Retire Rich: 3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks You Can Set and Forget

These time-tested businesses are an income seeker’s dream come true.

By Sean Williams (TMFUltraLong), Consumer Goods | The Motley Fool

Although there are countless investing strategies, the stock market does offer some near certainties.

For example, each and every one of the past 37 stock market corrections — a decline of at least 10% from a recent high — in the S&P 500 since 1950 have been completely erased by a bull market rally.… read the full article

Kevin O’Leary: Here’s the age when you should have your debt paid off

By Ali Montag @ALI_MONTAG | CNBC Make It

For many people just beginning their careers, retirement seems too far away to start planning.

But in order to retire in your 60s, you need to get started down the right financial path early by saving and minimizing unnecessary debt, according to Kevin O’Leary, an investor on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and personal finance author.… read the full article

Poll: 1 in 4 don’t plan to retire despite realities of aging

By ANDREW SOERGEL | Associated Press

CHICAGO (AP) — Nearly one-quarter of Americans say they never plan to retire, according to a poll that suggests a disconnection between individuals’ retirement plans and the realities of aging in the workforce.

Experts say illness, injury, layoffs and caregiving responsibilities often force older workers to leave their jobs sooner than they’d like.… read the full article

These early retirees bought their ‘disgusting’ house in Montana with cash and budget less than $1 a pound for food

Extreme frugality was the key to financial freedom for this FIRE family


The Johnsruds decided when they got married they’d never live above their means — in fact, they’d rather live much below it

Some may say Jillian Johnsrud has a frugal lifestyle, but, if you ask her, she’d say she’s living the dream.… read the full article

Opinion: 10 things I wish I knew about retirement before I retired

Unexpected events and expenses can derail the best-laid plans

Retirement is constantly changing. Hold on tight.


I visualized a retirement far different from the one I’ve experienced. Before I quit the workforce, I thought my retirement would be a carefree life where I could do what I want, when I want.… read the full article

Suze Orman’s FIRE storm: Her advice for millennials retiring early is simple, bleak

The personal-finance celeb says she still doesn’t get the FIRE movement


Suze Orman has emerged as somewhat of a villain in the FIRE community. But that doesn’t bother her.

A 28-year-old woman sitting in the front row at one of Suze Orman’s events last year asked the celebrity financial adviser for some tips on retirement.… read the full article