The Mystery of ‘Skeleton Lake’ Gets Deeper

Hundreds of skeletons are scattered around a site high in the Himalayas, and a new study overturns a leading theory about how they got there.

By RACHEL GUTMAN | The Atlantic

Skeletal remains from as many as 500 people might lie in and around Roopkund lake.
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What Fossils Alone Can’t Explain About Dinosaurs

When time is measured in 10-million-year blocks, the lines between ecosystems and animals that would never have coexisted can get blurry.



At the base of a pale hill in the badlands of northeastern Wyoming, Susie Maidment hits her hammer against stone.… read the full article

Lyme Disease Is Baffling, Even to Experts

But new insights are at last accumulating.

By MEGHAN O’ROURKE | The Atlantic

In the fall of 1997, after I graduated from college, I began experiencing what I called “electric shocks”—tiny stabbing sensations that flickered over my legs and arms every morning.… read the full article

China’s Troubled Aircraft Carrier Proves Why It’s So Hard To Build Them

Carriers are complicated and expensive things to build.

By Kyle Mizokami | Popular Mechanics

Recent news out of China suggests that the country is experiencing technical problems with its first homemade aircraft carrier. This points to an ongoing issue for countries that have elected to go the aircraft carrier route: carriers are really, really complicated and expensive things to build.… read the full article

This woman implanted her Tesla Model 3’s valet key into her arm

It’s only a matter of time before Elon tries to offer this as an option when configuring your Model 3.

Body modifications have become increasingly commonplace in our society, such that we barely raise an eyebrow at someone with full tattoo sleeves or multiple facial piercings.… read the full article