Social Security: Here’s Why Cutting Benefits Is a Necessary Evil

Reducing Social Security’s long-term expenditures is one piece to a very big puzzle.

By Sean Williams | The Motley Fool

When it comes to Social Security, our nation’s most important social program, I’ve got good news and bad news.

The good news is that, despite growing fears that Social Security could go belly up or be insolvent by the time future generations of workers retire, these concerns have no merit.… read the full article

My mother has always lived off others and now she lives off me — she needs to sort out her life before I snap

‘I told her that I was going to make an appointment for her to speak to a Medicaid specialist, and you would think she’d watched me kick a puppy down the stairs’


Dear Moneyist,

My mom is a very nice lady who spent most of her adult life chasing the next person who would take care of her, be they husband or family member.… read the full article

Opinion: Why does the early-retirement movement have so many haters?

5 complaints about FIRE that don’t really hold water


What could possibly be wrong with saving like crazy, so you can retire early? That’s the notion behind the Financial Independence/Retire Early, or FIRE, movement. Yet lately, I’ve read a lot of carping about FIRE, both in articles and in the emails I receive.… read the full article

These people left their jobs behind to retire early — then life got in the way. Here’s how they coped with FIRE plans gone wrong

This is what happens when your plans for early retirement are derailed

Alli and Matt Owen had $17,000 worth of cryptocurrency stolen.


Gwen Merz, 28, is doing something she thought she’d never have to do again: hunt for a job.… read the full article

This flight attendant has enough money saved to retire at 44, but she wants to keep working

She hit her ‘FIRE number,’ saving 25 times her cost of living


Bianca, a flight attendant living in Denver, has flown relatively quickly into financial independence, but she’s not ready to give up her job — and she thinks many people misunderstand that about the FIRE movement.… read the full article

They ditched America to retire by a lake in Chile on about $3,000 a month — and rarely come back

Here’s how they did it, and what it’s really like to live abroad

By CATEY HILL, EDITOR | MarketWatch 

The Dorchaks.

The shimmering waters of a Chilean lake call to the Dorchaks these days.

The American couple — who six years ago retired to Puerto Octay, a village on Lake Llanquihue, the second largest lake in Chile — say that their lives as real-estate appraisers and investors in South Carolina used to involve a lot of running around, but those days are long gone.… read the full article

Retire Rich: 3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks You Can Set and Forget

These time-tested businesses are an income seeker’s dream come true.

By Sean Williams (TMFUltraLong), Consumer Goods | The Motley Fool

Although there are countless investing strategies, the stock market does offer some near certainties.

For example, each and every one of the past 37 stock market corrections — a decline of at least 10% from a recent high — in the S&P 500 since 1950 have been completely erased by a bull market rally.… read the full article