their temporarily-adopted home can quickly find themselves in hot water if they’re not careful. What may seem like a clever turn of phrase or innocuous word back in the United States can come across as truly shocking to someone from another country.… Read Full Article