U.S. Says China Hackers Stole Secrets, Sought Virus Data

by Chris Strohm and Ryan Gallagher | Bloomberg

U.S. Says China Hackers Stole Secrets, Sought Virus Data

(Bloomberg) — The U.S. accused two Chinese hackers of working for Beijing to steal or try to steal terabytes of data, including coronavirus research, from Western companies in 11 nations — the second time in a week a foreign nation has been singled out for vaccine-related hacking.… Continues

That Time the U.S. Tried to Sneak Stealth Fighters Across Austria

by Kyle Mizokami | Popular Mechanics

From Popular Mechanics

  • In 2002, the U.S. Air Force requested permission to fly a KC-10 tanker across Austrian airspace.
  • The Austrians granted it, but soon became suspicious of the request.
  • A fighter patrol sent by the Austrian Air Force to investigate revealed two F-117 stealth fighters tagging along with the tanker, hoping to remain unnoticed.

Why Tubes Sound Better

by KenRockwell.com

McIntosh MC240 (rated 40 watts per channel, 56 pounds/25.4 kg, measured 145 watts idle power draw, about $2,400 used). enlarge.

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The holy grail of vinyl: the art of half-speed mastering

What exactly does the process involve? Miles Showell reveals all…

By Andrew Murphy | WHAT HI*FI?

(This interview was originally published by What Hi-Fi? in October 2017.)

Miles Showell began his career in 1984, learning the art of disc cutting and tape copying.… Continues

3 dream stereo systems for lovers of high-end hi-fi

The best a year’s wages can buy

By Andrew Murphy | WHAT HI*FI?

(Image credit: Future)

High-end hi-fi is not just for those who can afford it. Much as car enthusiasts pore over every detail of the latest six-figure super vehicle, and those fated to a life of renting spend afternoons idly watching home renovation programmes, there is great joy to be had in looking at speakers and amplifiers you are never likely to own.… Continues