Controversy stalks Nobel Peace, Literature prizes

By MARK LEWIS | Associated Press

FILE – In this Monday, Dec. 10, 2018 file photo, a bust of the Nobel Prize founder, Alfred Nobel on display at the Concert Hall during the Nobel Prize award ceremony in Stockholm. Controversy stalks the Nobel prizes for peace and literature in a way it rarely does for science.
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Dad 3D-printed a Lamborghini because his son liked one in Forza

And yes, it’s drivable, with an LS1 V8 from a Corvette


Sterling Backus’s son only had one question after he drove a Lamborghini Aventador in the XBOX video game Forza: Can we build one? Most dads would respond with a chuckle and some quip about winning the lottery.… read the full article

Netflix’s Lost in Space doing a time jump for ‘bigger’ season 2 — watch the first teaser

By Tyler Aquilina | Entertainment

Plenty more danger is on the way for the Robinson family.

The cast of Netflix’s Lost in Space stopped by EW’s video suite at New York Comic Con to discuss the upcoming second season of the show, a remake of the classic 1960s sci-fi series.… read the full article

Blizzard, following Blitzchung’s ban, on the verge of a crisis while it’s ‘assessing the situation’

The backlash against Blizzard is palpable, and it could damage the studio’s brand and business. GameDaily chats with analysts about Blizzard’s bottom line, and PR veterans about crisis management. [UPDATE]

By James Brightman | GameDaily.Biz

[Update #2 10/11/2019] The punches continue to be thrown.… read the full article

Lost Egyptian temple unearthed 2,200 years after it was built for King Ptolemy IV

Destination Egypt

By CNN Travel

( CNN) — Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered a long-lost 2,200-year-old temple thought to belong to Pharaoh Ptolemy IV.The ancient tomb structure was accidentally found by construction workers during drilling on a sewage drain in the village of Kom Shakau in the Tama township in northern Sohag, according to a Facebook post made on September 29 by Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities.… read the full article

Is Planet Nine Actually a Primordial Black Hole?

BY IAN O’NEILL, PH.D | HowStuffWorks

If Planet Nine really is out there, it would be a profound historic discovery that would reshape our understanding of the system of planets that orbit our sun. So, what if it’s not a planet at all, but a black hole? 
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Hyperloop CEO reveals where the revolutionary project is right now

By Aarthi Swaminathan, Finance Writer | Yahoo Finance

The world’s first Hyperloop is likely to be built in India and construction will start at the end of next year, Virgin Hyperloop One CEO Jay Walder told Yahoo Finance.

“One of the big projects that we’ve been working on right now is in India — it’s to build a route from Mumbai to Pune,“ Walder explained in an interview on the sidelines of a national roadshow in New York City.… read the full article

JJ Abrams Is Right – Nothing In Last Jedi Contradicts Force Awakens


J.J. Abrams is correct in his assessment that nothing in Star Wars: The Last Jedi contradicts The Force Awakens. Released two years ago, The Last Jedi ended up becoming one of the most divisive films of the decade.… read the full article

Big Railguns: The U.S. Navy’s Plan to Blow Away China and Russia in a War?

Innovations change war.

by Jared Keller | The National Interest

Key point: Needs more testing before it becomes operational.

The Navy’s electromagnetic railgun is undergoing what officials described as “essentially a shakedown” of critical systems before finally installing a tactical demonstrator aboard a surface warship, the latest sign that the once-beleaguered supergun may actually end up seeing combat.… read the full article