This Is Why Hitler’s Air Force Was Such A Problem For The World War II Allies

The strategic air campaign leading up to the invasion was long and bloody.

by Warfare History Network | The National Interest

ey point: By the time the invasion began, American bomber losses had dropped to negligible proportions, and the Luftwaffe had been virtually driven from the skies over its own homeland.… Continues

How Jim Crow Hid One of Hitler’s Most Horrific Massacres

Remember the Wereth 11 massacre.

by Warfare History Network | The National Interest

In the winter of 1944-1945, within Belgium’s Ardennes Forest, better known as the launching pad of the Battle of the Bulge, two war crimes were committed. The better known one—the “Malmedy Massacre”—resulted in the deaths of at least 85 defenseless GIs who surrendered.… Continues

Ever Heard of the Ho 229? It Was Hitler’s “Stealth” Plane

But it never took off.

by Sebastien Roblin | The National Interest

Key point: Berlin invented many wonder weapons, but not all of them were successful. In fact, these expensive projects maybe hurt the Nazis’ chances of winning the war.

Northrop Grumman revealed this year it is developing a second flying wing stealth bomber, the B-21 Raider, to succeed its B-2 Spirit.… Continues

These Are The Top 25 Aircraft Carriers, Battleships, Submarines, And Bombers Of All Time

The military list you want.

by James Holmes Robert Farley Follow drfarls on TwitterL | The National Interest

Key point:Our metrics concentrate on the strategic utility of specific military platforms classes, rather than solely on their technical capabilities.… Continues

The Nazi NASA Scientists on ‘Hunters’ Are Based on the True Story of Operation Paperclip

by Gabrielle Bruney | Esquire

Photo credit: Hulton Deutsch – Getty Images

From Esquire

Amazon’s new series, Hunters, tells the story of a group of 1970s New Yorkers who spend their time tracking down Nazis hiding in America and bringing them to bloody justice.… Continues

This One Mistake By Hitler Was a Disaster (And Helped Keep Russia in the War)

This story doesn’t have a happy ending.

by Sebastien Roblin | The National Interest

Key Point: The plan, operation Platinum Fox, was one of the first setbacks of Germany’s Operation Barbarossa.

The Soviet Navy during World War II is perhaps best remembered for its vigorous role in the doomed defense of the ports of Odessa and Sevastopol in the Crimean Sea.… Continues

Hitler’s Submarines Almost Launched A Missile Attack On America

In March, the Allies intercepted a message from German Admiral Godt dispatching seven Type IX long-range submarines to “attack targets in American coastal zone” as part of an attack group awesomely codenamed Seewolf.

by Sebastien Roblin | The National Interest

Key point:Most Allied commanders were skeptical that there was a genuine threat to the continental United States—save for certain leaders of the U.S.… Continues

Germany’s Battle Cruiser Sharnhorst: A Cursed Vessel Even By Nazi Standards

The German battle cruiser Scharnhorst was plagued by hard luck throughout her career.

by Warfare History Network | The National Interest

ecause the victorious Allies had destroyed Imperial Germany’s fleet after World War I, Adolf Hitler had no choice but to construct a new navy after he came to power.… Continues

John Oliver explains how Narendra Modi is ‘Marie Kondo-ing India’ of Muslims, and why he might fail

by Peter Weber | The Week

President Trump has landed in India for his first state visit, “and at the center of it will be Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a man for whom Trump seems to have a great deal of affection,” John Oliver said on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight.… Continues